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What's New at Experts Exchange
Microsites, T-Shirts, and Geniuses

Editors' Choice Article
w00te on STL Algorithms

Say the Magic Word
Great ideas can win you a prize

A Tale Of Two Creepsites
ericpete unloads on parasites

Tips From The Moderators
Asking and answering multipart questions

More News and Notes
The black pill or the white one?

Nata's Corner
Security holes, filtering Gmail, and phishing

New Certificates
New certificate holders, through July 24

What's New at Experts Exchange

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New Features: Experts Exchange has released a number of new features since we last sent out an update:

kids shirts
  • Experts Exchange shirts are now available in children's sizes (2T, 3T and 4T). Logan and Kayla love theirs.
  • New file types that can be uploaded include .adp, .ascx, .aspx, .bas, .master, frm, .psd, .dfm and .tiff files.
  • A new question wizard is being tested and the preliminary results are positive, but no date has been set to release it to the entire site.
  • The Designated Expert system has been updated to reduce the number of unwanted notifications that were being sent.
  • A RSS feed for Articles is located at

Giving a hand: Speaking of t-shirts, nutsch and alanhardisty each started threads that are offers to donate the value to a charity selected by Experts Exchange. The office is working on the details, but at this writing, over 300 shirts had been pledged.

BillDL sent us a note from his home in Scotland about a friend of his who is making an 800-mile bicycle ride from Carrollton, Texas to Carrollton, Georgia to raise money for two animal shelters. Bill, who was drafted into being an unwitting webmaster, asks that if you are so inclined, please read the story.

One of the major successes in our lives was a year spent overseas as an exchange student; AFS is now looking for host families in the US, which we promise is one heck of an experience all the way around.

More MVPs: A while back, we posted the names of 372 Microsoft MVPs who are members of EE, and Microsoft has now added a few more: DanRollins in Visual C++; brettdj and XL-Dennis in Excel; ArmenStein, boag2000 and JDettman in Access; and PedroCGD in SQL Server. Well done, folks!

My First Million: Celebrating their entries recently into the Seven Digit Club are teylyn, busbar, gtworek, jjmck, Bembi, aleghart, planocz, Rajith_Enchiparambil, strickdd and Cyclops3590. Nice work!

New Geniuses: garycase, who earned his second Genius certificate, in Hard Drives & Storage. Also, four members earned their first Genius level t-shirts: gdemaria in Cold Fusion Markup Language, CarlWebster in Citrix, paulsolov in VMware and ralmada in MS SQL Server. Outstanding!


  • capricorn1 has earned 18 million points since joining EE. He has also gone over the 15,000,000 point mark in Microsoft Access, and is the first EE member to go over 4,000,000 points in each of three zones.
  • objects has earned over 15,000,000.
  • oBdA is the 19th member of EE to go over 10,000,000 points.
  • LSMConsulting has earned 6,000,000 points in the Microsoft Access zone.
  • Ray_Paseur has been awarded 6,000,000 points since joining EE; he also has 4,000,000 points in the PHP Scripting zone.
  • RobSampson has picked up his 5,000,000th point.

Kudos: ruavol2 (which means "Are You a Volunteer Too?") posted a suggestion that included the following note:

For the record, this site has saved my soul. I was never a programmer or that exceptional in school. However, I did get an education through hard work like shoveling manure in every dog kennel, chicken house and barn from Texas to North Carolina to earn extra. I put myself through a state funded school. I have survived and kept my sanity through the problems with computers and the stresses of the world. This site gives me the ability to ask a question outside the scope of my own knowledge, attain the answer from people like mlmcc and deliver it to a client who then trusts me enough to work with them. Out of that generosity, I funnel the hard part of the work I do not understand to mlmcc who loves the challenge and gets credit for it. As I always acknowledge him as the real talent behind the scenes to the customer. Between the two of us we make one hell of a man.

This site is the best tool the web has to offer...! I think that hits the mark!

I only have wanted to meet a few famous people in my life out side of Shakira ... who wouldn't. The only others are T. Boone Pickens and the person or persons who started this site. Please feel free to call if you ever want a one on one personal assessment of your handiwork. I'll tell you what it has done for me and it won't take long. Ask mlmcc he knows how to get in touch with me.

msimons4 asked about an Oracle error and had his answer from sdstuber in less than 50 minutes: "Dead on, you guys are pretty good, I guess I'm going to have to hang in there after my trial period."

Perkdaddy thought he had an ISA problem until keith_alabaster got him pointed in the right direction: "thanks A billion Keith, I think I owe you some money cause, Over 2 years you have helped
1. Build my RWW and VPN
2. Fixed my FTP issue
3. helped me build a secondary burb outside of ISA for guests
4. Fixed this problem above!
What time zone are you in? I need to have some beer sent over to ya!

