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October 29, 2008 >>

What's New at Experts Exchange
Zone Advisor, Help Page, and Geniuses

Health Insurance for Freelancers
skirklan on not having a safety net

Corporate Accounts vs. Phone Support
You get what you pay for

Foot And Mouth Disease
ericpete on people who really need to shut up

More News and Notes
The choking of your downloads won't change

Nata's Corner
Non-news: malware threats are up

New Certificates
New certificate holders, through October 26

Tips From The Moderators
Using the systems correctly

What's New at Experts Exchange

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New Moderator, new member of the family: TiefighterMod has brought his version of the Force to the Moderator team. Welcome!

And congratulations are in order to Zone Advisor RQuadling, who (with his wife's help) welcomed his second son, Ozzie, into the EE family on October 19. Our fondest wishes to the family!

25 Million, a New Savant, and Geniuses: The inevitable occurred in the past couple of weeks: angelIII became Experts Exchange's first member to see an Elite tag next to his name, as he went over 25,000,000 points overall; he also went over 11,000,000 in the MS SQL zone. Shortly after, zorvek became the fourth member of EE to earn a Savant certificate, as he went over 10,000,000 points in the Excel zone.

hielo earned his third Genius certificate, in PHP and Databases. He also went over the 7,000,000 point level overall. SysExpert earned his first Genius certificate, in the Lotus Notes zone, ending his run as the highest-ranked member of Experts Exchange without one. The title now belongs to our old friend, PeteLong, currently ranked 45th in the Hall of Fame.

Others earning Genius certificates over the past four weeks were:

  • hernst42, whose second certificate is in PHP and Databases
  • Chris-Dent and LauraEHunterMVP both earned their second Genius certificates in Windows 2003 Server
  • Infinity08, who picked up a second Genius certificate, in C Programming
  • tedbilly earned his certificate in MOSS-Sharepoint
  • blue-genie reached the 1,000,000 point level in Macromedia Flash.


  • capricorn1 has earned 11,000,000 points overall.
  • sirbounty reached the 8,000,000 point level overall.
  • oBdA has earned over 7,000,000 points overall.
  • nobus reached the 6,000,000 point level overall.

Kudos:: libin_v posted a question about stack alignment and got what he considered to be an exceptional answer from Anthony2000. While libin_v's offer of extra points for the question was interrupted, his comments to Anthony2000 are worth note: "Thanks to Anthony for making sure I really understood the solution he gave. To the Spirit of a True Expert."

We also have to applaud Anthony2000's response: "Thank you for the complement. I cannot take all the credit. Infinity08 helped as well. I volunteer my time because I like to help fellow programmers and when I need some help to be able to ask a question. This is also an excellent forum to learn new things and it helps me to keep my skills up to date."

sjones925 had some kind words for keith_alabaster's assistance in changing an IP address: "Thanks again for the quick response. Answers and responses like these are what make this site worthwhile!" It turned out to be a pretty good week for Keith; he also got high marks from Ed_B for helping synchronise an iPhone: "Many many many thanks... that registry fix solved the problem. It's a miracle!!!"

hewittg also received an offer of something a little extra in providing assistance for t6bill in a question regarding Outlook folders: "You may also have my first-born child if you wish. :-)" t6bill also said, "Incredibly patient and immensely knowledgeable! Many thanks!"

Finally, the folks in the office even heard from RobinD on the occasion of receiving a t-shirt: "I managed to scrape though to an actual level in something and was offered a T Shirt. I filled in the form and it said to allow up to 8 weeks delivery. It arrived safely yesterday after only about 2 weeks. I'm happy. Thanks EE."

Cleanup Volunteers: Below is a table of the CVs who have helped us close questions recently, with their cumulative total of questions closed along with their production through October 25.

Expert Last 4 Weeks Cumulative
Expert Last 4 Weeks Cumulative

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Corporate Accounts vs. Phone Support

When your team runs into paralyzing technology snags, you want an Experts Exchange Corporate Account at your disposal. Your Corporate Account empowers your employees to solve any problem by collaborating with thousands of technology experts. Of course you could dedicate one of your team members to phoning product support and spending an hour on the line wading through basic customer support scripts and a poor connection only to be told to restart for the sixth time. If the person on the other end of the line really was an expert, would they be tending to phones? Do better for your organization with a Corporate Account.

