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Your Technology Problems...SOLVED

AUGUST 3, 2011


What's New at Experts Exchange
From the Central Coast and beyond

Some outstanding efforts to help

Nata's Corner
The sticks in the age of broadband

Microsoft's MVPs
436 of MS's best are also EE's

In Brief
Thinks you might have missed

Who did what through July 30


Helping the Community: Most of the time, the items we mention here are about Experts helping members get solutions to their problems through the question and answer process, or by writing an article that can be used over and over. But in EE's case, solutions aren't exclusively an Expert domain; the people who work at EE are just as capable. A few months back, we made note of the work of system administrator Jason Helfman, who committed a new software port for FreeBSD, the operating system used on EE's servers. Then a couple of weeks ago, Jason's colleague at EE, Phil Phillips, wrote a piece of software that allows the automatic installaation of an important set of tools to the FreeBSD system. Both sets of contribututions are truly commendable work and important to the FreeBSD community.

haiku Haiku Contest: Another way to get your hands on one of the great mugs we have been showing you is to enter our haiku contest. We have convinced the Guardians Of The Mugs that Experts Exchange would be well-served if it gave one of those mugs to each of ten people who can come up with the best haiku poems about EE.

Your wit, style and grace
On display for all the world
Passion for the X

Here are the rules:

  1. All entries must be posted as comments to this blog post. You may include more than one haiku per post, but they must be distinct.
  2. All poems must be written in the 5-7-5 syllable format. Deviation from this format will cause your poem to be disqualified for a prize. In order to be eligible for a prize, the haiku must convey the essence of Experts Exchange.
  3. Technically, each line of the haiku should convey a distinct thought; this is not mandatory, but it will give you a leg up for getting one of the prizes. Also, EE is considered two syllables when it is used as an abbreviation for Experts Exchange.
  4. There is no limit to the number of times you can enter. However, a higher number of entries is not likely to increase your odds of winning, and only one prize will be awarded to any individual member. Simply put, one really good entry is better than 27 mediocre ones.
  5. Haikus will be judged on originality and on how well they convey the essence of Experts Exchange. Haikus must also be posted to the user's Facebook wall [haiku / link to post] or Twitter [haiku]/link to post @ExpertsExchange #haiku] to be eligible for a prize.
  6. Contest runs through 11:59 pm on Thursday, August 25, 2011 PDT, and winners will be announced here and in the Experts Exchange blog. Contest open to current Experts Exchange members in good standing only.
  7. Decisions by the judges are final.

Social you despise?
Your entry will be dismissed
To win you must share

Entries, let them flow
Your words will astound masses
Web becomes orange

Seattle Meet-up in Seattle: Site Director Andy Alsup, accompanied by Matt Nguyen and Jonathan Hoekman, hosted a meetup at Pike Pub and Brewery in Seattle. About a dozen members took advantage of their hospitality; a good number of the attendees were new to EE, so having the opportunity to meet other users was a huge benefit to them.

EE Add-ons: Experts Exchange has built its first set of add-ons members can use to find solutions on the site. There is a desktop widget (Windows XP on, Mac OS 10.4 on, and Linux) that lets you search directly from your desktop; it opens up your default browser with a list of EE results. The browser plug-in, for Firefox or IE 7 and above, lets you choose either the Experts Exchange search engine or search EE using Google, or you may install both if you'd like. The iGoogle Gadget lets you search Experts Exchange directly within your iGoogle home page. Enter a term and a new tab/window will open in your browser to a results page on Experts Exchange.

Webinar: The next webinar in our Cloud Class webinar series will be held Tuesday, August 23 from 11:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. Back by popular demand, Visio MVP Scott Helmers will be going in-depth with Visio. Scott's first webinar, Organize Your Visio Diagrams, can be found on the Experts Exchange YouTube Channel. Keep an eye on your inboxes for your invitation to join Scott's upcoming webinar on August 23!

Where in the world: If you were one of the people who entered and won the Where In The World contest you'll be receiving an email telling you how to redeem your goodies. Enjoy!

Podcast: Jennifer Prentice and Gary Weyel will be airing their podcasts every other week; they will be available on EE's iTunes page the Friday morning after the newsletter comes out. This week's guest is DrDamnit, whose webinar presentation on running your small business successfully is now available on EE's YouTube channel.