CFrasnelly was like a lot of people: going nuts with a Word table of contents until teylyn arrived: "That did it... sheesh... I can't believe I didn't look there! Thank you very much teylyn!!! Helpful beyond any expectations I would have for a site like this! Thanks!"

Wamaru needed some help sending mail through Access and received it from matthewspatrick: "Thanks to everyone. You have now made me a hero at a new job."

matthewspatrick also helped cdeblois with a Visual Basic cleanup routine: "Thank you very much. You have no idea how much time I spent scouring the web for a solution, not to mention the 15 or so hours I spent trying to code it myself. Without the clean and stylish use of the regex function this was a nightmare! Thank you mathewspatrick!"

Finally, we couldn't let it pass that Trevor LaSalle, the brother of EE's Danae, hit two holes in one during the same round of golf a few weeks ago. We've asked for lessons.

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Tips From the Moderators

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Asking and Answering the Multipart Question
From WhackAMod, Site Admin

I believe there are few things that Experts dread more than opening a question only to see a War and Peace length opus comprised of multiple levels of questions that outline an entire project. Experts Exchange is a great resource for the professional but at the end of the day, it is just a glorified message board staffed by people who love what they do but have limited time to do it.

The Moderators see these types of question often, mainly because very few people even try to answer them and those that do try usually find themselves overwhelmed not only with the volume of information that has to be passed back and forth but also by the complexity of a thread that really is five or six separate conversations being run sequentially. The question soon dies on the vine and a lot of frustrated people are left wondering why they should even bother.

It doesn't have to be this way though. There is a right way to handle these questions, both as Askers and Experts.


It's pretty simple. Don't. Post. Multipart. Questions. The better thing to do is organize your needs offline and then post each need as its own thread. We would also recommend that you post the first question and bring it to a conclusion before posting the second one. It's easier to manage and also allows you to use the Ask A Related Question feature which will notify all participants in the first question that you are continuing to the second question.

Since you were a good Asker and awarded points once, the Experts (like the Pavlovian subjects they are) will be eager to answer you again. We recommend reading Kitty's Great Calendar Project as an example of how much free work a smart Asker can extract from the Experts.


Your role is pretty simple too. When you see a multipart question that cannot easily be answered, please click Request Attention and let the Moderators know that there is an issue with the size and the scope of the question. We would vastly prefer you let us break the bad news to the Asker that their 45 minutes of composing a question is going to be mostly wasted.

Why? Simply put, we are trained for this sort of thing and some of you skipped school the day they taught tactfulness. Furthermore, since you saw the first question, you are more than likely going to see the rewritten version and we don't want you doing or saying anything that the Asker will remember (and hold against you) the second time around.

Good luck and remember, we are watching you!

Editors' Choice Articles

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The following article has been designated as Editors' Choice by the Page Editors. For additional information on Articles and making sure your masterpiece is up to EE's publishing standards, check out the Article Guidelines and Article Tips zone.

Maximising EE Success - Posting questions like a Professional and Acting like one
by grtraders:

EE means Experts Exchange and you will find me using it as an abbreviation all along this article. As an Expert on EE, I have found myself on the both sides of the river — answering questions and seeking answers. However this guide is inclined more towards the person asking a question. It gives a general idea of how the website and its Experts work.

When posting a question, it's necessary to put it up in such a way that it will generate a proper response - the actual answer which you would wish to see, or at least something into that direction. It feels really good to get email saying ?A possible solution has been posted to your question?. However, the good feeling is washed away soon if you find out that it's only someone asking for more details which you had missed in the question.

Using the Dictionary Class in VBA
by matthewspatrick:

Perhaps more familiar to developers who primarily use VBScript than to developers who tend to work only with Microsoft Office and Visual Basic for Applications (VBA), the Dictionary is a powerful and versatile class, and is useful for many programming tasks.

While VBA's native Collection class offers functionality that is in many respects similar to the Dictionary, the Dictionary class offers many additional benefits. Thus, depending on the exact functionality required for your VBA procedures, the Dictionary class may offer a compelling alternative to the more usual Collection. Indeed, even if the Dictionary's additional functionality is not relevant to your project, a Dictionary may offer a performance advantage over a Collection.

Fixed Rate Loan Amortization Schedule with Optional Extra Principal Payments
by matthewspatrick:

Using Microsoft Excel to create a fixed rate loan amortization schedule is a very common task: probably just about every skilled Excel user who has ever taken out a mortgage has either created such a schedule him/herself or downloaded one of the hundreds (thousands?) of such schedules available online.

