March 21, 2005
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Still open: Need to allow OWA access to new Exchange Server via Cisco PIX 515

"I've installed a new Exchange 2003 server as a second server in the Exchange Admin Group. I want to enable a external address to point to this new Exchange server to test Outlook Web Access. Our current Exchange Server (2000) is working just fine with Outlook Web Access."

Points: 250
March 10 2005 09:14AM PST

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Singularly one of our favorite Experts, lrmoore has earned his place as being one of the best at EE as well. In addition to a couple of Cisco certifications, he was rewarded this year as a Microsoft MVP.

Registration Date: July 22, 2000

Expert Points: 3341586

Certificates: Genius, Networking; Sage, Routers/Switches, Firewalls; Guru, VPN; Master, Microsoft Network, Windows NT Networking, Broadband, Security

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Nata's Corner: Attack of the Zombies

Nata Salambier A recent report from says that the latest tactic among the identity thieves is the use of Zombie networks to steal information and install spyware.

According to the report, some of the compromised networks are as large as 50,000 computers, which kind of makes you wonder whose computers are being used. We have about five around our house, but the idea of someone like Lockheed's or Citibank's computers being used is pretty scary.

I also saw an interesting article a week or so ago about blogging on the job and the dangers of doing it. I'm tempted to quote Jimmy Buffett: "I'm getting paid by the hour, and older by the minute, my boss just pushed me over the limit -- I'd like to call him something, so I think I'll just log in and play..."

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Inside the numbers
ameba, one of EE's prominent Experts, provides us with a list of newly earned Certificates. His list of all of the Certified Experts is located at his site. The list below covers the period from February 20 through March 6.
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peter57r vb_elmar Smallint brettdj apresto seb_gibbs The_Big_Daddy Hilaire adathelad EugeneZ BriCrowe Michael_D archrajan NETTY4 Xxavier Imthiyaz_ph sr75 bloodredsun TheLearnedOne AlexFM graye lrmoore JFrederick29 samccarthy rafael_acc SystmProg sciwriter onedeej LeeTutor Genius Guru Master Master Wizard Master Master Genius Wizard Wizard Master Master Sage Master Master Master Master Master Sage Guru Master Genius Guru Master Master Master Guru Master Sage MS Access Visual Basic Visual Basic Visual Basic ASP ASP ASP Microsoft SQL Microsoft SQL Microsoft SQL Microsoft SQL Microsoft SQL JavaScript JavaScript JavaScript Delphi Windows 2000 Java .NET .NET .NET Networking Networking Networking Networking Networking Hardware Hardware Windows XP
Expert Certified in Topic Area
SystmProg leew simpswr spiderfix mhambridge luv2smile muzzy2003 melodiesoflife gena17 nbishop1979 MalicUK Idle_Mind JesterToo praneetha djhex NetDeveloper ToAoM jrscherer S-Twilley ldbkutty Batalf matt_mcswain NJComputerNetworks Tacobell777 pinaldave CFDevHead aflockhart roos01 Tintin Guru Guru Master Master Master Master Master Master Master Master Sage Guru Master Wizard Guru Guru Master Master Master Wizard Guru Master Master Wizard Wizard Guru Master Master Wizard Windows XP Windows XP Windows XP Windows XP Windows XP Windows XP C# C# C# Exchange_Server Excel Programming Programming ASP.NET ASP.NET ASP.NET ASP.NET VB.NET VB.NET PHP PHP PHP Win Server 2003 ColdFusion ColdFusion ColdFusion MS Office MS Office Perl
Expert Certified in Topic Area
stevenlewis crissand Yan_west rindi JR2003 GJParker leew avizit lokus bloodredsun kiranhk richrumble mdiglio ramazanyich amit_g matt_mcswain COBOLdinosaur brunobear SunBow ramazanyich manav_mathur ozo Jan_Franek ahoffmann ghp7000 stevenlewis COBOLdinosaur daveslater damonf Sage Guru Master Master Master Guru Master Master Master Master Master Guru Master Master Master Master Wizard Master Master Master Master Guru Master Master Guru Master Guru Guru Master Microsoft Network Microsoft Network Microsoft Network Operating Systems VB Controls Crystal Reports WinNT Net. Linux Mysql JSP JSP Windows Security Windows Security XML HTML PHP and Databases CSS CSS Security Apache Unix Prog. Math & Science Sybase Linux Admin. IBM UDB DSL/Cable Web Languages AS/400 Websphere
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