March 22, 2005
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Still open: can't save to shared folder on network

"Trying to save files to shared folder on network from Win XP Pro SP2 computer to Win 98SE computer with shared folder. Get permission error. When viewing shared folder propertiers from XP computer it's listed as read only. Can change attribute by clearing read only but it reverts to read only status... Am I missing a XP configuration setting?"

Points: 125 Mar 13, 2005 03:03PM PST

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Still open: Windows XP won't Boot

"I recently tried to install a new Maxtor Hard Drive using the MaxBlast software. After the software supposedly copied my files from the original boot drive to the new drive, I tried to reboot the system. Nothing worked! I switched back to the original configuration but have been unable to boot my computer."

Points: 125 Mar 12, 2005 09:18PM PST

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Still open: Timing Out on web pages after MS auto updates

"I have a Gateway 600 notebook with XP Pro, running through a Linksys Wireless 4-port Router and a Linksys Cable Modem. Everything runs fine for about 10 minutes then pages cease to load. I have tried this with and without SP2. I have applied the WinsockXPfix. Ping works fine..."

Points: 500 Mar 12, 2005 11:42AM PST

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Featured Experts

leew isn't exactly a newbie around EE; since he joined in August, 1997, he's accumulated nearly 2 million points in over a dozen topic areas. His strength is in anything Microsoft, from DOS 3.3 through Windows XP, and including Office and Networking.

Registration Date: August 7, 1997

Expert Points: 1937603

Certificates: Guru, Windows 2000, Windows XP; Master, Windows NT Networking, Desktops, Operating Systems, Windows NT, MS-DOS, Hardware, Active Server Pages, Networking, Windows Server 2003, Storage


mhambridge spends most of his time in the Windows XP topic area, but can also be found answering questions in Windows 2000 and Microsoft Network. His experience includes helpdesk, desktop, and systems engineer support.

Registration Date: July 20, 2003

Expert Points: 97736

Certificates: Master, Windows XP


Eagle6990 is currently a systems administrator for a cardiology group, and is a certified sysadmin. He's also a MCP in Windows XP, Windows 2000 Server, Directory Services, Network Infrastructure, and Managing a Network Environment.

Registration Date: October 27, 2003

Expert Points: 318773

Certificates: Guru, Windows XP

Tip from the Page Editors: The Page Editors will pretty much remove your email address every time they see it in a question. This happens for two reasons. First, it keeps you from being subjected to all kinds of spam after your question is closed. More importantly, it's against the site's rules to give or receive points for a question that gets answered outside of the pages at EE. You're welcome to post your email address in your profile, however, but we would recommend using something like yourname "at"
Nata's Corner: Is anything REALLY secure?

woman in specticalsNever mind that Boston College ran out to an 11-point lead in their NCAA tournament game Saturday, only to choke it away with some shoddy defense. The basketball team must be taking some pointers from the university's IT department, which was the subject of an attack by people trying to get to a list of 100,000 alumni who are prospective donors to the school. The machine is actually managed by a third party service, but the virus that attacked it was trying to access the database.

Apple's iTunes store was also the target of a hack by the same teenager who wrote DVD-cracking software back in 1999. This is a little bit different, though. It allows Linux users to purchase music from Apple's iTunes store, but without all that annoying anticopying software. There's already a Windows version, so it's a good bet that Apple's lawyers will be busy too.

ameba asked me to mention the petition to Microsoft about Visual Basic. It seems like the least I can do; he's made my job as a Page Editor a lot easier, and his list of certificate holders is an important part of the newsletter every issue.

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ameba, one of EE's prominent Experts, provides us with a list of newly earned Certificates. His list of all of the Certified Experts is located at his site. The list below covers the period from March 6 through March 20.
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jimhorn Data-Man Trygve Billystyx RDWaibel aikimark Idle_Mind ryancys jimbobmcgee mlmcc mvidas peh803 ryancys acperkins ptjcb AaronAbend patrikt Batalf third geobul durgaprasad_j tbone343 ldbkutty lhankins SystmProg mkline71 PeteLong conradie plemieux72 PeteLong Sage Sage Wizard Master Master Master Sage Sage Guru Guru Master Sage Guru Genius Master Master Master Wizard Wizard Sage Master Master Master Master Guru Guru Wizard Master Master Sage MS Access MS Access MS Access MS Access MS Access MS Access Visual Basic Visual Basic Visual Basic Visual Basic Visual Basic ASP ASP Microsoft SQL Microsoft SQL Microsoft SQL Microsoft SQL JavaScript JavaScript Delphi Java Java Java Java Windows 2000 Windows 2000 Networking Networking Networking Windows XP
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cpc2004 AlexFM dungla itsvtk Exchange_Admin _ruudsje_ michaellundgren v_alber neo9414 cjjclifford laotzi2000 Type25 trevorhartman MikeMCSD jk_vr matthewspatrick jeverist patrickab tony_813 rdivilbiss Raisor Idle_Mind BriCrowe SystmProg Dave_Dietz TechSoEasy samccarthy INSDivision6 Buffon Billystyx Master Wizard Master Master Wizard Master Master Master Master Master Master Master Master Master Master Sage Wizard Guru Master Master Master Sage Master Guru Guru Master Master Master Guru Master Windows XP C# C# C# Exchange_Server Exchange_Server Exchange_Server Exchange_Server Oracle Oracle ASP.NET ASP.NET ASP.NET ASP.NET ASP.NET Excel Excel Excel Excel Web Development Programming VB.NET VB.NET Win Server 2003 Win Server 2003 Win Server 2003 Win Server 2003 ColdFusion Flash Flash
Expert Certified in Topic Area
Fatal_Exception SystmProg ozo manav_mathur cactus_data Mysidia ldbkutty petoskey-001 mwnnj carl_tawn COBOLdinosaur ldbkutty Batalf aikimark GrandSchtroumpf Batalf Dave_Dietz ahoffmann e-tsik adilkhan jaime_olivares acmp YZlat VincentPuglia duz coreybryant simon_kirk earthman2 Master Master Genius Guru Master Master Guru Master Master Master Sage Sage Master Master Guru Master Wizard Guru Master Guru Master Master Master Master Sage Master Master Master Microsoft Network Microsoft Network Perl Perl Databases Linux Mysql Mysql Desktops XML HTML PHP and Databases PHP and Databases VB DB CSS CSS IIS Apache Linux Net. DreamWeaver Visual C++.NET Viruses Web Languages Web Languages Online Marketing Online Marketing DB Reporting PostgreSQL
1313 experts have 2066 certifications: Genius:34 Sage:97 Wizard:133 Guru:358 Master:1444
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