Corporate Accounts are annual group licenses intended for multiple users within an organization. They start at just $449 for a 5 license small workgroup and provide each licensee access to the world's premiere collection of technology knowledge. Features not available from phone support, like file upload, will allow your licensees to communicate efficiently with many technology experts at once. The time you save over a year can easily cover the cost of your Corporate Account, and then some!

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Tips From the Moderators

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The ability to close your own questions has been one of the great improvements Experts Exchange has made this year... but... we're seeing a lot of people using them incorrectly.

The most frequent is when an Expert gives you the guidance to find the answer, and instead of just clicking his/her comment as the Answer, an Asker will click the Accept And Award Points button in his/her own comment.

If an Expert gives you the answer or leads you to it, then that is the comment you should select -- not your own. The only time you should accept your own comment as the answer is when you find it without any assistance from the Experts. The Accept And Award Points button is for those situations in which you have found your solution on your own, but you feel the Experts deserve some points for trying to help you, even if they have been unsuccessful.

The other aspect that is happening far too often is when someone clicks the Object button but really has no objection to the way an Asker wants to close the question. Please use the Submit button unless you really do disagree with what an Asker wants to do.

We recognize that the button's proximity to the Submit button can occasionally be an issue, but repeated occurrences, especially when there is no actual reason for an objection given, just makes more work for everyone, and actually extends the amount of time it will take to close a question.

Corporate Accounts vs. Phone Support

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When your team runs into paralyzing technology snags, you want an Experts Exchange Corporate Account at your disposal. Your Corporate Account empowers your employees to solve any problem by collaborating with thousands of technology experts. Of course you could dedicate one of your team members to phoning product support and spending an hour on the line wading through basic customer support scripts and a poor connection only to be told to restart for the sixth time. If the person on the other end of the line really was an expert, would they be tending to phones? Do better for your organization with a Corporate Account.

Corporate Accounts are annual group licenses intended for multiple users within an organization. They start at just $449 for a 5 license small workgroup and provide each licensee access to the world's premiere collection of technology knowledge. Features not available from phone support, like file upload, will allow your licensees to communicate efficiently with many technology experts at once. The time you save over a year can easily cover the cost of your Corporate Account, and then some!

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The following 22 companies have already hung up and started saving:

Eaton Corporation
Alegent Health
Military Officers Association of America
The University of Texas at Tyler
Lockton Companies-Denver Series
Leitner Law Firm
TransCore Commercial Services
Cegep Saint-Laurent
Professional Computers of Louisiana, LLC.
Scottrade, Inc.

St. Helens School District 502
Eclipsys Corporation
Canadian Natural Resources Ltd.
The Halifax Herald Limited
Nu Horizons Electronics
Freese and Nichols, Inc.
Network Health
University of Tampere's Computer Centre
QSR International
Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation
Brandywine Medical Management Services Inc

Corporate accounts

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Health Insurance For Freelancers

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skirklan is a self-employed designer and author. This article is reprinted from her blog.

My worst nightmare became reality when I hurt my back. I had been freelancing for about 3 years, but still hadn't accumulated enough regular work to buy health insurance. Besides, I had jobs with design studios and small companies at various times during my career that didn't provide employee benefits, so it wasn't something I missed. It's a common occurrence in the commercial art industry; margins are so tight, many employers simply cannot meet the rent, pay the salaries and offer a competitive benefit package. Freelance teaches you a deep appreciation for employee benefits, but perhaps not enough to give up freedom (yes, put on your best Mel Gibson blue face, thank you).

A client, who also happened to be a nurse, took pity on me; actually, I think she was more interested in getting her projects completed. She got me in to see a well known back doctor who examined my films. "Yes, I think I can help you ... in fact, I can relieve that pain in less than five minutes, but not today. You come and see me when you have health insurance." He patted me on the back as he pushed me out of his office, bent over, limping, tears in my eyes from the pain shooting down my right leg to my toes. Eventually, I felt like shooting myself the pain was so intense; and relentless. I think it's the relentless part that drives people with chronic pain nuts. Eventually, I went to the public hospital and waited for more than twelve hours to see a doctor. During that time, an orderly demanded my gurney because he needed it for a more serious injury until I promised to lay on the floor if he took it. As they wheeled me up to the ward to see the doctor, a young white orderly leaned over me and said, "What are YOU doing here? You need to get a job!" It's a pompous twit who believes 1) only people of color don't have healthcare, and 2) people are poor because they are too lazy to work.