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mlmcc on Crystal Reports: The Experts Exchange Team wants to acknowledge mlmcc for his hard work on CrystalReportsExperts.com and becoming the First Microsite Ranked expert. Check out his extensive background on his Crystal Report Experts page. If you've helped answer questions on some of the other Redsource Interactive tech microsites be looking here for your shootout in future newsletters. For more information on our Microsites, check them out on RedsourceInteractive.com.

rpggamergirl on malware: rpggamergirl is one of the best anywhere at solving malware problems; her experience and training was on display over the last few weeks. In a question aboutGoogle results being redirected she and four others solved HMCS's problem (and learned a lot about shopping carts). philw3995 had an issue with Windows not opening files correctly that she solved 12 minutes after it was asked: "Dam, that was slick! Thanks gamergirl, the link you gave me for the exe fix was super easy to follow and quick! WOW!!!" She followed up on responses by SSharma and Jonvee to solve unrinoceronte's follow-up question on vulnerabilities: "Thanks you again Sharma, Jonvee and RPGGamergirl for your assistance." And finally, she and Zone Advisor younghv teamed up to help cpatte7372 make sure he wasn't infected: "Brilliant."

The subject of redirects was also answered in zehran's question regarding a Windows XP computer; younghv was credited with the reply: "Thank you and as always you people have the answer I can't find."

byundt on Excel: KenHadley was trying to plot anywhere from a few days to a full month worth of data taken from an entire year of blood glucose measurements (diabetes research). The chart was taking far too long to render, so he posted a question. rspahitz tried to help, then ran up the flag in the Excel Regulars thread asking for assistance. After a number of comments back and forth, the Asker posts this: "I would like to extend a huge thank you to you. My original question was about the scrolling taking 3 seconds. I've now fully implemented your "way" and the result: Scrolling takes about 0.2 - 0.4 seconds, which is an amazing feat. Loading my initial graph used to take 9 minutes. Now it takes anywhere from 15-20 seconds, and the variance simply ties in to how much processing power is being used up by other applications at run-time. These benchmarks are made with 220,000+ rows of data. Needless to say, with just 10,000-15,000 rows, loading takes less than 0.7 seconds and scrolling shows up as 0.003 or, as is more often the case, 0. Thanks again, Brad. You've gone above and beyond what I expected to get from this site. :)"

mbizup on Access: It took some back-and-forth for mbizup to figure out what RossDagley1 was trying to accomplish in his question about the syntax of an Access query, but when they were both on the same page, she gave an inspiring response: "mbizup -- that was outstanding -- thank you very much indeed. Your solution works perfectly, and you have saved me a great deal of time trying to write this on my own (going through my huge "Access 2007 Inside Out" book!). Thanks once more - a perfect solution :)"

The Microsoft MVPs

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Several times a year, Microsoft announces its Most Valuable Professional (MVP) Award, given to people around the world who provide their expertise to others. At least 436 of those people are members of Experts Exchange, and we are honored to have them as colleagues. To any we may have missed, please accept our apologies for the oversight; you are welcome to let us know and we will include the appropriate recognition.

