April 19, 2005
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Guidelines for javascript

COBOLdinosaur is the Page Editor for several web development topic areas, including javascript. Concerned about the quality of answers he was seeing in the topic area, he has posted several questions in the Expert Input topic area to develop some guidelines for participation.

The gist of the problem is that members, in attempts to quickly climb up the points ladders, are providing comments as answers that are of relatively low quality. Practices include

  • Tagging or Marking: Getting to the question first and then just posting something that indicates the tagger will be posting additional comment later.
  • Blitz or burst posting: Similar to tagging but instead of a single post it involves a quick succession of mostly empty comments.
  • Duplicate comments: Making a couple of minor changes to someone else's post -- especially code -- and claiming that it is an improvement.
  • Use of material without credit: Posting material that is copied or derived from another source (external or internal to the question) without indicating the source.
  • Noise and nonsense: Posting comments that do not address the question, or provide nothing but bogus information.
  • Bushwhacking or hijacking: Waiting until another Expert (especially a newbie) has 90% of the work done, and then grabbing a copy of their code and adding the final 10%, or fixing a typo, so as to post the complete solution without doing much of the work.
The purpose of the questions is to propose solutions to the problems detailed. The Page Editors will create a set of guidelines for posts, and then use their tools, with the help of the Experts, to remove violations of the guidelines.

Contact COBOLdinosaur: coboldinosaur@experts-exchange.com
State of the TA address: PHP

Diablo84 has recently joined ThG as a Page Editor for one of EE's increasingly popular topic areas. Increased traffic brings with it a complete set of situations, so our newest PE has asked his fellow Experts for some help.

The first issue that needs resolution is the structure of the PHP topic areas. With Experts Exchange in the process of revamping the TA navigation, so now is the time to give our input. The current structure has the PHP topic are, with sub-topics of PHP and Databases, PHP for Windows, and PHP Installation. We're want to consolidate PHP for Windows, and possibly PHP Installation into the main PHP TA. There's been a suggestion to add PHP Security as well, but there are concerns that it might lead to an abandonment of an awareness of security in the other PHP topic areas.

The second issue is the posting of questions in the wrong topic areas within PHP. We frequently get people asking a PHP question that has no relation to databases in PHP and Databases, and people asking a Database related question in the main PHP TA. We're proposing to simply move these questions to the correct topic areas, which will help users get better answers.

The third issue is the goal to have Experts in the PHP TAs interact as part of a team and set an example to the new members. We're asking the Experts to

  • Eliminate the posting of poor code
  • Resist the urge to score "easy points" and engage in post tagging
  • Be respectful to their colleages and let an Expert who has begun to work with a member handle the member's problem
  • Work together with the common goal of helping the user, not scoring the points

Contact Diablo84: diablo84@experts-exchange.com
More News and Notes
Tip for New Members: Getting ahold of a Page Editor

If you aren't getting responses to your questions, there are a number of things you can do -- delete it and try again in a different topic area, or increase the points. But there's one other option: ask the Page Editor for help.

So how do you get ahold of him or her? To the left of your browser window, you'll see a box with the name of the Page Editor for whichever topic area you're in. You can click on the name of the Page Editor, and some of them have their email addresses listed in their profiles. You can also put the Page Editor's name in front of @experts-exchange.com and you'll reach him/her via email. Then just ask the Page Editor to look in on your question. Make sure to include the URL in your request.

From yuzh, Solaris Page Editor

Sun sets new benchmark records: Last month, Sun announced the new world record SPEC OMPM2001 results in the two- and four-thread categories, outperforming comparably configured IBM and HP servers equipped with Power5 and Alpha processors, respectively.

There are a couple of pretty interesting questions in the Solaris topic area that could use some attention. The first has to do with transferring some log files from a Linux server, through a Solaris server to a Windows server using a script on the Solaris server. The other question has to do with setting up a Sun server so it will get past the POST text. Any help would be appreciated.

I want to pass along some special recognition to neteducation, who runs a company in Switzerland that provides training on Sun computers. He was the top Expert in Solaris for the first two weeks in April, and in this question he wrote a nice, clean description of how to install and test a new backup device. Nice job, neteducation!

