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What's New at Experts Exchange
Moderators, Zone Advisors, Page Editors, Geniuses

Editors' Choice Articles
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Moving forward, together

Tip From the Mods
Asking all the wrong questions

Nata's Corner
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New Certificates
New certificate holders, through March 20

What's New at Experts Exchange

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New Moderators, Page Editors, Zone Advisor: The Admins have announced the addition of Mod_MarlEE and Modawatt to the Moderator team, and Microsoft MVP Netman66 is the newest addition to the Zone Advisor roster. Finally, Experts Exchange has five new Page Editors: alanhardisty, demazter, garycase, leew and MASQUERAID. Welcome aboard!

New Geniuses: Six members of Experts Exchange have earned Genius certificates in the past three weeks. Leading the parade is Chris-Dent, who earned his fourth certificate, this one in Exchange. Two members each picked up their second certificates: donjohnston in Network Switches & Hubs and acperkins in SQL Server 2005. Earning their first Genius certificates were ahammar in Microsoft Excel, dariusg in Windows Server 2008, and slightwv (AKA Bert), in Oracle. Congratulations to all!

First Million: Members of EE who reached their first million points in February were noxcho, ryder0707, aikimark, tigin44, ksivananth, orangutang, and Tolomir.

compatibilityNote from Engineering: If you're using IE8, please take care that you're not actually in "Compatibility View," which will make IE8 behave like IE7. Microsoft has included our site in its list of sites that should be shown in Compatibility View by default. To turn this feature off, go into the Tools menu and select "Compatibility View Settings." Uncheck the checkbox shown in the attached image.

The "Compatibility View" option in the Tools menu can now be toggled on and off, as desired, so you can see how pages look in both IE7 and IE8 from one window.


Kudos: byundt answered questions about counting rows and multiple criteria asked by Shino_skay that prompted the following email:

Good morning. I'm not sure if you remember me, but I'm a very grateful recipient of your expertise at I first came to this role at Merrill Lynch with very little knowledge of VBA and was trying to compile vast amounts of data (daily, weekly, monthly) in Excel using formulas; the recalculation time was ridiculous.

With zero programming experience, you were one of the few who took the extra time to examine the cumbersome process I had and refined it while maintaining the patience to explain the solutions as simplistically as possible. To make a long story short, I'm now the point of contact for various projects internally at ML with my hands involved in many metric reporting initiatives. The skills I learned has enabled me to do the work of many individuals efficiency and accurately. Frankly, without being overly dramatic, I would like to take this time to thank you for placing me in this position to succeed. Without your help, I don't think I would have been able to understand VBA clearly and would probably have lost interest and given up. So thank you, really.

Since we last exchanged emails, I have taken further steps into the IT world. I have taken classes on Intro to Access, Intro to VBA, Relational Database design; my next class is Programming in Access. I'm also currently teaching myself SQL (it's not too hard) and have converted the old excel-based vba procedures you helped me with into Access using SQL, tables, primary keys etc. Certainly not what I majored in school.

usbcrazy1 sent the following to the customer service office: "The most value for money service I've seen on the web." Customer service also heard from ciscomic: "I want to give a minute to say this is a great site and what makes that is the people you have working behind the site. The experts, they are great and should be told that. There is no better site, the experts are great with their answers on eveything! Please send a copy to the manager of this site or even better yet to the to man or women at the top, please?? Thank you!"

QPR had an issue with Sharepoint that was giving him fits until he posted it at Experts Exchange and got some help from tedbilly. That prompted a post in Feedback:

Hi, I see that you sometimes have testimonials in your newsletter regarding solutions provided by experts and/or people who have gone beyond a simple answer and I wanted to add one if I may. I had a sharepoint problem that had me well and truly stumped! I posted the problem on Usenet and in a couple of dedicated forums and got nowhere. Either answers supplied were way off the mark or I got no responses.

I came over to EE and re-typed my question as best I could. Along came tedbilly and in one sentence hit the nail straight on the head. The issue was solved and tedbilly took the time to give me some background information as well as put me (politely) straight on some terminologies I had misunderstood.

Once again prooving that all the smart cookies hang out at EE.

mlsbraves was having some trouble figuring out how to get an Excel macro to cut cells and paste them to a new sheet, got help from gtgloner and had already accepted a solution by the time matthewspatrick posted. "Thanks for the reply, I was in the middle of accepting the previous post solution before seeing yours. Both codes work but yours actually does clear the values. Thanks to the both of you for helping me. I've only been a member of EE a few days and I love it!"