Kiwoong Youm
Armen Stein
Tony Toews
Albert Kallal
Gordon Hubbell
Jim Dettman
Boyd Trimmell
Sascha Trowitzsch
Joe Anderson
Danny Seager
Brent Spaulding
Leigh Purvis
Reynaldo Obrero
Cinzia Pagani
Scott McDaniel
Graham Mandeno
Alexander Zeitler
Steve Fabian
Steve Schofield
Scott Forsyth
Mike Everest
Scott Mitchell
Paul Litwin
Ken Cox
Jonathan Goodyear
Tony John
Radhakrishna Manda
Aaron Wei Kin Seet
Chaitra Nagaraj
Jay Smith
Chris Sutton
Randy Hayes
Andrea Dottor
Christopher Alcock
Sebastian Leupold
Curt Christianson
Marc Rubiqo
Brad Howe
Tzu Chjeh Wu
Joel Coehoorn
Caio Proiete
Erik van Ballegoij
Maxime Labelle
Jesus Rodriguez
Abdul Rafay
Greg Forsythe
Scott Colestock
Saravana Kumar
Mikael Hekansson
Jon Fancey
Client App Dev
Abhishek Sur
Norbert Eder
Pat Tormey
Jaimir Guerrero
Corrado Cavalli
Annur Sumar
Commerce Server
Rajendra Dewani
Connected System Developer
Paul Somers
Johann Grabner
Robert Hogg
Rick Garibay
Consumer Security
Eric Krebill
Bill Pytlovany
James Rapisarda
Julia Wallace
Dave Nelson
Dave Fear
Steve Ward
Tony Kleinkramer
Bob G
Data Platform Development
Julie Lerman
Daniel Cazzulino
Developer Security
Craig Murphy
Raffaele Rialdi
Device Application Development
Szymon Kobalczyk
Directory Services
Bobby Primasta
Paul Clement
Mike Kline
Mark Parris
Mesut Aladag
Hank Arnold
Jose Antonio Quilez Lahoz
Jorge DeAlmeida Pinto
Steve Evans
Santhosh Sivarajan
Awinish Vishwakarma
Cedric Georgeot
Brian Desmond
Dynamics CRM
Giorgio Garcia-Agreda
Feridun Kadir
Jerry Weinstock
Alex Fagundes
Imran Mustafa
Andrii Butenko
Larry Lentz
David Berry
Joel Lindstrom
Dynamics GP
Mohammad R. Daoud
Victoria Yudin
Enterprise Security
Grzegorz Tworek
Debra Shinder
Stewart Cawthray
Brad Dinerman
Manu Zacharia
Andy Malone
Gary Warner
Jiri Hyzler
Ondrej Sevecek
Michael Resnick
Miha Pihler
Tomasz Onyszko
Stephen Friedl
Kevin Jones
Don Guillett
Dilip Kumar Pandey
Dennis Wallentin
Cathy Monier
Aladin Akyurek
Charles Williams
Richard Schollar
Tom Urtis
Ken Puls
Mike Rosenblum
Jon Peltier
Bob Umlas
Jan Karel Pieterse
Rory Archibald
Zack Barresse
Bob Phillips
Ron Coderre
Nathan Oliver
Stephen Gersuk
Chris Smith
Patrick Matthews
Brad Yundt
Bill Jelen
Expression Web
Chris Hanscom
Tina Clarke
Yannick Lejeune
Ian Haynes
Patricia Ann Geary
File System Storage
Scott Noone
Peter Viscarola
Dennis Martin
Yuval Sinay
Derek Schauland
Games for Windows
Jon Masterson
Internet Explorer
Rob Parsons
Alan Edwards

Digital Media Experience
Graham Hughes
Exchange Server
Oz Casey Dedeal
Jorge Patricio Diaz Guzman
Michele Betelli
Sergey Krylov
Johan Veldhuis
Lee Derbyshire
Lee Benjamin
Jason Sherry
Dhafer Hammami
Mark Arnold
Henrik Walther
Glen Scales
Daniel Petri
Simon Butler
Dejan Foro
Dave Shackelford
Dean Uemura
Poo Ching Loong
Amit Tank
Magnus Bjork
Mikhail Danshin
Christian Weihs
Rahmat Zikri
Shabbir Ahmed
Anding Gao
Saso Erdeljanov
Phillip Windell
Keith Alabaster
Dieter Rauscher
Jason Jones
Hakan Uzuner
Eduardo Petizme
Group Policy
Alan Burchill
Robert Chandler
Identity Lifecycle Manager
Peter Geelen
Thomas Vuylsteke
Almero Steyn
David Lundell
Clay Fox
Adam Gent
Jeff Schertz
Brian Ricks
Management Infrastructure
Fabianode de Santana
Damir Dizdarevic
Robert Stuczynski
Office System
Joao Tito Livio
Tian-An Tan
Ryosuke Uemoto
Goran Husman
Arnaud alcabez
Danny Burlage
Chad Mosman
Dmitry Streblechenko
David Lee
Kathleen Orland
Diane Poremsky
Marco Shaw
Guy Thomas
Sherif Talaat
Tibor Soos
Brandon Shell
Vasily Gusev
Antoine Habert
Ragnar Harper
Echo Swinford
Glenna Shaw
John Wilson
Ben Howard
Renke Holert
Eric Uyttewaal
Bilal Okour
Gary Chefetz
Remote Desktop Services
Brian Madden
Shawn Bass
Douglas Brown
SharePoint Server
Bil Simser
Ed Musters
Saifullah Shafiq Ahmed
Liam Cleary
Valy Greavu
Spencer Harbar
Loke Kit Kai
Sarbjit Singh Gill
Dan Holme
Tobias Zimmergren
Elczar Adame
Mirjam van Olst
John Timney
Sean Wallbridge
David Yack
Joel Neubeck
Dave Campbell
Small Business Server
Boon Tee
Andy Trish
Miguel Hernandez
Tim Barrett
Jason Miller
Kevin James
Rob Williams
Jeff Middleton
Dean Calvert
Les Connor
Yves Gourli
Nick Whittome
Tobias Redelberger
Roger Otterson
Cliff Galiher
Alex Huart
Philip Elder
Cris Hanna
Kevin Weilbacher
Andy Goodman
Wayne Small
Neil Roodyn
Dennis Vroegop
Setup & Deployment
Kenneth vanSurksum
Pete Long
Mitch Tulloch
Stefan Krueger
System Center Configuration Manager
Steve Thompson
Jacek Doktor
Abhishek Joshi
System Center Operations Manager
Marcus C. Oh
David Allen
Gordon McKenna
Technical Computing
Jay Ferron
Christian Terboven
Virtual Machine
Liam Westley
Aidan Finn
Susantha Silva
Carsten Rachfahl
Scott Helmers
David Parker
Visual C
Ricardo Gonzalez
John Czopowik
Marc Gregoire
David Ching
Santosh Prabhakaran
Brian Muth
Jim Beveridge