Some of these schedules are somewhat limited, in that they generally:
  • may not allow extra payments to principal (which would retire the loan faster) at all;
  • may allow extra payments, but the extra amount is assumed to be constant and is applied to every scheduled payment
  • may not allow for a future value, such as for a loan with a "balloon" payment at the end;
  • may be too tightly tied to a paradigm of a 30-year loan with monthly payments, such as is the case with most mortgages originated in the United States; and/or
  • either do not truly round results to appropriate currency intervals (such as nearest cent for the USA), typically relying on number formatting to fix the display at the desired level of precision without affecting the underlying values.

Say The Magic Word And Win A Prize

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Two of the Admins and one of EE's senior members have put together a contest at Google Moderator for serious suggestions to improve Experts Exchange with a couple of pretty special prizes, courtesy of TheLearnedOne.

TLO has donated not one, but two Visual Studio.NET Ultimate MSDN subscriptions to the people who come up with the best ideas between now and August 31; the winners will be selected from the top ten vote-getters by our crack panel of judges and announced in the September 8 issue of the EE newsletter. There is no limit to the number of entries, but we will be deleting duplicated entries and ones considered to be less than serious.

This is your chance to tell Experts Exchange what you think needs doing. Don't like the color scheme? Offer ideas for changing it. Have an idea for changing something so it works better? Post it. As long as it is a serious suggestion, it has a chance to be voted into the top ten ideas, and could be one of the two winners, selected by TLO, WhackAMod and Netminder.

There is no apparent validity to the allegation that WhackAMod is susceptible to bribery.

Typical disclaimer in teensy type made bigger so you are sure to see it: This contest is not endorsed or sponsored by Experts Exchange, Microsoft or Google, nor any of those companies' employees, owners or agents. You must be an Experts Exchange member in good standing to participate, and you must be able to comply with Microsoft's Terms of Use to receive one of the prizes. The decisions of the judges (including those related to eligibility) is final. Winners are required to provide to the judges a valid snail-mail address (so they can send you the subscription voucher); the judges reserve the right to select a different winner if you fail to provide that information in a timely manner. There is no guarantee, implied or expressed, that any idea or suggestion will ever be implemented by Experts Exchange, and in the event your idea is implemented, you have no rights to it, now or at any time in the future. It's just for fun; plus, we really do want to see what the membership at EE comes up with, and it's a way to keep two expensive MSDN subscriptions from going unused.

A Tale Of Two Creepsites

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An editor by trade, a writer by avocation and an Expert by some cosmic practical joke, ericpete puts together the newsletter for Experts Exchange.

Recently, Experts Exchange's members, administrators and staff had to deal with two instances of people who copies and pasted EE content to websites without permission. They are two different cases, but they both point out why copyright law is important.

Before we get started in our little tale, it is important to note that your humble editor spent most of his life in the newspaper business -- specifically, small weekly newspapers. My first experience with plagiarism was at the age of ten, when my father and our pressman got so fed up with the local reporter for the metro daily about 45 miles away stealing our work that they fabricated a story out of whole cloth, put it on the right hand side of the front page (which is where he usually stole stuff from) and printed exactly one copy of the newspaper -- and then sent it to him. You could do things like that in the days before offset printing. Needless to say, they were thrilled when the story showed up (with the reporter's byline) in the daily a couple of days after they had mailed it.

My own beef with the guy was when he copied, word for word, a feature I did several years later, after his paper had been acquired by the Gannett chain. I had more than a passing acquaintance with the people involved in the story, and they wondered why my story appeared under someone else's byline in another paper; they were quite pleased to send the editor and publisher outraged letters telling them their reporter was a scum-sucking bottom-feeder, among other things. My letter to them was much more colorful.

So I will admit to a bias regarding people who copy other people's work and claim it as their own.

This one is a joke. Were it not for the facts that he a) started showing up higher than EE did in search results, and b) stole something on the order of 178,000 solutions from Experts Exchange, the Admins and EE probably wouldn't have paid a lot of attention to him, because he took the question and only the accepted answer.

That means The Cockroach took more than a few questions that were closed by Moderator action; many people will remember when the Moderators routinely accepted their own comments as the answer to a question, posting "Force-accepted to close." We didn't count, but there were a lot of those, or ones similar to them. He also took a few that had ASP.NET or other coding calls in titles -- which played havoc with his simple ASP.NET scripting. We have new respect for the work done by EE's engineers over the years in preventing that little problem.

It didn't really take long to figure out who the member was that was taking the content; once the account was suspended, the scraping stopped (and has remained stopped for nearly a month), but what was interesting was Google's response (more on that below). We'll give him credit for one thing: after the Admins and EE started looking at his theft, he did put a contact email address up on his site along with a pretty vanilla privacy policy (you have no privacy and no rights, but you can write to them).