If you can spare yourself these economic inequities, here are some important tips about finding employee benefits for yourself. If worse comes to worse and you don't have enough regular work to support a health plan, free clinics still exist. Find a clinic in your area by typing in your address. In most cases, clinics are free or charge a small fee, sometimes on a sliding scale. You may not get the help you need, but chances are they will be able to refer you to someone who can help. Community based organizations have vast connections in all areas of human need. Don't be proud.

While we wait for the politicians to bail out their rich lobbyist friends who got greedy when placing bets in the financial markets, the push for a national health insurance will falter, so take care of yourself. It's pretty hard to find a deal, but I've located some good places to start looking. Naturally, it's a handy thing to use a 'bot to drag in prices from various sources; don't get comfortable with the information they yield; sometimes they only source prices from vendors who pay to be included in their search.

That's why the progress-oriented insurance company online advertises the lowest car insurance rates yet their comparison shopping doesn't include Geico, that caveman-cute company with the lizard spokesman with products hundreds of dollars cheaper. Here's some bot sites to get you started, but read the rest of my advice first.

First, decide what's most important to you. If you want to keep costs low and are relatively young and healthy, choose coverage with a low monthly payment and a high deductible. Or just buy major medical; you'll want just enough to cover you in case of emergencies. If you want a plan that reduces the cost of doctor's visits, prescriptions, and has a low deductible, don't be shocked at the cost. You will get more complete coverage with a stable company like Humana, who also offer codicils (little things they attach to bigger things like vision and dental). That can be a handy thing if you have a sweet tooth like me.

Here are a few places to start looking; take some time to sit down and appraise your needs, your family's needs and existing conditions or potential hereditary diseases. Remember that prices are limited by legislation, so determining factors like deductibles and coverage limits will be key to finding a monthly payment you can live with. A good thing is that all health care costs are 100% deductible on your income taxes, so it's not all bad. You don't have to make any more bad investments to have a decent tax write-off (you fat cat, you). Remember, if the monthly cost is too good to be true, you've either got a super high deductible or the coverage is extremely limited. Pay close attention to what's covered and what's not; especially pre-existing conditions or stuff hidden in your genes. You might not have it yet, but if Mom and Dad both had it, chances are good that it's in your future, too.

Here are a few ways to keep costs down:

  • If you don't go to the doctor more than once a year, consider carrying only major medical for emergencies.
  • Check with design trade and professional associations to see if they have a group plan. Even joining a group like the National Business Association of America will help provide group rates around $500 per month for a family of 4 with $10 co-pays. Rates will be lower and coverage will be guaranteed on pre-existing conditions if you are part of a group. Now here's something an AIGA membership should offer our community, but doesn't.
  • Shop online. Insurance companies pay fewer broker fees when you deal direct.
  • Find out if you're eligible to use a medical savings account (MSA). The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) makes certain allowances for the self-employed. This let's you enjoy benefits from a higher deductible insurance policy (with reduced premiums) and use pre-tax dollars to pay for expenses up to your deductible limit.

If you can't find health insurance because of a pre-existing condition, the HIPAA may help you obtain it. HIPPA will help you find out if you live in one of 29 states who have a risk pool. You can also find additional information from

If worse comes to worse and you find yourself in a hospital emergency room without insurance, remember (even if they don't) that you are a human being and have some inherent God-given rights to your dignity. Spit back if necessary, but don't give up your gurney. Enjoy firsthand how people behave when working purely for material gain in a profession titled caregiver. You can recognize them by the big brick of resentment clinging to their weasel-like backs. You can't see it, though, if you have health insurance, because money makes them smile like prostitutes on a wet night. Ask me how I feel about it.

Foot And Mouth Disease

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An editor by trade, a writer by avocation and an Expert by happenstance, ericpete puts together the newsletter for Experts Exchange.

Back when my family first got into the newspaper business, there was a member of the local board of supervisors who complained to my father that he was never quoted in the paper. My father decided to oblige him until a month or so later, when the supervisor started complaining that the things that were printed -- verbatim quotes -- made him look terrible, and would my father please go back to not quoting him.

Since then, I've always gotten a little bit of a kick out of watching self-absorbed people make fools of themselves in public. Given that it's election season in the US, it happens a lot, but the tech world is contributing to the fodder fairly frequently.

The folks who manage Yahoo -- the ones who are left, anyway -- must be wondering what to do with their stock options now that the price has sunk to a six-year low of around $12 a share, a marked contrast to those heady days back in February when the price jumped from about $19 to almost $30 when Microsoft was trying to buy it.

