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1. EE Community Update
2. Expert Alert: Winning Experts! Promotion
3. Red Hot Expert of the Month: AzraSound
4. EE: Making Headlines
5. What Topic Areas Do You Want?
6. Message from Community Support
7. Win 10 Question Points with EE Trivia!
1. EE Community Update
Have you noticed that our community continues to grow? We recently reached the 350,000 membership mark. What does that mean for you? The growing community provides an even larger, more diverse community to collaborate with and receive expertise on all things IT.
A larger community also means EE will be improving our technologies, offering more free stuff, increasing features, and customizing site content to better fit your individual needs. While the big numbers are exciting, the EE staff recognizes that it is individual contributions which make our community the success it is.
2. Expert Alert: Winning Experts! Promotion
Later this month, you'll be able to enter to win a $2,000, $500, $100 or $50 shopping spree from Experts Exchange! Every time you successfully answer a question, you are automatically entered into our drawing for over 240 prizes. The more questions you successfully answer, the more entries you receive, and the better your chances are to win! Look for more details and a special e-mail this month.
It's experts like you that make Experts Exchange the number one knowledge sharing community on the web. This Winning Experts! promotion is just another way to say thank you, and it's just the beginning!
3. Red Hot Expert of the Month: AzraSound!
AzraSound registered March 1, 2000 and answered 138 questions to date. In the month of April, AzraSound was the most active expert in the community! Activity is defined as the most answers accepted on the site, excluding topic areas like Community Support, Suggestions, and the Lounge. With 55,445 expert points, AzraSound is a Sage Level Expert, and could potentially take the top prize in the Winning Experts! promotion which begins later this month. Let the games begin!
4. EE: Making Headlines
People are talking about the Experts Exchange community. In fact, in recent months, we received tons of press and requests for interviews. Visit our Press Page for a sample of some of these articles: and be sure to check back, as updates occur often.
In some of our more recent articles, reporters have interviewed and done stories on members of our community. For an example, visit the Network World site and read the following article.
If you're an expert and would like to tell the world about EE and see your name in print, send us an email at and tell us why you like the Experts Exchange community.
5. What Topic Areas Do You Want?
Given our recent growth, the EE staff would like to know what IT and development related topic areas you would like to see on the site. Post your suggestion in the Suggestions topic area by following this link
EE will track all suggestions and open new areas according to member demand. Recently, we added Routers, Game Programming, and related topic areas, and we will be adding more soon.
6. Message from Community Support
Community Support invites members to report any concerns or suggestions relating to the site in our Community Support topic area:
Post your concerns as a question and a Community Support Representative will review it. This topic area is monitored closely and every posting is important. If you prefer, you may also email Community Support at
7. Win 10 Question Points with EE Trivia
Question: If you are an expert with 100,000 or more expert points, what is your official expert level on EE?
If you know the answer, post it at:
All correct responses received by 12:01am PST, Saturday May 6, 2000 will be awarded 10 question points.
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