EE was able to get the site's service provider to take down the site, but it has reappeared using a hosting service in one of those countries not noted for adhering to international rules that might be detrimental to its citizens or beneficial to foreigners.

This one was a lot more cut and dried. The guy stole Articles -- the original creative work of EE members -- word for word, and posted it as if it was his own (he removed usernames). It took Google almost no time to delist the site, but there is a bit of gray there. Meanwhile, there is no contact information, and The Leech keeps right on stealing.

Unlike the Q&A side of Experts Exchange, where you must be a member in order to read (and therefore scrape) the solutions, Articles are available to anyone. There is no question that an article published at EE is not public domain, but it does happen that an author will post an article at EE and at his/her own website. That's perfectly legal to do, and to no small degree, EE even encourages authors to do that.

But EE doesn't own the content posted on the site -- whether it is a response to a question, an article, or a blog post; ownership remains with the author (except for me; anything in the newsletter is EE's, because EE is the "publisher"). It is to EE's everlasting credit that it took the lead in filing a complaint with Google (more on that below, too).

Also of note is that The Leech shares the same ISP as The Cockroach.


Google's response to EE's requests to remove the two sites from its index is, for lack of a better word, curious. Consider: a site that stole 178,000 pages -- albeit incredibly ineptly -- gets an email response from Google to a takedown request saying "we don't care", while a site that steals around 1,000 articles, with links and code, gets a notice saying "we're not going to index you".

We think we know the difference. The Leach who stole the articles has some banner ads served by, an ad provider that targets Microsoft developers -- and it's possibly an indication that he had an inkling that Google would recognize his site for what it is: a Digital Millennium Copyright Act violation waiting to happen. Not that Google cares; he isn't using AdSense, so Google isn't making a dime from him anyway. Turns out that others have the same suspicions about Google's motives for everything.

The Cockroach was a different can of worms. Granted that it was a terribly built site with butchered content that was of virtually no use as a resource -- and while some of the advertising there was also served by, it had a lot of Google-served advertising on it. Given its comparatively lofty position in search results, it shouldn't be any wonder that Google declined to delist it. One can only assume that Google considers it in its interests to keep it listed; "do no evil" apparently means "do no evil to Google's bottom line."

We hate to say it, but maybe those jackals in the recording and movie industries had the right idea after all.

More News and Notes

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The black pill or the white one? You'd think that a half a percent return rate on its iPhone 4 would bother Apple more than it apparently does (or maybe not), given the PR nightmare that has been the "death grip" antenna fiasco. Apple is making it all good by giving everyone a nice new case (only 20 per cent of iPhone buyers found one necessary when shelling out their $200-$500 for one, though that doesn't include people who use them under water), but it doesn't change the fact that Apple, from Steve Jobs on down, knew it had a problem when it pushed the phone to market, and then tried to pooh-pooh it by saying everyone else had the same problem, and the white version has even more [undefined] problems. Uh... yeah, but they don't all think they're nearly perfect. Meanwhile, there's always a lawyer or two looking to make a buck from the problem, and a Microsoft exec couldn't resist comparing the iPhone 4 to Vista.

On the other hand, if you're seriously looking, you should check demazter's discussion of the iPhone 4 vs the Windows Mobile 7; we haven't mentioned to him that if the iPhone 4 doesn't work out for him, he can always get a Samsung Galaxy S for free. We'd rather have a flying car.

Stop the presses: Ellison doesn't get what he wants: Larry Ellison, the CEO of Oracle whose ability to buy what he wants has always seemed unstoppable, lost out on his bid to buy the Golden State Warriors of the NBA. Ellison still owns the naming rights to the team's home facility, Oracle Arena.

And this just in: 0.3% of the files on Bit Torrent are actually legal.

Items for which a peculiar sense of humor is mandatory:

Some people shouldn't be allowed to touch a computer: A week or so ago, Gawker had an item about an 11-year-old girl who was "beaten up by the Internet" by, among others, what our buddy Otto descibes as "a hole in the fabric of the universe",'s /b/ message board. Not content with the notoriety that becomes a playground bully, 4chan's good citizens took to shooting the messenger not once, but twice for even mentioning the site, and then went after Good Morning, America's resident expert, Parry Aftab as well. We'll leave it to you to decide where personal responsibility should begin and end.

Site of the Week: We came across ten obsolete browsers, which includes IE6, and found a fascinating time sink: all of the lists at the bottom of the page.