But now, faced with a "disappointing" third quarter -- which probably could have been worse -- comes the news that by the end of the year, anywhere from 1,400 to 3,000 of Yahoo's workforce will be looking for work, barely ten months after 1,000 got pink slips in January.

Meanwhile, of course, the CEO of Yahoo, Jerry Yang, sent out one of his trademarked memos to his soon-to-be-ex-employees, letting them know that the company still hasn't figured out who is going to stay and who will no longer be addressed as a "yahoo". One can only imagine what Carl Icahn and Steve Ballmer are thinking. We do know what one friend of ours -- a former Yahoo -- thinks; he probably gave up a director's job when he left.

Yang is fortunate, though; at least he has a job. That's not the case for Carly Fiorina. She's the former CEO of Hewlett-Packard, credited mostly with buying Compaq, devaluing HP by about half, and cutting the company's workforce, none of which had the same impact on HP's stock price or profitability as her firing did. Fiorina was occasionally mentioned as a possible candidate for office, and was campaigning for John McCain until she was quoted as saying that his choice for a running mate, Alaska Governor Sarah Palin, doesn't have the experience to run a major company. She then followed that up with an interview on national television with the comment that neither does McCain or his opponent, Barack Obama. Based on results, we'll take our chances with McCain or Obama, Carly.

More News and Notes

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The choking of your downloads won't change; it will just be faster: Those of us who live in the US have probably had some difficulty avoiding Comcast's commercials for its digital voice service, which may or may not be available to you. The tag line of the commercials says "your telephone calls won't change -- they will just be cheaper" -- which is a good thing since AT&T is raising its rates again. But one had to chuckle at Comcast's announcement that it will offer two new tiers of Internet service -- but won't change its policy on blocking the people who use too much bandwidth.

The Empire Strikes Back: The Evil Empire has told the Do No Evil Empire that the latter's attempt to expand in the former isn't going to happen until the former gets "more information" from the latter.

In case you didn't get the memo: Blogs (thanks, Ed!) are dead. Or not as long as there are true believers and zealous editors.

There will always be an England: Here's a novel idea. How about just not trying to sell junk on eBay? Or maybe taking Google's test before you go filing libel suits...

Isn't this like the pot calling the kettle black: Let's do the math. 200,000,000 people using Windows. Most of them probably pirated copies. A black screen once an hour reminding you of that, but no other loss of functionality. Nominally $66 for a legal copy of Vista Home. So... if just one percent actually BUY Vista in order to not be annoyed... As my Econ prof used to say, that's a pretty good marginal rate of return.

Except that the Chinese are outraged that Microsoft wants to be paid for its software. What a novel concept.

Almost reminds you of Britney and K-Fed: Remember a while back when Apple and Intel made all nicey-nicey and announced that Apple would start using Intel processors in its computers, and even almost encouraged people to run Windows on the Mac? Well, the lilac and lavender days are pretty much in the tank, following the talks given at the Intel developers' conference. In case you missed it, Intel people pretty much ripped Apple for not using Intel chips in the iPhone. We're betting that Apple will retain custody and won't be paying alimony either.

"Must" reading.

The government solution to a problem is usually as bad as the problem. (Milton Friedman): This will improve the efficiency with which 67-year-old grandmothers in wheelchairs get pat-searched. The government has decided that Homeland Security can do a better job of identifying bad guys than the airlines can... especially if they're flying in from Bogota. Not that other government agencies are any better.

Sign of the Apocalypse: There's a point at which some things are taken a bit too seriously. If you're not going to click on the link without a bit more of a tease ("Film at Eleven..."), we'll just say that no weapon was found.

Nata's Corner

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Nata's PictureAccording to a study done by ScanSafe, the possibility that a corporate computer will be infected with malware has gone up 500 per cent in the past nine months. The report also says, predictably, that the financial crisis has caused the number of phishing attempts from banks and companies like American Express to explode, but lately my spam filter has been getting fooled by messages that look like they're coming from AOL members. Curiously, the report says that the government's computers are no more (or less) likely to be subject to malware than anyone else's. The problem, though, is that the government's computers have a lot more sensitive information. Still, both the FBI and the FTC put a bit of a dent in the flow last week.

Speaking of which, if you didn't immediately install the latest patch from Microsoft, you should do so now, especially if you're on a network. Microsoft also pushed a special update on Monday.