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Tips From the Moderators

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AnnieMod sent along a tip borrowed from Kevin William Pang's blog. She edited it to show the Four Kinds of Questions we see at Experts Exchange.

The Vague Question: Feature XYZ isn't working. Please fix.

The question provides next to no information other than at some point, a feature ? possibly XYZ ? didn't function the way the Asker expected it to. The problem could be anything ranging from a catastrophic system failure to a simple misunderstanding on the part of the user. These take forever to solve because before an Expert can answer the question, he has to find out what the problem really is.

The End of the World Question: URGENT!!! System is down! NONE of our users can do XYZ! Please advise!!!

Wow. The ENTIRE system? So how'd you post your question? This question usually overstates the magnitude of the problem or is actually only one or two people who have done something silly like unplug a network cable. It is also frequent that the Asker, when asked if he has checked A, B and C, won't cop to the fact that the problem is something obvious, and will spend three days wasting time before saying he solved his own problem by finally checking the other end of the network cable.

The Red Herring Question: How can you check if XYZ is working?

This is one of those questions where the Asker gets in trouble by thinking too much. Instead of simply saying "I did this, and instead of ABC happening, DEF happened instead, and it has to be a failure of XYZ because nothing else will explain it." You will get an argument about everything you suggest, and called all kinds of names because you can't snap your fingers and magically solve the problem.

The Ideal Question: When I do XYZ, ABC happens. I expected DEF to happen instead. Here are some screenshots showing what happened.

This is the question every Expert wants to see: simple, clear, concise, and doesn't make any assumptions about what might be the problem. It gives enough information that someone can look and get an idea of what might be wrong, but doesn't give so much information that you have to spend an hour trying to find a simple typo that might not even be there.

If you need a solution to your problem -- try using the fourth type of question first.

Editors' Choice Articles

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The following articles were designated as Editors' Choice by the Page Editors. For additional information on Articles and making sure your masterpiece is up to EE's publishing standards, check out the Article Guidelines and Article Tips zone.

Median, Mode, Skewness, and Kurtosis in MS Access
by matthewspatrick:

Like other database applications, Access provides support for computing basic descriptive statistics for a data set, offering such aggregate functions as Count, Sum, Min, Max, standard deviation and variance (StDev, StDevP, Var, and VarP), and average (Avg). In addition to these typical aggregate functions, Access also offers the so-called "domain aggregate" counterparts for each of the aggregates already mentioned.

That said, there are other useful descriptive statistics for data sets that Access does not support via native functions. This article will describe how to compute four additional descriptive statistics in Microsoft Access:
  • Median
  • Mode
  • Skewness
  • Kurtosis

Printing labels with Access
by harfang:

Printing labels is one of those things that can be surprisingly fun or extremely tedious, depending on the program being used.

The first time I had to teach "labels", it was fun. The program was WordPerfect -- some antique DOS version without even a print preview feature -- and it was fun because it was easy, and it worked. Before the morning break, every student had printed a first sheet of "fake" labels, in reality photocopies of an original with hand-drawn rectangles.

"Domain Aggregate" for Concatenating Values by Group in Microsoft Access
by matthewspatrick:

A common request in the various database zones at Experts Exchange involves returning a concatenated list of the various items in ColumnB for each distinct value in ColumnA from a particular table or query. For example:

I have a table that currently holds student subject enrolments with the following fields

Student_ID, Subject_ID
1001, 11001
1001, 11023
1001, 11049
1002, 11023
1002, 11046
1003, 11023

So a student can appear in the list a variable number of times depending on how many subjects they are enrolled in. Some students may be in 10 subjects some maybe in as little as one. I want to be able to transpose the information stored in this table and export it in a linear format something similar to.
Student 1, subject 1, subject 2, subject 3 ... subject n
student 2, subject 1, ,,,subject n

What is Enterprise Architecture?
by keith_alabaster:

The purpose of this article is to present my own view on Enterprise Architecture, the roles of the Enterprise Architect and the discipline Architects, what it does, what it means and why you should know this -- or sections of it -- already.....

For some reason, being an "Architect" appears to be the new buzz word that everyone wants to be associated with and this fad has become more blatant. Whether it is because it sounds "cool" to be thought of as an Architect amongst peers or it suggests a higher pay grade I really do not know -- what I do know is that it is probably one of the most abused terms in the past couple of years.