In requiem: George Steinbrenner, owner of the New York Yankees. Baseball bloggers around the US were left with nothing to write about; best joke is that somewhere in heaven, Billy Martin got fired. He ranked 880th on the Forbes list of the world's richest people. Also, Daniel Schorr of the Christian Science Monitor, CBS News, CNN and NPR.

googleWe're not going to say we told you so: Faceborg just added its 500,000,000th member, but with that came some not-so-good press. Kids are harassing each other. There's a lawsuit out there that suggests that Mark Zuckerborg might have signed away 84% of the company. It's under fire -- as usual -- for its attitude towards privacy. And you can see how popular a certain query is.

First, set up a website: Okay, so you need to gather a million signatures from a population of around 700,000,000 so you can get the European Union to close all shops on Sunday. No problem: build a Facebook page and hire a signature-gathering firm.

Tom Cruise to star in the movie: We're just not sure whether it will be Minority Report or another installment of the MI series, but we know it will be in Russia, where the government is passing a law allowing security agencies to prevent future crime. Speaking of movies, the trailer is out for the Faceborg movie. Just don't expect the studios to be buying ad space on Faceborg for it; they're going with Twitter.

Being told "Rick Redfern" isn't a compliment: Best fun we've had for about thirty seconds: I Write Like. Your editor was compared to Kurt Vonnegut. (Thanks, Jason, who writes like Arthur C. Clarke!) Also from Jason, Wapalyzer, a Firefox add-on that detects what software is being used on a website you're visiting.

Making Dan Quayle seem erudite: Former Alaska governor Sarah Palin had a Facebook post deleted and then twitted about it, with predictable results.

Signs of the Apocalypse: If you're one of the 729 people who bought one of Microsoft's Kin phones, congratulations. After 48 days on the market, it's now a white elephant. While Redmond did post its best quarter ever, it lost money -- lots of money -- on Bing and the XBox.

Nata's Corner

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Nata's PictureSecunia has issued its mid-year report, and it contains the news that Apple has taken over the top spot on the list of companies with the most security vulnerabilities. Now, before you go crowing to all the Mac owners you know about how your PC is more secure, the Secunia report doesn't talk about how serious the vulnerabilities are -- only about how many. And most of the flaws aren't in the Mac OS; they're in other software that Apple produces. Oracle is second, followed by Microsoft, Hewlett-Packard and Adobe in the top five.

If you use Google's Gmail, you know that its spam filter is pretty good, but there always seems to be something that consistently gets through. You can help it along by doing the following:

  1. From the inbox, select the bad email, and then go to the bottom of the page and find the tab that says More Actions. From that tab, select Filter messages like these.
  2. The Create a filter page will open. It will ask you all the standard information: To, From, Subject, Has The Words and Doesn't Have. It will also show you a list of all of the emails in your inbox that match the existing filter (usually the address of the sender). Assuming you want to do the same thing with all of the mails, find the All link and click it (or check the box in each of the mails). Then in the upper box, click Next Step.
  3. You are presented with a number of choices. You can Skip The Inbox, Mark As Read, Star It, Apply A Label, Forward It, Delete It, and Never Send It To Spam. Let's say you get mail from a recipe site, and you want them to go into a special folder. Since it doesn't exist, you will have to create it.
  4. So, the first thing you do is check the box for Skip The Inbox. This moves them out of the inbox. Then check the box that says Apply The Label. From the list box, select New Label, and give it a name ("Recipes").
  5. If there are a number of messages that you want to apply the filter to, check the box that says "Also apply filter to x conversations below", and click the Create Filter button.

When you go back to your inbox, all of the messages won't be there, and they will be in a box called Recipes. So what happens when you delete the filter? That's the tricky part: they're moved to the trash can, so make sure you move them back to your Inbox (if you want to keep them) before deleting the filter. Yes, you can usually get them back in Gmail, but it's a hassle, so take the step of being careful.

A blog at Sophos has some details about a very aggressive phishing campaign that targets AOL members, but based on some of the reports I've seen over the years, they'll probably get white a few takers who aren't AOL users too. You have to almost admire this one; most phishing attacks just want a username and password to a bank or some other institution where you might have purchased something. This one is right up front and asks for everything but the name of your first-born child.

And because of that, people will bite -- and someone will steal a lot of money in the process. The most disturbing part of the whole scam -- at least this one, anyway -- is that the thieves are using hotmail accounts, a system operated by Microsoft. You would think that a company that large and that prominent in the industry would be actively providing information about those accounts to the authorities, and that by not doing so, they're actually aiding the criminals, if only by neglect.

Finally, there's an email around that invokes the good reputation of as being verification that a bunch of emails are valid. The dangerous emails will allegedly "burn a hole in your hard drive" and "destroy the Zero Sector of the hard disk", and you are urged to forward it to 25 friends because it's "better to receive this e-mail 25 times than to receive the virus and open it."

