November 25, 2003
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This Issue's Page Editor:
Anne Troy joined Experts Exchange in April, 2000 and quickly became one of our outstanding Microsoft Office specialists. She has extensive practical experience in supporting all of the Office applications, and is also the author of a recently released book on Microsoft Word, Dreamboat on Word.

Office 2003 Critical Update (Already??)
MS Technet's blurb says: "This update fixes an issue in Microsoft Word 2003, Microsoft Excel 2003 and Microsoft PowerPoint 2003 that occurs when opening a file last edited and saved in Office 2000. Under this specific scenario it is possible for graphic content to be inadvertently lost on save." Read it and download it here.

What is Information Rights Management (IRM)?
By Paul Robichaux
"For example, a user will be able to protect a confidential corporate document so that only a certain set of people can open the document, or flag a sensitive email so that recipients can't forward it." This is new in Office 2003, which includes many security solutions we've been asking for. Read the entire article here.

That's a great question!

Randomizing a list
Need to draw names from a hat for holiday gift giving? If your list is long, this could be the answer to your prayers!
Expert pkhari provides just the solution using a simple Excel formula.
Date: 11/19/2003 10:23AM EST
View the solution

Still open: Add to Word's "Send To" Menu
While experts know how to add to the Windows "Send To" menu, there doesn't appear to be a method to add to an application's "Send To" method. Can someone provide a
solution for this asker?
Points: 125
Date: 11/18/2003 06:13AM EST
Can you help?

Featured Expert

Introducing Brad Yundt. This expert is sweeping the Excel topic area with his excellent VBA coding and function/formula skills.

Login Name: byundt
Registration Date: March 13, 2003
Expert Points: 184843 (Excel topic area)
Rank: 1 (Excel topic area)
Expert Points In Excel TA This Year: 184843

Can we say "Rookie of the Year"?! Thanks for your contributions to the community, Brad!

Use your FREE MICROSOFT VISUAL BASIC(R) .NET RESOURCE KIT to develop apps for Microsoft(R) Windows(R), Web, and mobile devices in record time. Your kit contains components from leading vendors, ready-to-use Web and Windows apps, and hundreds of tested code samples. Plus much more.
What's new at Experts Exchange

As most of you know, the Community membership has exploded over the last year, this has caused a domino effect within Community Services. With a much larger membership, more work is created for the Mods and Admins; we plan to keep the Mods at 16 to 18 to cover Community Support, Cleanup, and watching over the site.

The workload on the current Admins has greatly increased, to the point where we need more help in that department, we have promoted one of our Mods to an Admin position, and I am proud to announce that Lunchy is now an Admin and has already made a positive impact, joining Computer101 and Netminder. We've also added GhostMod as our newest Moderator.

Wes Lennon
Director of Community Services

Dreamboat in Print

She's too modest to say anything about it, but this issue's Page Editor, Dreamboat, recently published a book on Microsoft Word called, appropriately, Dreamboat On Word. Experts Exchange members can take advantage of a special offer HERE; be sure to enter Coupon Code ee for a nice offer.

Who in the world is Natalie Salambier

Good question. She was just a placeholder, but she has now taken on a life of her own. She's symbolic of the Page Editors (see the Community News in the next few days for more), who are a group of Experts who will help you get answers to your questions. As such, she'll be happy to help you find your way around Experts Exchange; consider her our "Roving Editor". If you have any question about how EE operates, write to her at

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