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AUGUST 17, 2011


What's New at Experts Exchange
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Nata's Corner
Privacy, texting and a nailed spammer

A Decade of Service
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Who did what through Aug. 13


haiku Haiku Contest:

So many haikus!
Show you love the orange X
There's still time to win

Win one of EE's super new coffee mugs by writing a haiku poem about Experts Exchange. Here are the rules:

  1. All entries must be posted as comments to this blog post. You may include more than one haiku per post, but they must be distinct.
  2. All poems must be written in the 5-7-5 syllable format. Deviation from this format will cause your poem to be disqualified for a prize. In order to be eligible for a prize, the haiku must convey the essence of Experts Exchange.
  3. Technically, each line of the haiku should convey a distinct thought; this is not mandatory, but it will give you a leg up for getting one of the prizes. Also, EE is considered two syllables when it is used as an abbreviation for Experts Exchange.
  4. There is no limit to the number of times you can enter. However, a higher number of entries is not likely to increase your odds of winning, and only one prize will be awarded to any individual member. Simply put, one really good entry is better than 27 mediocre ones.
  5. Haikus will be judged on originality and on how well they convey the essence of Experts Exchange. Haikus must also be posted to the user's Facebook wall [haiku / link to post] or Twitter [haiku]/link to post @ExpertsExchange #haiku] to be eligible for a prize.
  6. Contest runs through 11:59 pm on Thursday, August 25, 2011 PDT, and winners will be announced here and in the Experts Exchange blog. Contest open to current Experts Exchange members in good standing only.
  7. Decisions by the judges are final.

Meet-up in Denver: Jason Levine, AKA WhackAMod, one of Experts Exchange's site administrators, will be making the trek to Denver on August 25, to host a meet-up at Lodo's Bar and Grill from 4 pm to 8 pm. If you're so inclined, feel free to come bend his ear about anything EE; you can RSVP here; the beer is on us.

Coffee -- and donuts: A month or so ago, we ran a little promotion that offered a coffee mug for each person in a new business account. Now, we're sweetening the pot. Purchase or upgrade to a Business Account from Experts Exchange between now and September 17, and we'll send you not only the mugs, but coffee and enough donuts (at least a dozen for a small workgroup account) to keep you bouncing off the cubicle walls until the weekend. Details on our blog.

TweetShirt Tuesday: On August 23, you could win an EE t-shirt by mentioning on Twitter whatever stumps you, be it a question about some obscure Java code or how to rebuild your old laptop. All we ask is that you share the link to the appropriate post on EE's blog and mention @ExpertsExchange. Here's an example of what a tweet might look like: My jailbroken iPhone hates me. What tech stumps you? Share yours & you could win a shirt. http://xprt.it/twEEtshirt @ExpertsExchange

Share your good stuff: Last week, Experts Exchange added a new "share" feature that allows you to share on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn the questions you answer. Just remember when you use it: if you share it and it isn't your best work, you're probably going to hear about it.

lasally New to EE: There's also a new staffer at EE; Danae LaSalle and Alexander Mahernia welcomed son Julian Alexander on August 15. Young Mr. Mahernia weighed in at 7 lbs, 11 oz and was 20.5 inches tall.

roryaCongratulations and best wishes to rorya, wife Kate and sister Izzy who welcomed Oliver to their home on July 30; Olly weighed in at 7 lbs, 7 oz.

We also want to extend our most sincere condolences to rspahitz, whose wife of twenty years passed away on August 13. She is also survived by two sons.

A Decade of Service

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The people listed below have been active members of Experts Exchange for ten years. We truly do appreciate their outstanding contributions!

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Nata's Corner

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Nata's PictureI used to try to remind everyone to make sure your antivirus was up-to-date. Now, I guess I should start reminding you to check your Facebook privacy settings.

A few months back, we went to visit the grandkids, and my other half took along his iPad. After our son "borrowed" it for about two weeks, we took it back home with us, and when we went to visit them again a couple of weeks ago, the first thing his daughter asked us was "did you bring the iPad?". Now, she's a little bit too old for the newest tablet out there, but given the nature of Apple's target market, doesn't it make some sense for them to come up with something for the children of techy types instead of hiding a PC in iMac clothing?

I mentioned a few issues back that I got a Droid (from Mooglerola), and I have to admit that I like texting (I still have a bunch of things to look at and figure out though), but it bothers me a little that I can make all the phone calls I want -- we actually reduced our minutes because we never have used half of what we were paying for -- but now it looks like our unlimited texting may become a thing of the past. I have to admit that we aren't like those kids that send dozens of texts a day, but still. When did "unlimited" stop meaning "no limit"?

Since the number of grandkids just increased by one-third a few months ago, I'm glad to see a new mobile application released by the FBI that helps track and find missing children. We see a lot of stories about estranged parents in our part of the world, and almost none of them end happily, so props to the FBI for this. And until we know more, it isn't a bad idea to keep them off Facebook, too.

And speaking of good news, after over ten years of being chased around in civil courts, the Spam King, Sanford Wallace, has finally been arrested and charged as a criminal. Pardon me for saying so, but it's about damn time.


