Experts Exchange Launches New Improved KPro, Beats the Top 40 Performance Index!
Dear EE Member,
We are pleased to announce that Experts Exchange has hit two very important milestones. A few months ago a management change was made, and the site is now running smoothly under Austin Miller's lead and the original Experts Exchange engineering team. Consequently, for the month of May we have consistently beaten the Keynote Top 40 Performance Index. This index measures the top 40 business sites for uptime and page load performance. Stability and performance will remain our top priority as we continue to enhance the knowledge sharing community. Thank you to all of our loyal community members for hanging in there. If you haven't been back in a while, come and check us out.
The second milestone is that Experts Exchange is turning five! For the last five years, we have pioneered knowledge sharing on the Internet, made quite a few friends, and even picked up a patent on the way. To celebrate this milestone we have retooled KPro and have made it even more powerful while removing a few annoyances (like the upfront credit card requirement) and are re-launching it here today. Try it out for FREE, we're positive you'll be impressed.
For those who are unfamiliar with KPro, last January we launched the Experts Exchange Knowledge Pro collection of services. These services streamline and improve the knowledge sharing process. Simply click on the provided link to begin reaping the benefits of this offering:
o Free trial with no credit card requirements!
o 500 question points every month! Accruing!!
o Unlimited access to validated solutions (PAQs)
o Personalized home page with MyTopics
o Personal content management with MyKnowledgebase
o Customized power navigation using QuickTabs
o Find more solutions faster with PowerSearch
For more information on these exciting developments at EE, check out our weekly updated "What's New" section at:
Your EE Team
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