December 22, 2003
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Featured expert: roshmon
Meet Roshan Davis, this issue's rising star at Experts Exchange.
Who are the Moderators and what do they do?
If you're new to Experts Exchange, you see them all over. Just who are these people?
Your questions and solutions
Page Editor DanRollins found some interesting stuff, with an assist from colleage majorwoo.
What's New: Career Center
Looking for a fresh start in the New Year? EE can help.
Natalie Salambier's corner
Nata shares a neat little tip for Windows XP users who don't want to see the task bar.

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Just who are these people?
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  • Enforcement of the Membership Agreement
  • Deletion requests
  • Grade reviews
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  • General questions
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That's a great question! Featured Expert

Linux system port scanning and probing
Sometimes even our Page Editors need help. See how Linux PE jlevie helped out our Networking PE majorwoo solve a Linux problem.
Date: 07/18/2003 12:03PM PDT
View the solution

RegisterWindowMessage() question
...if two different applications call RegisterWindowMessage() passing the same string they should get the same message. ... Well this is not working for me...
Date: 12/15/2003 11:26AM PST
View the solution

Still open: Excel Chart automation with VC++
...I wanted to create a graph in Excel from my VC++ program
....[code shown]... This creates the chart. The problem is...
I don't know how to change this chart or change the color or manipulate it....
Points: 300
Date: 12/16/2003 04:10PM PST
Can you help?

Meet Roshan Davis
roshmon has been a rising star in the MFC Technology Channel of late, leading the board with a whopping 193,522 points this year, and obtaining his Guru Certification a few months ago ... at about the same time he broke into the Hall OF Fame (he's currently #87 with a bullet!). Then just this month, he must have found some extra time to work in some C++ questions since he earned his Master cert there, too! Keep up the good work rosh!

Login Name: roshmon
Registration Date: March 22, 2000
Expert Points: 400971
Rank: 4 (MFC)

Page Editor: DanRollins
Hi! My name is Dan Rollins (EE handle: DanRollins), and I'm looking forward to this new challenge of being a Page Editor at Experts-Exchange. The job description is still being worked out, but we Page Editors will be responsible for helping users like you get excellent answers fast! We'll keep an eye on our designated Technology Channels (I've been assigned several in the Programming category). Watch for announcements in Community News in the coming months, and... wish me luck!
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Natalie Salambier's corner: Hiding the Task Bar in Windows XP
The taskbar is that row of icons and buttons that appears at the bottom of your screen in Windows, taking up space that your programs can use. How do you hide the taskbar? It's pretty easy. Right-click any blank area on your taskbar (your taskbar is what your Start button sits on) and select "Properties" from the menu that pops up (at right). Select "Autohide" or "Auto-hide taskbar" from the resulting screen. Now, your taskbar will disappear when you move your mouse away from it and re-appear when you bring your mouse back.
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