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RegulaOne on asking questions: Most of the time, the kudos we post here are for Experts who have been cited by someone for their work in solving problems, but our leadoff member this week is an Asker, RegulaOne, who was nominated by one of the Moderators, JustAMod, who said the following: "He is a great asker to work with, always very polite, and most importantly, provides more than enough information for the Experts to help him."

byundt on Excel: We could almost post one of these every issue. Nanco_NRC posted a question about taking thousands of records in Excel and then performing a complex calculation on them and spitting out three new columns of data -- the kind of question that almost guarantees the ongoing debate about whether Excel or Access could do the job better. In stepped byundt, who not only provided a solution, with sample data, but went on to post a description of how he did it. Nanco_NRC's evaluation: "Brad, that's brilliant, a very eloquent solution. I suspected there was an array formula method for doing this but I am never completely certain what's going to happen when I use them. Thanks a stack. Points awarded. Top shelf solution."

younghv on malware: One of the problems in the various antivirus and malware topic areas is that it's a daunting task to keep up on everything. lordzack faced that problem with a program he couldn't find any information on, when naomelixes, rpggamergirl and younghv came to his aid. Ultimately, it was younghv's article on best practices that resolved the issue: "Thank you for a well set out plan of identifying and removing malware. I am the type of geek who likes a plan ahead of me and then follow through it. These are good tips and a structured way of approaching the problem! I knew I could count on the Experts!"

In Brief

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Too much time on their hands: and now they're sticky with ice cream.

Nothing like lion about patents: Apple is being sued over OS X.

Throw the book at him: A rapper thought he was being cool. Unfortunately, you can't fix stupid.

More ads coming your way: There's now an alternative to AdSense if you want to make a few bucks off your new mobile application.

T-W pays off its protection enforcers: Wouldn't it be funny if LimeWire's check was written on a Nigerian bank account?

No offense intended... but Arkansas?: Anonymous says it has taken 10 gb of police information because a few people were arrested. Broadband is cheaper than bail. They also got pissy with BART, which sought to keep San Francisco from becoming London.

Now, if they were really interested in causing some tightened sphincter muscles... the Anonymous folks would go after China. How do you say Remember Tiananmen Square in 140 Chinese characters?

Will you folks make up your minds, please? First, Anonymous is going to take down Facebook. Then maybe it isn't. Then they're thinking about it. At least we know who Anonymous is: either the Winklevoss twins or Paul Ceglia.

Maybe they should do a search: Twitter is "ramping up its [non-existent] business model. It's working for GroupOn.

It comes on four Kingston DataTravelers and updates every 17 hours: Adobe debuted a new software app that builds sites without coding. jason1178 and MHenry will answer all your questions.

Not a moment too soon: Web 2.0 is circling the drain.

Signs of the Apocalypse: A North Korean "army" of game hackers and an American army of PR people.


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New Geniuses: A trio of Experts have earned their second Genius certificates: Kdo earned his second in C Programming; kaufmed earned his second in Visual Basic.NET; and Lowfatspread picked his up in SQL Server 2005. Congratulations on your accomplishments!

My First Million: Reaching the 1,000,000 point level during July were shivaspk and our old friend hes, who joined EE back in December 1998. Our most sincere props for your achievement!


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djjaries.NET ProgrammingGuru
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ronnypotActive DirectoryMaster
zzynxAdobe FlashMaster
wesly_chenApache Web ServerMaster
hanccockaBackup / RestoreGuru
fgasimzadeCisco PIX/ASAMaster
mikebernhardtCisco PIX/ASAMaster
for_yanEditors IDEsMaster
nociEmail ServersMaster
dletheHard DrivesSage
DrKlahnHardware ComponentsMaster
crouthamelaHardware FirewallsMaster
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dqmqMisc DatabasesWizard
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gheistMisc OSMaster
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leakim971Misc Web DevWizard
DoDahDMS AccessGuru
StephenJRMS ApplicationsMaster
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robberbaronMS ExcelWizard
SulimanwMS Forefront-ISAGuru
kamindaMS SQL ServerMaster
sventhanMS SQL ServerMaster
wdosanjosMS SQL ServerMaster
ewangoyaMS SQL ServerWizard
LowfatspreadMS SQL Server 2005Genius
gdemariaMS SQL Server 2005Master
lsavidgeMS SQL Server 2008Guru
pratima_mcsMS SQL Server 2008Guru
edlunadMS SQL Server 2008Master
GhunaimaMS SQL Server 2008Master
mark_willsMySQL ServerGuru
AielloJMySQL ServerMaster
NoiSMySQL ServerMaster
lenamtlOpen SourceMaster
flow01Oracle DatabaseGuru
breadtanOS SecurityMaster
routinetQuery SyntaxMaster
pwindellSBS Small Business ServerMaster
developedtesterScripting LanguagesMaster
peprScripting LanguagesMaster
garycaseServer HardwareGuru
wesly_chenShell ScriptingMaster
fgasimzadeSwitches / HubsMaster
wesly_chenUnix OSGuru
pratima_mcsVB ScriptMaster
robberbaronVisual Basic ClassicSage
rspahitzVisual Basic ClassicWizard
kaufmedVisual Basic.NETGenius
MlandaTVisual Basic.NETGuru
nepaluzVisual Basic.NETGuru
slightwvVisual Basic.NETMaster
NNirmalanVisual Studio.NETMaster
sr75Voice Over IPMaster
DaveBaldwinWeb BrowsersGuru
jason1178Web Graphics SoftwareMaster
dons6718Windows 2003 ServerGuru
LMiller7Windows 2003 ServerMaster
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