Enterprise Architecture -- The Enterprise Architect at work
by keith_alabaster:

The purpose of this set of articles is to present my own view on Enterprise Architecture (EA), the roles of the Enterprise Architect and the discipline Architects, what EA does, what EA means and why you should know this ? or sections of it - already..... This information is freely available.

Please note that I am using a full-scale organisation to emphasize my points. You do NOT have to start this big. Many new entrants into this field start with a much smaller group such as their own department or do not do an Enterprise model at all and just create relationship models. Whatever works for you but the principles are the same.

Core Conference 2010

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It was a long time coming, but Experts Exchange's 2010 Core conference was by all accounts something completely different from any gathering the company has hosted in its history.

Randy RedbergSixty members, including Administrators, Moderators, Zone Advisors, Page Editors and Experts gathered in San Luis Obispo to hear CEO Randy Redberg lay out his vision for the future of the site. Redberg pointed to a number of features that are in development, including blogs, screencasts, remote assistance and the creation of a sandbox where selected Experts can help build new features for the site.

round tableBut Mr. Redberg also excited the attendees by affirming the company's commitment to responding to requests for bug fixes and enhancements. The two most recent releases -- one of which occurred the day after the conference ended -- include a rationalizing of the zone list to make all of the zone names unique and consistent, and several fixes to the screencasting system still on the beta server.

"We're going to move forward," Mr. Redberg said, "and it's important to us that we do it together."

Todd L'HerrouSpecial guest Todd L'Herrou (lherrou) gave a presentation on the two weeks he spent in Haiti as a member of a Florida urban search and rescue team following the January 12 earthquake. Mr. L'Herrou described the difficult task he and his team undertook while trying to rescue survivors buried in collapsed buildings. He also thanked Experts Exchange and its members for their support of UNICEF relief efforts.

Marketing director Jonathan Hoekman then introduced the staff members who led the round table discussions that dominated the conference agenda. While new features were discussed, the bulk of the conversations revolved around the refinement of current systems and features. Experts Exchange's response to those comments by members had an almost immediate impact, as plans for simplifying both the question asking and question closing processes were forwarded to the administrators in the days following the conference.

round tableOne table that received a tremendous amount of attention was that lead by Mark Barbir and Lillian Moran regarding the development of a content management system for proposed microsites and new sites. According to Mr. Barbir, the microsites will take advantage of EE content that currently doesn't appear on search results, drawing new people into the Experts Exchange universe; the members attending suggested building an interface that would allow them to answer questions on the microsites without leaving the EE site proper.

Another table that didn't get as much traffic, but does have significant implications for Experts Exchange was the Sandbox table hosted by Andrew Alsup. The Sandbox is a multi-tiered development instance of Experts Exchange, that will include an API, which will allow members to build their own standalone applications to use EE without necessarily having to use a browser. Another tier would allow for the customization of the EE interface -- essentially the building of one's own version of the Answer tab. The third, and most intriguing, would allow selected Experts to actually work on the EE code base, developing new features and helping with bug fixes and the refinement of existing systems.

Free For AllWhackAMod jrThe conference featured a return engagement of the Friday Free-For-All, featuring Mr. Redberg, Ms. Moran, Mr.Barbir, Mr. Alsup, Mr. Hoekman and senior administrator Eric (Netminder) Peterson, who fielded questions submitted through a Google Moderator survey along with impromptu questions from the attendees. Many of the ideas revolved around easier registration, Expert recognition and rewards, and making EE more efficient at the entire question asking process. At the conference, Experts Exchange gave participants samples of childrens' sized t-shirts -- one of the most oft-requested additions to the rewards list, saying they should be available as soon as a vendor can be selected. Also high on the list of Expert favorites: having the option of donating to a recognized charity in place of receiving a t-shirt.

One new feature at the conference was the inclusion of a "create a system" exercise in which the attendees teamed up with staff members to develop wireframes of systems based on a specific user type. Because of the logistics involved, the exercise didn't quite go as well as Experts Exchange had hoped, but most attendees seemed to think it was valuable in terms of giving staff members different ways of viewing the site's membership.

officeLoungeA highlight of the conference was the Expert Awards dinner, a catered event held in a tent at EE's offices. AnnieMod (the Impact Award), angelIII (Philanthropist) and DanRollins (Author of the Year) were all honored for their achievements in 2009. Members also got the opportunity to look around EE's offices.