Probably not. Most of you have virus protection of some kind; you can't buy very many computers today that don't have at least something on there to use for a while, and by the time one of these "send this to everyone" emails hits the net, the antivirus companies have usually updated. So please don't send it on; if you want to do the second cousing a favor, send them the links to the A/V companies' websites -- or buy them a membership at Experts Exchange.

New Certificates

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Expert Certified in Topic Area
guru_sami.NET Framework 2.xGuru
AmanBhullar.NET Framework 3.x versionsMaster
HainKurt.NET Framework 3.x versionsMaster
jakob_di802.11 Wireless Access PointsMaster
omgangAccess Architecture/DesignMaster
BitsqueezerAccess Coding/MacrosMaster
cyberkiwiAccess Coding/MacrosMaster
TramtrakAccess Coding/MacrosMaster
JDettmanAccess Coding/MacrosSage
omgangAccess FormsGuru
BitsqueezerAccess FormsMaster
TramtrakAccess FormsMaster
matthewspatrickAccess ReportsWizard
acbrown2010Active DirectoryMaster
shreedharActive DirectoryMaster
om_prakash_pActive Server Pages (ASP)Guru
tobzzzActive Server Pages (ASP)Guru
cyberkiwiActive Server Pages (ASP)Master
rpoole69Active Server Pages (ASP)Master
mgfranzActive Server Pages (ASP)Sage
ActionScript_HelperAdobe FlashMaster
rpoole69Adobe FlashMaster
arober11Apache Tomcat Application ServerMaster
_jesper_Apache Web ServerMaster
arober11Apache Web ServerWizard
nappy_dApple Operating SystemsGuru
pgnatyukApple ProgrammingGuru
KdoAS / 400Master
DrDamnitAsterisk Open Source TelephonyGuru
noxchoBackup & Restore SoftwareGuru
rbarnhardtBackup & Restore SoftwareMaster
paulsolovBackup ExecGuru
rindiBackup ExecWizard
-jonny-Blackberry Operating SystemSage
lrmooreBroadband InternetGuru
mgh_mgharishC Programming LanguageMaster
nmarunC# Programming LanguageGuru
zadeveloperC# Programming LanguageGuru
acperkinsC# Programming LanguageMaster
amenkesC# Programming LanguageMaster
AndyAinscowC# Programming LanguageMaster
carlnorrbomC# Programming LanguageMaster
leakim971C# Programming LanguageMaster
techExtremeC# Programming LanguageMaster
TerryAtOpusC# Programming LanguageMaster
JF0Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)Guru
level9wizardCascading Style Sheets (CSS)Guru
iangough7Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)Master
vukovarcanCascading Style Sheets (CSS)Master
alanhardistyCellular Phones & CarriersMaster
FishMongerCGI ScriptingGuru
gdemariaCold Fusion Markup LanguageGenius
zadocCold Fusion Markup LanguageGuru
gdemariaColdFusion StudioWizard
MASQUERAIDComputer Hard DrivesMaster
dbruntonComputer MotherboardsGuru
hdhondtComputer ScannersMaster
dletheComputer ServersWizard
lrmooreConsumer FirewallsWizard
JayConverseCrystal Reports SoftwareMaster
senadDelphi DatabaseMaster
rfwoolfDelphi ProgrammingWizard
noxchoDisaster RecoveryGuru
garycaseDisaster RecoveryMaster
paulsolovDisaster RecoveryMaster
DrDave242Domain Name Service (DNS)Guru
dariusgDynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP)Master
remorinaDynamic HTML (DHTML)Master
alanhardistyEmail Anti-VirusMaster
mtz1of4Email ClientsGuru
BlueDevilFanEmail ClientsWizard
younghvEnterprise Anti-VirusMaster
esmith69Exchange Email ServerGuru
MidnightOneExchange Email ServerGuru
msabry06Exchange Email ServerGuru
sunnyc7Exchange Email ServerGuru
Wonko_the_SaneExchange Email ServerGuru
agentmikExchange Email ServerMaster
dhruvarajpExchange Email ServerMaster
firojkhanExchange Email ServerMaster
jakethecatukExchange Email ServerMaster
markdmacExchange Email ServerMaster
markpalinuxExchange Email ServerMaster
rbarnhardtExchange Email ServerMaster