Visual C#
Paulo Morgado
Markus Egger
Zikrul Ahsan
Cathi Gero
Justin Lee
Rogerio Moraes de Carvalho
Daniel Mohl
Adil Mughal
Rob Vettor
Pavel Yosifovich
Alvin Ashcraft
Michael Letterle
Valdis Iljuconoks
Munir Usman
Tamer Oz
Bruce Johnson
Miguel Mendoza
Craig Berntson
Todd Anglin
Robert Learned
Mark Michaelis
Peter Ritchie
Luis Alfaro
Bruce Thomas
Greg Young
Carlos dos Santos
Marino Posadas Martin
Visual FoxPro
Richard Schummer
Visual Studio ALM
David Corbin
Barry Gervin
Steven Borg
Benjamin Day
Adam Cogan
Cengiz Han
Martin Hinshelwood
Ty Anderson
Windows Azure
Jason Milgram
Nuno Godinho
Guy Barrette
Brent Stineman
Rob Gillen
Windows Embedded
Michael Koster
Joe Broxson
Young Ho Ra
Stone Lee
Windows Expert-Consumer
Ann Marie Scrimshaw
Alez Curquejo
Aurelio "Baboo" Minerbo
Nitin Agarwal
Ronnie Vernon
Ramesh Srinivasan
John Griffith
Amit Agarwal
Alex Tusco
Nirmal T V
Alexandro Prado
Jack Burton
Reed Rinn
Matthew Arkin
Tony Bradley
Vadim Sterkin
Windows Expert-IT Pro
Lee Wilbur
Lee Reynolds
Bill Bright
Adriano Arrigo
James Bannan
Jessica DeVita
Windows Home Server
Martin Rothschink
Olaf Engelke
Grey Lancaster
Andrew Edney
Philip Churchill
Eric Rux
Woody Leonhard
Windows Live
Brian Norman
Alastair Aitchison
Windows Live Mail
Jim Sauvage
Windows Phone
Javier Andris Caceres
Adel Al Zubeir
Windows Phone Consumer
Nickolas Landry
Julie De Jong
Windows Phone Development
Michael Mann
Christopher Craft
Windows Touch & Tablet PC
W Newquay
Rob Bushway
John McGhie
Dawn Crosier Bleuel
Trina Finton
SQL Server
Konstantin Kosinsky
Tobiasz Koprowski
Kevin Goff
Andrea Benedetti
Simon Sabin
Satya Jayanty
Rob Farley
Aneesh Retnakaran
Robert Pearl
Anthony Perkins
Jacob Sebastian
Luciano Moreira
Bob Duffy
Pedro Perfeito
Meir Dudai
Madhivanan JR
Sergio Govoni
Amit Bansal
Michael DeFehr
Ben Miller
Abolfazl Radgoudarzi
Stacia Misner
Mark Tabladillo
Jennifer Stirrup
Mladen Prajdic
Mark Wills
Arnie Rowland
Andrew Karcher
Madhusudanan Nair
Jean-Pierre Riehl
Alan Whitehouse
Guy Hengel
Juan Manuel Alvarado
Andrew Novick
Tim Mitchell
Hemantgiri Goswami
Babu Akkandi
Brian Kelley
Lorenzo Benaglia
Alex Sibilev
Peter Larsson
Juan Manuel Alvarado
Dinesh Asanka
System Center Virtual Machine Manager
Kristian Nese
Visual Basic
Jeff Certain
Bill Jones Jr.
Alessandro Del Sole
Steele Price
Joe Kunk
Rod Stephens
Siddharth Rout
Mike McIntyre
Eric Moreau
Jorge Paulino
Mike Tomlinson
Jim Duffy
Bashar Lulu
Andre Obelink
Arunachalam Danasekarane
Gaurav Khanna

Nata's Corner

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Nata's PictureDid someone really think it was a good idea to advertise vacant apartments? One person has been arrested.