The conference wasn't all work, however. Experts Exchange provided three optional activities for the Saturday of the conference -- a trip to Hearst Castle, a wine-tasting excursion, and a ride in a Hummer -- and also built its own lounge at the hotel, featuring refreshments and video games and impromptu entertainment from PAQ_Man (one of the Moderators), DatabaseMX (a Microsoft Access Genius) and masmus (a member of EE's staff). Who says we can't all get along?

More News and Notes

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You knew it had to happen sooner or later: The wraps have come off the heretofore-sealed documents in the $1.65 billion lawsuit filed by Viacom against YouTube (and its parent company Google) alleging copyright infringement. Our favorite: an email from Steve Chen, one of YouTube's founders, to Jawed Karim, another founder: "Jawed, please stop putting stolen videos on the site." One expects that the British would like to see those documents. Oh, and on the subject of companies ticked off at Google, add Apple to the list.

If you can't buy 'em, copy 'em: Microsoft is looking at building its own "microblogging service" that isn't Twitter.

The ones wearing shirts that have an orange X on them are okay, though: In case you want to have a conversation with one, here's how to spot a tech zealot. But we take issue with the allegation that Apple Fanboys will all have iPads.

They never learn... If the FCC has its way, the government is going to pump a gazillion dollars into making sure everyone everywhere has access to broadband. That's the good news. The bad news is that the systems will still be managed by the same people who are charging US customers more than users pay in the rest of the world for the same services: AT&T, Verizon, Comcast and the like.

Ooops. A BitDefender update for Windows 64-bit systems caused some users problems: it turned their computers into bricks. And the FBI has suspended work again on the overhaul of its computer systems.

It's about damn time: Russia has finally decided that having a reputation as a haven for scammers and spammers isn't a good thing, so it's decided to start tightening regulations regarding .ru domains. The consequence, of course, will be to see those domains transfered to some other country looking for an infusion of little bits of money.

"Bing" is easier to say in Chinese anyway: Google may be out of China by April 10. It didn't help matters much when the Chinese government told Google's partners that they "might have some problems" if they continued to feature Google. Just in time for Sunshine Week.

Obviously, not everyone in China is happy to see Google pulling out; researchers in particular depend on it for access to information not available through China's homegrown search site. But that might not be a bad thing.

More from the recording industry file: "Let's see. They play our songs so people will buy them. Cool. Now, let's charge them for the privilege."

Signs of the Apocalypse: IE9 (need we say more?). Vintage tech ads (okay, so maybe the Daisy gun doesn't count). Almost half the people who use Twitter or Facebook -- now the most popular site in the US -- post updates in the middle of the night or as soon as they wake up. And it's a good bet you're breaking a law somehow.

Nata's Corner

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PAQ_manNata's PictureI had the most wonderful time meeting all of the Experts who attended the Core conference last week. I'm always amazed at how much all of the Experts know, and at the same time, what great people they all are. I got a kick out of finally meeting my old buddy PAQ_Man, who turns out to be a pretty good musician, but has no sense of when to keep both of his feet firmly planted on a Segway. What is really neat about Experts Exchange is that even though it takes something like a conference to get to meet all of these people, it turns out they are all the same people whose posts you see on the site.

Randy Redberg, Danae LaSalleThe conference was a grand slam for two people in particular: Randy Redberg, who is the CEO of Experts Exchange, and Danae LaSalle, who put in countless hours making sure everything came off mostly without a hitch. If you have the time to drop them a note saying "thank you", you should, because it's the best conference I have ever been to at EE. Except for a little bit of rain on Friday night, everything -- even missing the famous San Luis Obispo farmer's market -- turned out great.

angelIII and daughterThere were a ton of interesting things discussed at the various round tables -- with about sixty Experts and eight different tables, each with five sessions, there was almost too much to keep track of -- but the things that caught my interest were the ideas of different rewards besides t-shirts for Experts (like the children's shirts that angelIII's daughter is wearing), and some kind of affiliate or referral program for members. I'm always telling people about Experts Exchange, so anything that will make it easier for them to remember and try out the site is a great idea, I think.

Thanks again to everyone at EE for a great conference and a wonderful experience!