totallytontoExchange Email ServerMaster
shreedharExchange Email ServerSage
endital1097Exchange Email ServerWizard
Bartender_1Experts-Exchange LoungeMaster
remorinaExtensible HTML (XHTML)Master
torimarFedora LinuxMaster
rafaperez3dGeneral Multi-Media SoftwareMaster
garycaseHard Drives & StorageGenius
bportlockHypertext Markup Language (HTML)Master
easynow111Hypertext Markup Language (HTML)Master
senthurpandianHypertext Markup Language (HTML)Master
Ray_PaseurHypertext Markup Language (HTML)Wizard
optomaInternet Explorer Web BrowserMaster
shreedharInternet Explorer Web BrowserMaster
TiggeritoInternet MarketingMaster
TiggeritoInternet Search Engine OptimizationGuru
woolmilkporcKornShell (ksh)Guru
jwillekeLightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP)Master
Chris-DentLightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP)Wizard
savoneLinux SetupMaster
younghvMcAfee Anti-Virus SoftwareMaster
chris_bottomleyMicrosoft Access DatabaseGuru
fyedMicrosoft Access DatabaseGuru
als315Microsoft Access DatabaseMaster
Andrew_WebsterMicrosoft Access DatabaseMaster
cyberkiwiMicrosoft Access DatabaseMaster
frankyteeMicrosoft Access DatabaseWizard
clayfoxMicrosoft ApplicationsMaster
zephyr_hexMicrosoft ApplicationsMaster
Chinmay_PatelMicrosoft DynamicsMaster
tilsantMicrosoft Excel Spreadsheet SoftwareGuru
StephenJRMicrosoft Excel Spreadsheet SoftwareMaster
cyberkiwiMicrosoft Excel Spreadsheet SoftwareWizard
Tray896Microsoft IIS Web ServerWizard
teylynMicrosoft Office SuiteGuru
GRayLMicrosoft Office SuiteMaster
barryhoudiniMicrosoft Office SuiteWizard
flubbsterMicrosoft Operating SystemsGuru
lnkevinMicrosoft Operating SystemsMaster
tbsgadiMicrosoft Operating SystemsMaster
alanhardistyMicrosoft ServerMaster
andyalderMicrosoft ServerMaster
Shahan_DeveloperMicrosoft Visual Basic.NetGuru
BlueDevilFanMicrosoft Visual Basic.NetMaster
cyberkiwiMicrosoft Visual Basic.NetMaster
mgh_mgharishMicrosoft Visual Basic.NetMaster
Shaun_KlineMicrosoft Visual Basic.NetMaster
kris_perMicrosoft Visual C#.NetMaster
phoffricMicrosoft Visual C++Master
FernandoSotoMicrosoft Visual Studio ExpressMaster
teylynMicrosoft WordGuru
Expert Certified in Topic Area
harfangMicrosoft WordMaster
Helen_FeddemaMicrosoft WordMaster
lwebberMicrosoft WordMaster
edbedbMiscellaneous HardwareMaster
souseranMiscellaneous HardwareMaster
172pilotSteveMiscellaneous NetworkingMaster
rindiMiscellaneous NetworkingWizard
remorinaMiscellaneous Web DevelopmentMaster
ACH1LLESMS SharePointMaster
KoenVostersMS SharePointMaster
QPRMS SharePointMaster
Rajendra_ShekhawatMS SharePointMaster
reza_radMS SQL DTSMaster
planoczMS SQL ReportingGuru
ralmadaMS SQL ServerGenius
dwkorMS SQL ServerMaster
om_prakash_pMS SQL ServerMaster
Shaun_KlineMS SQL ServerMaster
cyberkiwiMS SQL ServerWizard
cyberkiwiMySQL ServerGuru
Andyc75MySQL ServerMaster
brad2575MySQL ServerMaster
DaveBaldwinMySQL ServerMaster
GoodangelMySQL ServerMaster
om_prakash_pMySQL ServerMaster
nazskyNetwork RoutersGuru
ludo_friendNetwork RoutersMaster
mutahirNetwork RoutersMaster
atrevidoNetwork Switches & HubsMaster
rfc1180Network Switches & HubsMaster
3nerdsNetworking Hardware FirewallsGuru
grimkinNetworking Hardware FirewallsMaster
pgnatyukObjective-C Programming LanguageGuru
SysExpertOperating Systems MiscellaneousWizard
dqmqOracle 10.xMaster
franckpachotOracle DatabaseGuru
cyberkiwiOracle DatabaseMaster
gatorvipOracle DatabaseWizard
AkhaterOutlook Groupware SoftwareGuru
BembiOutlook Groupware SoftwareMaster
digitapOutlook Groupware SoftwareMaster
omgangOutlook Groupware SoftwareMaster
Spec01Outlook Groupware SoftwareMaster
sunnyc7Outlook Groupware SoftwareMaster
vukovarcanOutlook Groupware SoftwareMaster