I've seen many of the same stories listed above about Yahoo and eBay, but the one that caught my attention was the one about Amazon that says that it expects the fourth quarter to be not as good as it has been over the past few years, and other retailers are saying the same things (if they're not closing their doors). Couple that with the email I got from Borders announcing a special sale, and I'm going to hold off on my holiday shopping for a while. And yes, the editor has already asked me to start looking for some items for our annual holiday gift suggestions...

Maybe one of these days, candidates will get it: the same thing that annoys people when telemarketers call annoys them when politicians call, and it's even worse when it isn't a real person. At least with a telemarketer, you have a chance to vent your spleen and maybe spoil someone's appetite (even if you know they're just trying to make a living in a lousy economy); with those robocalls you get from politicians, you get the distinct feeling they don't really want to hear what you think anyway.

And if you're in the US, don't forget to vote next week.

New Certificates

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ZvonkoMasterWeb Languages/Standards
SysExpertMasterMS DOS
aleinssMasterWindows 2000
nutschMasterMs Office Suite
EricFletcherMasterMs Office Suite
merowingerMasterMs Office Suite
jppintoMasterMS Access
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jorge_torizMasterMS SQL Server
mdouganMasterMS SQL Server
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CSecurityGuruVisual Basic
julianmatzMasterISP / Hosting
SteggsMasterWeb Browsers
b0lsc0ttGuruWeb Browsers
jason1178MasterWeb Dev Software
b0lsc0ttMasterWeb Dev Software
hieloMasterApache Web Server
erikTsomikMasterColdFusion Application Server
ZvonkoGuruColdFusion Application Server
DreammonkeyMasterMacromedia Flash
blue-genieGeniusMacromedia Flash
WizRd-LinuxMasterLinux Net
SysExpertGeniusLotus Notes
MadjaxMasterOutlook Groupware
tigermattGuruOutlook Groupware
WizRd-LinuxMasterLinux Admin
Kurt_BraeckmansMasterBlackberry Programming
SysExpertGuruBlackberry Programming
hieloMasterMicrosoft IIS Web Server
fiboMasterPHP for Windows
RQuadlingWizardPHP for Windows
syedasimmeesaqMasterPHP and Databases
HuyBDMasterPHP and Databases
hieloGeniusPHP and Databases
hernst42GeniusPHP and Databases
dpk_walMasterSoftware Firewalls
RobWillMasterSoftware Firewalls
MikeKaneMasterSoftware Firewalls
pablovrMasterWindows XP
DMTechGrooupMasterWindows XP
houssam_balloutMasterWindows XP
ridMasterWindows XP
sk_raja_rajaMasterWindows XP
eXpeLLeD_4RM_heLLMasterWindows XP
BrandonGalderisiMasterWindows XP
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JonveeSageWindows XP
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uetian1707MasterWeb Servers
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war1MasterMS Excel
pkhariGuruMS Excel
WJReidWizardMS Excel
zorvekSavantMS Excel
irudykGuruMS Word
jjdurrantMasterWindows 2003 Server
ParanormasticMasterWindows 2003 Server
rhinocerosMasterWindows 2003 Server
ach_patilMasterWindows 2003 Server
exx1976MasterWindows 2003 Server
bhanukir7MasterWindows 2003 Server
vadimrapp1MasterWindows 2003 Server
BertlingMasterWindows 2003 Server
sk_raja_rajaMasterWindows 2003 Server
tedbillyGuruWindows 2003 Server
henjoh09WizardWindows 2003 Server
aissimWizardWindows 2003 Server
Chris-DentGeniusWindows 2003 Server
LauraEHunterMVPGeniusWindows 2003 Server
shuboarderSageGeneral Multi-Media Software
dfkeMasterAIX Unix
gtokasWizardC++ Builder
Bill-HansonGuruLotus Domino
TechTiger007MasterASP.Net Programming
crazymanMasterASP.Net Programming
adilkhanMasterASP.Net Programming
WanaBRichMasterASP.Net Programming