New Certificates

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Expert Certified in Topic Area
GrahamSkanAccess Coding/MacrosGuru
kelvinsparksAccess Coding/MacrosGuru
HainKurtAccess Coding/MacrosMaster
jjdurrantActive DirectoryMaster
nappy_dActive DirectoryMaster
zuhairGmatyActive DirectoryMaster
redrumkevAdobe AcrobatMaster
vindys80Adobe FlexGuru
D_BruggeAdobe PhotoshopSage
pradyahujaAsynchronous Javascript and XML (AJAX)Master
TheLearnedOneAsynchronous Javascript and XML (AJAX)Master
paulsolovBackup & Restore SoftwareMaster
miguelrtBlackberry Operating SystemMaster
itsmeandnobodyelseC Programming LanguageWizard
HainKurtC# Programming LanguageGuru
pradyahujaC# Programming LanguageMaster
mas_oz2003C# Programming LanguageWizard
philipjonathanC# Programming LanguageWizard
itsmeandnobodyelseC++ BuilderMaster
pgnatyukC++ Programming LanguageGuru
Gideon7C++ Programming LanguageMaster
dachusaCascading Style Sheets (CSS)Guru
john-formbyCascading Style Sheets (CSS)Master
DonbooCisco PIX FirewallMaster
memo_tntCisco PIX FirewallMaster
dgrafxColdFusion StudioGuru
garycaseComputer CPU ProcessorsWizard
leewComputer Memory (RAM)Master
dletheComputer ServersGuru
honmapogComputer ServersMaster
PowerEdgeTechComputer ServersMaster
AnthonyRussoComputer Web CamerasMaster
tickettCrystal Reports SoftwareMaster
pcelbaData ManipulationMaster
Sharath_123Databases MiscellaneousGuru
tigin44Databases MiscellaneousMaster
twinsoftDelphi ProgrammingMaster
optomaDesktop Anti-VirusMaster
noxchoDisk Partition ToolsWizard
demazterDomain Name Service (DNS)Guru
Netman66Domain Name Service (DNS)Master
shauncroucherDomain Name Service (DNS)Master
thegofDSL Lines / Cable InternetMaster
jjmckEmail ServersMaster
Chris-DentExchange Email ServerGenius
mboppeExchange Email ServerGuru
btassureExchange Email ServerMaster
ChiefITExchange Email ServerMaster
CrisHanna_MVPExchange Email ServerMaster
manav08Exchange Email ServerMaster
MegaNuk3Exchange Email ServerMaster
PostmasterExchange Email ServerMaster
shreedharExchange Email ServerMaster
leakim971Exchange Email ServerWizard
hieloExtensible Markup Language (XML)Wizard
KeremEFedora LinuxMaster
MASQUERAIDGeneral Multi-Media SoftwareMaster
TapeDudeHard Drives & StorageMaster
woolmilkporcHP-UX UnixMaster
gurvinder372Hypertext Markup Language (HTML)Guru
cem_turkHypertext Markup Language (HTML)Master
FDMilwaukeeHypertext Markup Language (HTML)Master
RobSampsonHypertext Markup Language (HTML)Master
dstewartjrInternet Explorer Web BrowserMaster
grtradersInternet Explorer Web BrowserMaster
richrumbleIntrusion Detection Systems (IDS)Master
DrDamnitIP PBX SystemsMaster
objectsJakarta StrutsMaster
cmalakarJava Server Pages (JSP)Master
arnoldLinux SetupMaster
NovaDenizenMath & ScienceWizard
pcelbaMicrosoft Access DatabaseMaster
slam69Microsoft Access DatabaseMaster
nutschMicrosoft ApplicationsMaster
puppydogbuddyMicrosoft ApplicationsMaster
BlueDevilFanMicrosoft DevelopmentMaster
feridunMicrosoft DynamicsGuru
ahammarMicrosoft Excel Spreadsheet SoftwareGenius
csoussanMicrosoft Excel Spreadsheet SoftwareMaster
ltlbearand3Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet SoftwareMaster
RobSampsonMicrosoft Excel Spreadsheet SoftwareSage
teylynMicrosoft Excel Spreadsheet SoftwareWizard
gardavisMicrosoft IIS Web ServerMaster
hades666Microsoft IIS Web ServerMaster
johnb6767Microsoft Office SuiteMaster
peter57rMicrosoft Office SuiteMaster
puppydogbuddyMicrosoft Office SuiteMaster
