October 5, 2004
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Still open: Speech API select voice under a service

"I have a program that has no visible user interface, as it runs as a service. It does talk Using SPVOICE. I would like to have it speak with a certain voice, but it always selects the default voice. Since there is no user, it can't select the default voice for the user, as there is no user. So, where does it get the voice it selects?"

Points: 500 Sep 29 2004 04:00PM PDT

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Abstract Class or Interface?

A very good question for beginners in C#. This one explains the idea of abstract classes and interfaces with some real world examples.

Points: 125 Jan 9, 2004 02:24AM PST

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Article: C# Generics

"The single most anticipated (and dreaded?) feature of Visual C# 2.0 is the addition of Generics. This article will show you what problems generics solve, how to use them to improve your code, and why you need not fear them."

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TheLearnedOne has over 15 years experience as a VisualBasic programmer, has worked with Access, FoxPro, MS SQL and Oracle, administers both Windows and Novell networks, works with communications electronics, and in his spare time, kicks butt doing Cleanup at EE. He's also a heck of a nice guy.

Registration Date: Aug 23, 1999

Expert Points: 669244

Certificates: Wizard, DotNET; Guru, VB.NET


gregoryyoung, the Page Editor for the C# topic area, is a software architect and football fan. Over the last 8 years he's worked in various fields including pari-mutual wagering, drug/law enforcement, point of sale systems, and satellite imagery. Experience includes many languages in Windows, *nix, VMS, and various embedded environments.

Registration Date: April 7, 2004

Expert Points: 1101111 (how's that for you binary fans?)

Certificates: Wizard, C#, VB.NET; Guru, DotNET

Tip from the Page Editors: We're seeing a lot of logs from people who have problems with malware. There is a tip below that will help, but it's worth repeating here. The best thing is to use one of the free web space sites and post your file there, where the Experts can look at it. The second best thing is to run the log through a Hijack This analyzer and then post the results. Actually, the best thing that could happen would be for the malware writers to be drawn and quartered, and then sentenced to spending an indeterminite amount of time watching a videotape of Steve Ballmer explain why the next version of Windows will be late.
One of the least-known new features at Experts Exchange is our new Link Exchange. Our Link Exchange program is beneficial to both sites in a couple ways:
  1. The number of resources available to users on both sites will increase
  2. Site relevance is increased within all major search engines when a site provides links to and from quality resources
If you would like to swap links with EE, just fill out the form at the Link Exchange page.
Nata's Corner: Cleaning up your email

woman in specticalsI spent some time a week or so ago helping out a friend with her email. She uses Outlook Express, and was complaining about how long it was taking for things to load -- not that she has the fastest system in the world to begin with. It turned out that she had never emptied her "Deleted Items" folder, so she had something like 18,000 messages in there. The easiest way (my other half showed me this) is to go to Tools/Options from the menu, then to the tab that says "Maintenance", and check the box that says "Empty messages from the Deleted Items folder on exit". You can also select the folder, right-click, and then select "Empty Deleted Items folder".

I was browsing around the other day and found BreakTheChain.org, which suggests that people stop sending out those heartfelt emails and scams that get forwarded to all of us. It's not quite as interesting as snopes.com, but it has a really good list of all of the junk mail. While we're on the subject of junk, two more financial institutions you can add to the list of those that are being phished: SunTrust and Wells Fargo. Don't respond to them, don't click any links, and if you're really worried about your accounts, pick up the telephone and call your branch.

We've all seen the stories about companies hiring hackers to help them beef up the security of their networks. I've always thought that was a lot like having a fox guard the henhouse, but who am I to argue with the CEO of HugeBank, Inc.? But maybe karma is coming back to haunt these guys, because a story at Newsfactor.com says that there were no takers when the authors of the MyDoom virus went job-hunting. I have a job for them; it involves shovels and wastewater treatment plants.

Major kudos go out to ameba (see his section below), who got mentioned, along with Experts Exchange, in an article at Gadgetopia.

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Inside the numbers
ameba, one of EE's prominent Experts, provides us with a list of newly earned Certificates. His list of all of the Certified Experts is located at his site. The list below covers the period from September 19 through October 3.
Expert Certified in Topic Area
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Tip for New Members: Hijack This logs

It you happen to be one of the people who has had his computer hijacked by malware, you've probably seen the suggestion that you download HijackThis and then post the log.

The log itself can be a fairly intimidating file, especially if you don't know what you're looking for. So rather than clutter up your question with a bunch of information that isn't relevant to your problem, you should post the lot as a text file at one of the free web-space services (angelfire and geocities are examples). You can also run it through a Hijack This analyzer and post the results in your question.

If you do post your entire log file, the Page Editors and Moderators, after you've closed your question, will probably remove all of the irrelevant information from it.

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