December 21, 2004
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Experts Exchange Holiday Issue
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What's New at Experts Exchange
Last minute holiday gifts
If you haven't gotten around to that one special person on your list, perhaps one of these hot items will be the perfect gift to leave under the tree.

Treo 650The palmOne Treo 650 Phone
This is the upgraded version of the Treo 600 EE's owners use and love. palmOne has enhanced the video capture, built in a vibrant 320x320 color screen, included an MP3 player and added Bluetooth® technology -- so there's no excuse for missing a question at EE.

About $450. - Details here.

Roomba vacuumThe Roomba DiscoverySE robotic vacuum cleaner
Push one button and this self-propelled, self-navigating sweeper-vac covers your entire floor, freeing you to work or relax elsewhere. Because it works around obstacles as it sweeps, it provides a truly effortless way to stay on top of daily touch-up floor care.

As shown, about $280. - Details here.

Halo2 shirtHalo2 Gear from Headliner
We don't play a lot of video games, but there's little doubt that Halo2 is at the top of every gamer's wish list. If you're not into braving the crowds at that big store, fighting to pick up the game, try getting the shirt. His friend will think it's cool.

Priced from $12.50. - Details here.


Apple iPodApple iPod 60
The latest from Apple is an iPod with 60Gb of storage space — enough for all of your favorite music (up to 15,000 songs) or enough photos (as many as 25,000) to cover all of your walls. The LCD display lets you see your photos in 65,536 colors. The bad news: Apple has announced an 80 Gb version that isn't ready for delivery.

About $600. - Details here.

Lexar flash driveLexar flash drive
Announced last week... The new USB card form factor is based on the USB Type A connector as outlined in the USB Specification. A mere 12 mm wide, 4.5 mm high and 31.75 mm long the card is no longer than the diameter of a penny. 16mb - 1Gb sizes are promised.

Pricing not available. - Details here, and remember your favorite editor.

Canon Optura 40Canon Optura 40
The Canon Optura 40 includes a 14X optical zoom and adds a video light and audio levels adjustment and a microphone attenuator. This camcorder is compact, has a very bright 2.5-inch LCD, and shoots clean footage as well as 2-megapixel still photos.

About $700. - Details here, and turn your sound down.

Nokia 6610Nokia 6610 Camera Phone
This is my kind of camera phone -- unlocked Triband GSM 900/1800/1900 ... FM radio for while you're on hold. New color screen with the "classic" Nokia 6000 series style...Mobile Internet capability ...Includes polyphonic ringtones, speakerphone, and an integrated stereo FM radio ...Phone book capacity for 300 contacts.

About $125. - Details here.

Red Sox winBoston Red Sox DVD
It's the season for miracles -- there was that famous one on 34th Street -- but baseball fans will tell you there is nothing more miraculous that Boston's comeback win over the Yankees. So soon they forget Coogan's Bluff and the 1969 Mets, but that's another story. Get the DVD -- it's compelling drama.

About $20. - Details here.

EA SportsEA Sports Games
Pick your favorite -- EA Sports has them all, for every different game box on the market. Madden Football, FIFA Soccer, Tiger Woods Golf, the NHL (which is a fantasy game at this point), even boxing and car racing -- and you can play on line as well using XBox or PlayStation2. Why would you ever want to work again?

Range from $30-$40. - Details here.

Internet FridgeLGE Internet Refrigerator
No home should be without one of these. The Internet refrigerator presents a refined kitchen with a 15.1-inch TFT-LCD TV that, with LG's own digital technology, provides much clearer and brighter pictures than conventional TVs. Also available: Internet microwaves, washing machines and air conditioners.

About $8,000. - Details here.

Samsung TVSamsung HL-P5085W Television
DLP™ TV that is guaranteed to catch your eye whether it's on or off. The new HL-P5085W combines award winning styling with high definition performance. Experiencing the 50 inches of wide-screen viewing area is the only distraction that will draw you away from its unique floor standing pedestal styling.

From $2,600. - Details here.

Sony Cyber-shotSilver Cyber-shot® Digital Camera
1/1.8" 7.2 Megapixel Super HAD™ CCD imager ...3X optical zoom lens with up to 14.0X Smart Zoom™ feature ...Carl Zeiss® Vario-Tessar® lens 1.8" high-resolution LCD monitor1 ...Real Imaging Processor for improved picture quality and camera response.

About $450. - Details here.

One of the least-known new features at Experts Exchange is our new Link Exchange. Our Link Exchange program is beneficial to both sites in a couple ways:
  1. The number of resources available to users on both sites will increase
  2. Site relevance is increased within all major search engines when a site provides links to and from quality resources
If you would like to swap links with EE, just fill out the form at the Link Exchange page.
Nata's Corner: 'Tis the season to be wary

woman in specticals I love this time of year. I should be baking or buying presents, but instead, I'm worrying about all of the horrible things that can happen to people.

I was in a store today, and the owner was telling me about how he hadn't upgraded his adware protection and antivirus software. He just happened to check his bank account -- he was going to pay some bills -- and found that he was short about $6,000. He called the bank, and fortunately, the transactions were stopped before he actually lost the money. But it DOES happen. So I have three items for you this issue.

The latest phishing scam is an offer of a free laptop or other such valuable item. You have to enter a credit card number to pay for the shipping, and the thieves are off and running. Your next bookmark: The Antiphishing Working Group.

Item 2 is that a Maryland judge has ruled state's anti-spam law unconstitutional, not surprising since California and Washington (state) courts ruled the same way. However, in both California and Washington, the rulings were overturned by appellate courts. We'll just have to wait and see how this all plays out.

ZafiDThe last item is a note from Sophos that there is a new variant of the Zafi worm spreading disguised as a Christmas greeting. It does all the normal nasty things viruses do, and puts the little smiley figure at left into all your emails.

Have a Merry Christmas...

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