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ajollyMasterASP.Net Programming
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HeoQueGuruASP.Net Programming
NazoUKGuruASP.Net Programming
BondinASPGuruASP.Net Programming
prairiedogSageASP.Net Programming
TimCotteeSageASP.Net Programming
mwvisa1MasterMS Visual Basic
TechTiger007MasterMS Visual Basic
BillyDvDMasterMS Visual Basic
ladarlingMasterMS Visual Basic
rlh68MasterMS Visual Basic
SameerJagdaleMasterMS Visual Basic
MrMandersonMasterMS Visual Basic
DanielWilsonMasterMS Visual Basic
BondinASPMasterMS Visual Basic
Priest04WizardMS Visual Basic
mwecomputersGuruSBS Small Business Server
harbor235GuruHardware Firewalls
JFrederick29GuruHardware Firewalls
Darr247MasterNetworking Hardware
dkarpekinMasterNetworking Hardware
saurabh726GuruSpreadsheet Software
GlennaShawSageMS Powerpoint
angelIIIMasterOracle 8.x
awking00MasterOracle 10.x
anand_2000vMasterOracle 10.x
sujith80WizardOracle 10.x
CuteBugMasterMS Visual C#
webtubbsMasterMS Visual C#
TimCotteeMasterMS Visual C#
TechTiger007MasterMS Visual C#
ragi0017MasterMS Visual C#
BondinASPMasterMS Visual C#
Idle_MindGuruMS Visual C#
jimmymcp02MasterSymantec Anti-Virus
legalsrlMasterMcAfee Anti-Virus
scrathcyboyMasterInternet Explorer
SysExpertGuruWindows OS
PUNKYGuruWindows OS
Shift-3MasterWindows 2000 Server
brundoMasterThe Gimp Photo Software
jar3817MasterEmail Servers
mpfisterMasterActive Directory
gupnitMasterActive Directory
henjoh09GuruActive Directory
farhankaziGuruActive Directory
rindiMasterNorton Ghost Backup
zzynxMasterAWT / Swing
mwvisa1MasterNew To Java
mbodewesMasterNew To Java
dejanpazinMasterNew To Java
knightEknightGuruWindows Batch
TintinGuruShell Scripting
jaime_olivaresGuru.Net Editors & IDEs
ZberteocMasterSQL Syntax
bhess1MasterSQL Syntax
xDJR1875MasterSQL Syntax
sujith80MasterSQL Syntax
hnasrMasterSQL Syntax
omgangMasterSQL Syntax
hernst42MasterSQL Syntax
DanielWilsonGuruSQL Syntax
ScottPletcherGuruSQL Syntax
BrandonGalderisiGuruSQL Syntax
shajukgMasterPL / SQL
dqmqMasterPL / SQL
nav_kum_vGuruPL / SQL
mark_willsMasterMS SQL DTS
jorge_torizMasterSQL Server 2005
MohammedUMasterSQL Server 2005
HuyBDMasterSQL Server 2005
MarcjevMasterSQL Server 2005
BinuthMasterSQL Server 2005
tshelMasterSQL Server 2005
PedroCGDGuruSQL Server 2005
bhess1GuruSQL Server 2005
dbaduckGuruSQL Server 2005
BrandonGalderisiWizardSQL Server 2005
momi_sabagWizardSQL Server 2005
willcompMasterMicrosoft OS
PeteLongMasterMicrosoft OS
EricTVikingMasterMicrosoft OS
mpfisterMasterWindows Vista
joinaunionMasterWindows Vista
rindiGuruWindows Vista
RobWillGuruWindows Vista
merowingerMasterMS Server
The_KirschiMasterMS Server
keith_alabasterMasterMS Server
PeteLongMasterMS Server
redrumkevMasterMS Software
DatabaseMXMasterMS Software
GlennaShawMasterMS Software
saurabh726MasterMS Software
jmoss111MasterAccess Coding/Macros
zorvekMasterAccess Coding/Macros
tbsgadiMasterAccess Coding/Macros
matthewspatrickWizardAccess Coding/Macros
VBRocksWizardVisual Studio
prairiedogMaster.NET Framework 2.x
emoreauGuru.NET Framework 2.x
danaseamanMasterVB Objects
gregcmcseMasterVB Script
AmazingTechMasterVB Script
brettdjMasterVB Script
roryaWizardVB Script
zorvekWizardVB Script
sirbountySageVB Script
richrumbleMasterMS Forefront
PUNKYWizardPC Laptops
dpk_walMasterEnterprise Firewalls
PugglewuggleMasterCisco PIX Firewall
PeteLongWizardCisco PIX Firewall
dpk_walWizardWatchguard Firewall
uetian1707GuruNetwork Management
harbor235MasterNetwork Operations
donjohnstonMasterNetwork Design & Methodology
mark_willsGuruSQL Server 2008
jhyieslaMasterMAC OS 10.5
strungGuruMAC OS 10.5
jaime_olivaresMaster.NET Framework 3.x
sdstuberMasterOracle 11.x
LegendZMMasterWindows Server 2008

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