AliokasPC LaptopsMaster
noxchoPC LaptopsMaster
kawasPerl Programming LanguageGuru
mgh_mgharishPHP and DatabasesGuru
bportlockPHP and DatabasesSage
AddyWatsonPHP Scripting LanguageGuru
pmessanaPHP Scripting LanguageGuru
galexander07PHP Scripting LanguageMaster
ollyatstithiansPHP Scripting LanguageMaster
rpoole69PHP Scripting LanguageMaster
svgmucPHP Scripting LanguageMaster
franckpachotPL / SQLMaster
Chinmay_PatelProgramming for ASP.NETGuru
mroonalProgramming for ASP.NETGuru
13598Programming for ASP.NETMaster
abhi376Programming for ASP.NETMaster
amenkesProgramming for ASP.NETMaster
intlaqaProgramming for ASP.NETMaster
KaushalAroraProgramming for ASP.NETMaster
kris_perProgramming for ASP.NETMaster
om_prakash_pProgramming for ASP.NETMaster
pschramaProgramming for ASP.NETMaster
rdogmartinProgramming for ASP.NETMaster
robbhillProgramming for ASP.NETMaster
RyanAndresProgramming for ASP.NETMaster
scrathcyboyProgramming for ASP.NETMaster
Shahan_DeveloperProgramming for ASP.NETMaster
tommyBoyProgramming for ASP.NETMaster
AmanBhullarProgramming for ASP.NETWizard
murphey2Programming for iSeries / AS400Guru
ajay_mhasalRed Hat LinuxMaster
tsmvpRemote Access SoftwareMaster
dariusgRemote Desktop/Terminal ServicesGuru
MojoTechSBS Small Business ServerMaster
sunnyc7SBS Small Business ServerMaster
sedgwickScripting LanguagesMaster
alanhardistySecure Socket Layer (SSL) & HTTPSMaster
shreedharSecure Socket Layer (SSL) & HTTPSMaster
leewServer ApplicationsMaster
TintinShell ScriptingWizard
MereteSoftware MP3 Media PlayersMaster
awking00SQL Query SyntaxGuru
amenkesSQL Query SyntaxMaster
fyedSQL Query SyntaxMaster
lsavidgeSQL Query SyntaxMaster
roryaSQL Query SyntaxMaster
cyberkiwiSQL Query SyntaxWizard
om_prakash_pSQL Server 2005Guru
Paul_Harris_FusionSQL Server 2005Master
rpoole69SQL Server 2005Master
LowfatspreadSQL Server 2008Guru
QlemoSQL Server 2008Master
arnoldUnix Operating SystemsGuru
KdoUnix Operating SystemsGuru
aikimarkVB ScriptMaster
cyberkiwiVB ScriptMaster
sedgwickVB ScriptMaster
sybeVB ScriptMaster
chris_bottomleyVB ScriptSage
Chris-DentVB ScriptSage
nappy_dVirtual Private Networking (VPN)Master
tsmvpVirtual Private Networking (VPN)Master
kaufmedVisual StudioGuru
AmanBhullarVisual StudioMaster
CuteBugVisual StudioMaster
Shahan_DeveloperVisual StudioMaster
FernandoSotoVisual StudioSage
jason1178Web AuthoringMaster
mplungjanWeb ImagesMaster
mplungjanWeb Languages/StandardsWizard
jjdurrantWindows 2003 ServerGuru
MojoTechWindows 2003 ServerGuru
paulsolovWindows 2003 ServerGuru
acbrown2010Windows 2003 ServerMaster
gurutcWindows 2003 ServerMaster
jakethecatukWindows 2003 ServerMaster
nobusWindows 2003 ServerMaster
Spec01Windows 2003 ServerMaster
tsmvpWindows 2003 ServerSage
AwinishWindows 2003 ServerWizard
leewWindows 64-bitMaster
nimatejicWindows 7Guru
DavisMcCarnWindows 7Master
IainNIXWindows 7Master
MASQUERAIDWindows 7Master
MCSA2003Windows 7Master
Netman66Windows Network SecurityMaster
rpggamergirlWindows Network SecurityWizard
Chris-DentWindows NetworkingWizard
MojoTechWindows Server 2008Guru
Netman66Windows Server 2008Guru
AAppletonWindows Server 2008Master
acbrown2010Windows Server 2008Master
arnoldWindows Server 2008Master
digitapWindows Server 2008Master
dletheWindows Server 2008Master
AbdulRahim085Windows VistaMaster
edbedbWindows VistaMaster
FirebarWindows XP Operating SystemGuru
xxdcmastWindows XP Operating SystemGuru
RQuadlingWindows XP Operating SystemMaster
uucknaaaWindows XP Operating SystemMaster
dbruntonWindows XP Operating SystemSage
jakob_diWireless Network Cards & AdaptersMaster
ashok111WPF and SilverlightMaster

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