Contact yuzh: yuzh@experts-exchange.com

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Nata's Corner: More scams to watch for

woman in specticalsThe boss put in a note above about how Microsoft has found yet another bunch of holes that it's going to patch, but according to Sophos, you also have to watch out for a fake Microsoft security update website that delivers a Trojan horse to your computer. You'll get an email saying you should update your computer; that's the sign that you're being targeted. Microsoft doesn't send out emails to tell you to look for patches -- you either set your computer to update automatically, or you click the Windows Update item in your Start menu or under Tools on your browser.

The National Do Not Call Registry has been extended to include cell phones. One thing you have to remember is that, after you register, if you don't click on the link in each email within 72 hours, your phone number will not be registered. Also, if you don't get a "Registration Complete" message after clicking on the link, or the link does not work, use your copy/paste functions to insert the entire link from the email into the Address line on your Web browser. Copy and paste the entire link - it's long. Don't try to re-type it. This browser window does not need to remain open to complete the registration process once you've gone to the page.

ISPs are finally taking some responsibility for the amount of spam we all get. Both Earthlink and AOL are beginning to implement procedures that will require users to use a password when they send emails, in an effort to cut down on the use by spammers of zombie machines. AOL estimates that zombie machines are responsible for 90 per cent of the spam out there, so if the ISPs can keep it from going out, we might not get so much of it.

Speaking of spam, I found this article about the President's email and how he doesn't use it. So what do you think the odds are that the email address listed here, or that anything sent using this form actually reaches someone does?

Contact Nata: nata@experts-exchange.com

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ameba, one of EE's prominent Experts, provides us with a list of newly earned Certificates. His list of all of the Certified Experts is located at his site. The list below covers the period from April 3 through April 17.
Expert Certified in Topic Area
LSMConsulting jjafferr cactus_data SidFishes jkorz nmcdermaid solution46 gbzhhu nurbek masirof b1xml2 itsvtk rafrancisco nmcdermaid solution46 Batalf dakyd SystmProg rhandels Eagle6990 What90 aozarov ashok3sep CodingExperts mokule gpriceee fixnix Genius Sage Sage Sage Master Master Master Master Guru Master Master Guru Master Master Master Sage Wizard Wizard Master Master Master Guru Master Master Guru Master Master MS Access MS Access MS Access MS Access MS Access MS Access MS Access Visual Basic ASP ASP ASP Microsoft SQL Microsoft SQL Microsoft SQL Microsoft SQL JavaScript JavaScript Windows 2000 Windows 2000 Windows 2000 Windows 2000 Java Java Java Delphi Networking Networking
Expert Certified in Topic Area
senad rindi sajuks craizlee DVation191 zvitam mysticaldan rajaloysious cookre ihenry paquicuba jrb1 ploubier Jankovsky laotzi2000 Rejojohny b1xml2 davidlars99 mgh_mgharish arif_eqbal Lacutah amyhxu jaime_olivares leew vico1 alandc Microtech Master Master Master Master Master Master Guru Master Master Master Guru Master Master Master Guru Guru Master Master Master Wizard Guru Master Guru Guru Master Master Master Windows XP Windows XP Windows XP Windows XP Windows XP Windows XP Hardware C# C# C# Oracle Oracle Oracle Oracle ASP.NET ASP.NET ASP.NET ASP.NET Excel VB.NET VB.NET VB.NET Programming Win Server 2003 Win Server 2003 Outlook Outlook
Expert Certified in Topic Area
mmc98dl1 Billystyx sam85281 Batalf snoyes_jw jrb1 dovidmichel stefan73 akshah123 ajaikumarr marxy lazarus98 ldbkutty stefanaichholzer objects Kuldeepchaturvedi mikebernhardt lombardp ryancys Tintin wesly_chen srikrishnak yuzh crissand billmercer norrin_radd WaterStreet Master Guru Master Wizard Guru Master Guru Master Master Master Master Master Master Master Wizard Guru Guru Master Master Master Guru Master Master Guru Master Master Master ColdFusion Flash Flash PHP PHP Databases Storage C Mysql Mysql Linux Applications HTML PHP and Databases JSP JSP Routers CSS DreamWeaver Unix Linux Net. Firewalls Linux Admin. MultiMedia Apps FileMaker CAD Philosophy & Religion
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