Experts Exchange News October 2000
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In this issue you will find:
1. Expert Highlights
2. EE Community Update
3. New Topic Areas
4. Tip of the Month
5. EE Olympics - A New Way to Win
6. Fall Clean-up
7. Answer our Trivia and Win Points
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1. Expert Highlights
EE is proud to announce the Top Expert of the Month. This Expert is recognized for having the largest overall amount of Expert points out of all 76,000 Experts for the previous month. Our Expert of the Month for September is AzraSound, with 49,601 Expert points for the month.
We also try to recognize those Experts who may not have the most points, but who loyally participate within the Network and provide helpful solutions.
If you feel you are one of these valiant people, and would like to stand on the EE Expert of the Week pillar, just send a brief personal profile and a photo of yourself to
2. EE Community Update
To date, EE has welcomed 450,000 members into our IT Professional Collaboration Network. Over 76,000 of those members have upgraded to Expert status, providing ever-growing chances for our Network members to get solutions and Expert points!
3. New Topics
Due to overwhelming requests from our network of Experts, we've added a collection of "Broadband" topics to our KnowledgeBase. Here's the list of the latest topics added:
Broadband General
Application Service Providers (ASPs)
Cable/DSL Modems
4. Tip of the Month
As EE continues to grow, your feedback is essential in the development and implementation of new site features. An area we are focusing on right now is the New Topics suggestion page.
If you are working on the cutting edge with a new IT tool or have other ideas for much needed topics for our Network, please post your suggestions on the New Topics page!
5. EE Olympics - A New Way to Win
With the excitement generated by the 2000 Summer Olympics in Sydney still in the air, EE has decided to challenge our international Network of IT professionals to an Olympics of the mind. There is no need to enter - all Experts are qualified!
Just keep answering questions from September 18 to October 18, 2000 and the month’s top three Experts in each of the top ten topics will receive medal-quality prizes. For details, visit the EE Olympics page.
6. Fall Clean-up
With the end of the year fast approaching, we thought it would be a good time to do a little house cleaning. In addition to the clean-ups and clarifications we are making to the site, we'd love to have members pitch in by cleaning up questions they have left open in various topics.
Check those old email notifications from questions you've posted and make sure you either awarded a grade to a deserving Expert or took any other appropriate steps to close the question! We need everyone's help to keep this well-oiled IT Network running smoothly!
7. Answer Our Trivia and Win Points.
Just another way to receive some extra question points - Be one of the first five members to send us your answer to the following Trivia question and win 50 question points!
In what year did Experts Exchange make its debut on the World Wide Web?
Send your answer to
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