scottMicrosoft Office SuiteMaster
thinkpads_userMicrosoft Office SuiteMaster
Chris-DentMicrosoft Operating SystemsGuru
alanhardistyMicrosoft Operating SystemsMaster
bluntTonyMicrosoft Operating SystemsMaster
vallisMicrosoft Operating SystemsMaster
johnb6767Microsoft Operating SystemsSage
jbfraserMicrosoft Project Project Management SoftwareWizard
NJComputerNetworksMicrosoft ServerMaster
guru_samiMicrosoft Visual Basic.NetGuru
RolandDeschainMicrosoft Visual Basic.NetGuru
roryaMicrosoft Visual Basic.NetGuru
sedgwickMicrosoft Visual Basic.NetMaster
CuteBugMicrosoft Visual C#.NetGuru
kaufmedMicrosoft Visual C#.NetGuru
mas_oz2003Microsoft Visual C#.NetGuru
CraigWagnerMicrosoft Visual C#.NetMaster
k_swapnilMicrosoft Visual C#.NetMaster
zadeveloperMicrosoft Visual C#.NetMaster
pgnatyukMicrosoft Visual C++.NetGuru
jkrMicrosoft Visual C++.NetWizard
thinkpads_userMicrosoft Windows Operating SystemsMaster
aleghartMiscellaneous HardwareMaster
dletheMiscellaneous HardwareMaster
MASQUERAIDMiscellaneous HardwareSage
jburgaardMiscellaneous NetworkingGuru
aleghartMiscellaneous NetworkingMaster
nappy_dMiscellaneous NetworkingMaster
leewMiscellaneous NetworkingSage
azadisaryevMiscellaneous Web DevelopmentMaster
CyanBlueMiscellaneous Web DevelopmentMaster
HainKurtMiscellaneous Web DevelopmentMaster
hieloMiscellaneous Web DevelopmentWizard
knightEknightMS DOSGuru
PowerITMS Forefront-ISAMaster
quihongMS SharePointGuru
whoajackMS SharePointGuru
jessc7MS SharePointMaster
ralmadaMS SQL ReportingMaster
shorakMS SQL ReportingMaster
Auric1983MS SQL ServerMaster
dale_burrellMS SQL ServerMaster
Expert Certified in Topic Area
James0628MS SQL ServerMaster
merowingerMS System CenterMaster
arnoldMySQL ServerGuru
leakim971MySQL ServerGuru
Sharath_123MySQL ServerGuru
ChristoferDutzMySQL ServerMaster
objectsMySQL ServerMaster
ralmadaMySQL ServerMaster
giltjrNetwork Auditing SoftwareMaster
kenboonejrNetwork Design & MethodologyMaster
mikebernhardtNetwork OperationsMaster
DonbooNetwork RoutersMaster
Otto_NNetwork RoutersMaster
PsychoFelixNetwork RoutersMaster
memo_tntNetwork RoutersWizard
donjohnstonNetwork Switches & HubsGenius
Darr247Network Switches & HubsMaster
memo_tntNetworking Hardware FirewallsMaster
dravidnsrNew to Java ProgrammingMaster
noxchoNorton Ghost Backup SoftwareMaster
pgnatyukObjective-C Programming LanguageMaster
k_murli_krishnaOracle 10.xMaster
slightwvOracle DatabaseGenius
HainKurtOracle DatabaseMaster
angelIIIOracle Product InfoMaster
tbsgadiOutlook Groupware SoftwareGuru
AkhaterOutlook Groupware SoftwareMaster
Chris-DentOutlook Groupware SoftwareMaster
MegaNuk3Outlook Groupware SoftwareMaster
SatyaPathakOutlook Groupware SoftwareMaster
alanhardistyOutlook Groupware SoftwareWizard
BitsBytesandMorePC LaptopsGuru
phototropicPC LaptopsMaster
nemws1Perl Programming LanguageGuru
john-formbyPHP and DatabasesMaster
leakim971PHP for WindowsMaster
routinetPHP InstallationMaster
hernst42PHP InstallationWizard
HainKurtPHP Scripting LanguageMaster
john-formbyPHP Scripting LanguageMaster
maduicPHP Scripting LanguageMaster
theremonPHP Scripting LanguageMaster
zac_charlesPHP Scripting LanguageMaster
Sharath_123PL / SQLMaster
nobusPrinters by HPWizard
CtrlAltDlProgramming for ASP.NETGuru
PaulHewsProgramming for ASP.NETGuru
princeatapiProgramming for ASP.NETGuru
RolandDeschainProgramming for ASP.NETGuru
AmanBhullarProgramming for ASP.NETMaster
masterpassProgramming for ASP.NETMaster