I have written a lot about how we live in a rural part of California (yes, they exist -- my other half says that a traffic jam for us is two old pickup trucks and a tractor at a stop sign). We're kind of lucky though; about forty or so years ago, when the first cable television came to the area, the little company that built the system decided to put their receiving station on the hill above town -- so we got cable before anyone else, and when the system was upgraded to include the Internet, we got that too.

But some places aren't as lucky -- like my daughter's house in the midwest. She lives too far out in the country for DSL, and the cable company says it will provide service to her, if she is willing to pay for a pole or two (curiously, the actual cable runs down the other side of the highway, but that's what they say). Of course, she can put up a satellite dish that isn't the one provided by the satellite TV company -- but the only people who actually provide the service in this area say that it won't be significantly faster than dial-up is -- so that's what she has. But maybe, not for that much longer.

The FCC's plan to provide broadband access to all but the most remote parts of the country is moving right along -- but it's a good bet that big land-based providers (the telephone and cable companies) will use the clause they have inserted that says they can opt out of the plan if it will be detrimental to ""efficient network design". So I'm not really holding my breath that she'll have broadband any time soon.

Finally, it was only a matter of time before someone built an app that records your phone conversations and sends them off to bad guys. The line between the people you think are the good guys and the really bad guys is getting harder and harder to see.

In Brief

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This time, we're not kidding: All your base are belong to Google. Eventually.

Help Wanted: The NSA is looking for hackers; the military is looking for Tweeters.

Somehow, the casting is perfect:: We were Jason Alexander fans even before Seinfeld, but his latest gig as the spokesman for the Netflix Relief Fund is possibly his best work. Netflix had no comment, but did not back down on its new price structure.

Not as old as Netminder ... but close enough: the seminal operating system that spawned the world's best known tech monolith turned 30 a week or two ago.

With friends like this: One of the few people who a) we consider a friend who b) isn't a member of EE sent us a note last week with a subject that inferred that it would solve all of our problems. Curiously, clicking the button worked, but all kinds of new issues filled the void.

The old-fashioned way: Twitter, which still hasn't shown anyone a plan for how it intends to make money, raised $800 million last week.

How can you tell? British police say they arrested one of the top guys in Lulz Security with 750,000 passwords on his computer ... but who knows. The FBI picked up a dozen or so others, while the hackers struck back.

New take on the Underpants Gnomes: 1. Steal cars. 2. Sell on Craigslist. 3. Steal them again. 4. Rinse and repeat.

Sign of the Apocalypse: Apple has more money than the US government.


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New Geniuses: Our good friend mark_wills is the seventh member of Experts Exchange to earn a Genius certificate in SQL Query Syntax; it is the fourth topic area in which he has reached that milestone. gurvinder372 has earned his first Genius certificate, in JavaScript; he joins twelve others who have reached the level in that topic area. Well done!


  • mlmcc has earned 15,000,000 points since joining EE.
  • leew has reached the 14,000,000 point level overall.
  • matthewspatrick has earned 6,000,000 points in the Excel topic area.
  • LSMConsulting reached the 10,000,000 point level.
  • KCTS is the most recent member to go over 9,000,000 points in his career.
  • leakim971 has earned over 7,000,000 points overall and 4,000,000 points in the JavaScript topic area.
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josikaActive DirectoryMaster
soostibiActive DirectoryMaster
robertcernyApple OSMaster
andyalderBackup / RestoreGuru
noxchoBackup / RestoreWizard
kellemannCisco PIX/ASAMaster
MASQUERAIDComputer GamesWizard
pgm554Hard DrivesMaster
farzanjLinux NetworkingGuru
routinetMicrosoft IIS Web ServerGuru
ewangoyaMisc DatabasesMaster
RobSampsonMisc ProgrammingWizard
TolomirMisc SecuritySage
UltrusMisc Web DevMaster
pteranodon72MS AccessGuru
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gauthampjMS DevelopmentMaster
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gowflowMS ExcelGuru
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thinkpads_userMS ExcelMaster
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BillDLMS OfficeMaster
a-JaleelMS Server OSMaster
jesajaMS Server OSMaster
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Expert In Topic Area Certificate
abhitrigMS SharePointGuru
ivan_vaguninMS SharePointMaster
Olaf_DoschkeMS SQL ServerMaster
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gtworekMS SQL Server 2005Master
faiga16MS SQL Server 2005Wizard
dwkorMS SQL Server 2008Guru
gohordMS SQL Server 2008Master
ewangoyaMS SQL Server 2008Sage
BillDLMS WordMaster
SteveJNetwork AnalysisMaster
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