November 1, 2005
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gregoryyoung is rapidly becoming one of our favorite Page Editors. The misfortune of being dislocated from New Orleans has given him time to come up with ideas for all kinds of articles; his latest is below.

This week, I will be doing something a bit different for my article and I would really like to get some feedback from the EE community. On Friday afternoon of last week I was asked to write a little bit of code to log into a remote SMTP server and verify a user's email address. This naturally didn't take very long but it seemed like it should be rather common functionality; in fact I found a few libraries that were a couple hundred dollars each which offered it. I decided to take my code and extend it a little bit to support the answers to some common questions I see on Experts Exchange and open source it with a BSD license.

I have also added some additional functionality to the library if you do not use the CDO mail attachment object to create your email. One thing I have been asked quite a few times in the past has been how to mail an attachment from a stream or other medium without the need to create a temp file. The EmailAttachment object has a static method on it which will handle this for you, .FromSteam() as well as a constructor that takes a byte array.

Since the library speaks directly to SMTP servers, a few other features are possible. The first of these is the ability to attempt to verify an email address with the remote server in order to validate the email during entry. Another feature which is available is the ability to directly send emails (as opposed to relay) as it allows you to get immediate feedback from the remote server as to the deliverability of the message.

Now for the feedback part: Here at EE we have a few thousand .NET developers. I propose that as a group we create a set of utility namespaces (under the BSD or MIT license) as well as FAQs to help out with many of these common questions. Given that this could lower the number of questions in EE, it will also go a long way in providing cohesion between answers and will help move the knowledge into a centralized area. These libraries would also be invaluable to a new developer trying to make their way into .NET as it would help pave their way through many of these more complex areas. I have created the following thread to discuss this further: Q_21604659.html.

Greg Young

Tip from the Moderators: Attitude is Everything

It's in the Help Page, but it bears repeating: how you ask your question, and how you respond to the people who are asking questions, goes a long way towards determining what kind of experience you'll have as a member at Experts Exchange.

If you're the Asker of a question, you need to realize that the Experts are volunteers -- they don't have to even look at your question. They'll look at your profile and your grading history, and if they see you don't offer a lot in the way of collaboration or if your asking for a complete application, you might not be very satisfied with the responses you get.

The same thing is true if you're answering questions. Most members don't care how long you've been a member or how many points you have; they care if you're giving them an answer that's to the point and clear. If you treat someone like a forgotten stepchild, then you shouldn't expect to be thanked in the way of a "Good Answer" email.

Happy Halloween

MHenry,the Page Editor for the Macromedia topic areas, has never posted in the Philosophy & Religion topic area, but that's never stopped him from having an opinion.

I don't believe in ghosts.

Don't get me wrong; I'm the biggest horror fan in the world. Nothing I like better than a good scary movie on a dark, rainy night. But that doesn't mean I believe they are all real. What I don't understand is how many people claim to believe in God and also believe in ghosts. It's kind of contradictory, don't you think?

Often you will hear people, (so-called experts or psychics) saying ghosts are the victims of violent crimes or that they have unfinished business. Some also claim that ghosts just don't know that they're dead.

Now here's the contradiction for you folks who believe in God: Are you saying that God is kind of arbitrary about when your soul goes to heaven or hell? I guess he just decided that it's ok for the soul to wander the earth as long as it's a victim or doesn't know that it's dead, right? If so, God's a hell of a lot more flexible than anything I read in the Old Testament. Maybe he'd let me hang around and be a ghost if I have unfinished business. I've been meaning to start exercising and get back in shape. Is that unfinished enough or would it have to be more along the lines of unreturned library books?

If ghosts really do exist, I think I would have seen one by now. Think how many billions of people have walked this planet. Don't you think ghosts would be everywhere? I would think it would be damn near impossible to avoid them. And why is it always a place that ghosts haunt? It's always a house or a boat or something. If I was a ghost, I'd be haunting Carmen Electra's dressing room; why bother with creaky old houses.

I was talking with a friend the other day and most of this writing is a direct result of that conversation. I even told him the part about how I had never seen one and thought they would be everywhere if they existed at all.

He didn't miss a beat: "Maybe they don't like you. Maybe ghosts think you're an a****le and they are avoiding you."

Did I mention he is a friend?

And yes, I know there are some fundamentalist groups out there that don't believe in ghosts. You have to give them credit for being consistent anyway. Of course, a lot of them are insane...

Maybe being consistent isn't the most important thing after all.

Multiple Browser CSS Problem

The Moderators came across this question and thought the discussion was worth reprinting here. Thanks to jube01 and BonRouge for their comments; we've edited out the off-topic parts.

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Page Two: More News and Notes
Nata's Corner: The company's computer is not a toy

woman in specticalsDon't ask me how I found this; I think I clicked a link off the Netscape home page (isn't it curious how my new HP computer came with Windows XP, but IE has Netscape as the home page. There's a column in there somewhere, just trying to get out.)

Anyway, I came across an item about six ways your computer can get you fired. I used to work at a company where a woman was fired because she was sending emails to her boyfriend. That wouldn't have been so bad, except he was leasing them equipment provided by a competitor, and she was sending him leads. Not real smart.

Number Five on the list is one that the editor has touched on a couple of times: blogging about work-related stuff. In this day and age, it's dangerous, because you never know who might be your company's best customer. In India recently, an IBM employee quit his job rather that take down comments he made about one of the company's clients (note: IBM backed him, but he quit anyway). Earlier this year, Google employee Mark Jen was fired after posting his impressions of the company less than a month after he started.

This one missed the deadline for last issue. There's a new worm that exploits a vulnerability in cross-site scripting. Basically, a MySpace member wrote a script that first added any visitor to his friends list, and then added the script to that person's profile, so it would spread. It adds up to what might have been a DDoS on the site. What is truly ironic is that is owned by; if the name seems familiar, see the item above about spyware and adware.

Finally, the good guys finally got one in the Win column a couple of weeks ago, when the FBI raided the home of Alan Ralsky, whose $750,000 house was supposedly built from money made by sending out as many as 100 million emails a day. Ralsky is Number One on's All-Time List.

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