mroonalProgramming for ASP.NETMaster
pradyahujaProgramming for ASP.NETMaster
robastaProgramming for ASP.NETMaster
roshmonProgramming for ASP.NETMaster
Si_HibbardProgramming for ASP.NETMaster
tedbillyProgramming for ASP.NETSage
madhevan_pillaiProgramming for ASP.NETWizard
rkworldsProgramming for ASP.NETWizard
ksivananthProgramming LanguagesMaster
efnPython Scripting LanguageMaster
woolmilkporcRed Hat LinuxMaster
demazterRemote Desktop/Terminal ServicesMaster
pfcjokerRemote Desktop/Terminal ServicesMaster
AkhaterSBS Small Business ServerMaster
shreedharSBS Small Business ServerMaster
purplepomegraniteScripting LanguagesMaster
dhwakeSearch EnginesGuru
woolmilkporcShell ScriptingGuru
shauncroucherSimple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP)Guru
AkhaterSimple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP)Master
alanhardistySimple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP)Wizard
Arthur_WoodSQL Query SyntaxMaster
Helen_FeddemaSQL Query SyntaxMaster
myrotarycarSQL Query SyntaxMaster
sameer2010SQL Query SyntaxMaster
acperkinsSQL Server 2005Genius
HainKurtSQL Server 2005Guru
QlemoSQL Server 2005Guru
GDG_DBASQL Server 2005Master
sameer2010SQL Server 2005Master
spikellySQL Server 2005Master
tigin44SQL Server 2005Sage
bhess1SQL Server 2005Wizard
pcelbaSQL Server 2008Guru
appariSQL Server 2008Master
EugeneZSQL Server 2008Master
faiga16SQL Server 2008Master
charlestasseStorage TechnologyMaster
suveer_patilTest / Validation Development SoftwareMaster
woolmilkporcUnix Systems ProgrammingGuru
chris_bottomleyVB ControlsMaster
RobSampsonVB Database ProgrammingMaster
roryaVB ObjectsGuru
Daz_1234VB ScriptMaster
itkamarajVB ScriptMaster
jostranderVB ScriptMaster
hypercatVirtual Private Networking (VPN)Master
dpk_walVirtual Private Networking (VPN)Wizard
DanRollinsVisual Basic ProgrammingMaster
HainKurtVisual Basic ProgrammingMaster
tgerbertVisual Basic ProgrammingMaster
roryaVisual Basic v1.0.5.xGuru
Admin3kVisual SourceSafe-Team FoundationMaster
guru_samiVisual StudioGuru
aneeshattingalVisual StudioMaster
burakiewiczVisual StudioMaster
CraigWagnerVisual StudioMaster
HainKurtVisual StudioMaster
itsmeandnobodyelseVisual StudioMaster
CodeCruiserVisual StudioSage
DrDamnitVoice Over IPMaster
shalomcWeb/Cloud ComputingMaster
exx1976Windows 2000 Operating SystemMaster
markpalinuxWindows 2003 ServerGuru
QlemoWindows 2003 ServerGuru
ARK-DSWindows 2003 ServerMaster
BatuhanCetinWindows 2003 ServerMaster
MCSA2003Windows 2003 ServerMaster
Narayan_singhWindows 2003 ServerMaster
shauncroucherWindows 2003 ServerMaster
PeteLongWindows 2003 ServerSage
dlSmlSSWindows 7Master
johnb6767Windows 7Master
FirebarWindows Network SecurityMaster
mkline71Windows Network SecurityMaster
rpggamergirlWindows Registry CleanersMaster
dariusgWindows Server 2008Genius
ParanormasticWindows Server 2008Guru
RobWillWindows Server 2008Guru
alanhardistyWindows Server 2008Master
MightySWWindows Server 2008Master
demazterWindows Server 2008Sage
Chris-DentWindows Server 2008Wizard
NJComputerNetworksWindows Server 2008Wizard
BitsBytesandMoreWindows VistaGuru
warturtleWindows VistaMaster
billprewWindows XP Operating SystemMaster
cripleWindows XP Operating SystemMaster
Maniac_47Windows XP Operating SystemMaster
xtreminatorWindows XP Operating SystemMaster
optomaWindows XP Operating SystemWizard
CuteBugWPF and SilverlightMaster
SilverlayWPF and SilverlightMaster

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