March 8, 2005
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Still open: PCI FDDI network connected but not arping

"When I ping from this address, and tcpdump on the far side of the link I get arp requests and see the replies. The replies never return. If I put static arp entries in both sides, I get what looks like standard replies on the tcpdump on the far side, but nothing comes back. It's like my transmit is working but not my receive."

Points: 500 Jan 19 2005 12:44PM PST

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Still open: Solaris sysadmin interview questions

"I need to interview several Solaris sysadmin guys to administer a Sun Fire 3800 Cluster with Veritas Volume Management. My knowledge on Solaris can at best be termed 'intermediate level'. Can you please suggest some advanced level questions which will help me to shortlist the final candidates?"

Points: 250 Jan 31 2005 05:12AM PST

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Still open: Backup options for SunFire V100

"I have two SunFire V100 with USB interfaces, no SCSI. One IBM Ultrium LTO tape drive connected via ultra-SCSI to a IBM XSeries server. I would like to be able to perform level 0 ufsdumps to tape, or via disk to tape, may be use Flash archive backup/restores. What options to I have?"

Points: 250 Jan 07 2005 10:01AM PST

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Still open: Can I have Solaris redirect mail

"I have OSX Macs on my network that Print through a Solaris server. When there is a problem as in a font is missing the server tries to send an email to the person originating the print job. If the user "JACK" logs into an OSX Mac named "EPS" on the domain "" the Solaris sends the email to but Jack's email is Is there anyway to tell Solaris to drop the machine name from the email?"

Points: 500 Feb 15 2005 11:32AM PST

Can you help?
Featured Experts

You can't say enough good things about yuzh. Shortly after he became the Page Editor for the Solaris topic area, he went to a Sun conference and sent us a complete rundown of the event, including links. He says he's been "playing with UNIX since the Punch-card age", but we don't believe he's that old.

Registration Date: June 21, 2000

Expert Points: 973055

Certificates: Wizard, Solaris; Guru, Unix; Master, Apache, Unix Programming


wesley_chen is part of the new breed of Expert. He's sharp, he knows his stuff, and he brings a smart professionalism to his work. In less than a year, he's made his way into the Hall of Fame, and has five certificates to his credit already.

Registration Date: May 7, 2004

Expert Points: 873863

Certificates: Wizard, Linux; Master, Linux Administration, Linux Setup, Linux Networking, Solaris


tfewster is one of the Old Guard at EE. Most people either love him or tolerate him, largely because he has a wicked sense of humor and describes himself as so lazy he tries to automate everything he does.

Registration Date: July 10, 1999

Expert Points: 345229

Certificates: Master, Unix, Unix Programming, Solaris


PAQ_Man is the new kid on the block, as Moderators go; he's been on the job since December 30, 2004. He's not quite as far out there as his colleague OzzMod, but what can you say about someone who has a degree in electrical engineering, has almost completed a second degree in computer engineering, likes both analog AND digital design, considers calculus a hobby, and is a certified fireworks pyrotechnician?

Tip from the Page Editors: If you're new to Experts Exchange, and even if you're not, the Experts don't want to treat you like you're an idiot. They also don't want to overwhelm you with a bunch of information that will go completely over your head. So take the time to fill out your profile; tell us what you do with your computer, and what your goals are, so the Experts can better tailor their comments to your specific situation.
Nata's Corner: Finally, someone's doing something -- maybe

Nata Salambier c|Net calls it "The Perfect Storm." I call it about time. A bunch of security failures over the last week or so, ranging from a leak of data at CheckPoint to a lost shipment of backup tapes by Bank of America, to exposed payroll records from PayMaxx, to the repeated overexposure of Paris Hilton's cell phone, has gotten a bunch of US legislators to jump on the privacy bandwagon.

c|Net's story points out that most US law on the matter is passed as a reaction to a high profile event -- like more pictures of Paris showing up on the web. It also says that state laws, like California's Security Breach Information Act, tend to be a lot more effective than anything the feds ever come up with. And of course, none of the laws ever applies to the information the government itself collects. Okay, I'll get off my soapbox now.

I received a couple of emails about the spam filter, SafetyBar, that I mentioned in the last issue. Ande Anderson said that he had found Qurb, a product that includes an automatic verification system built in. That's fine, but personally, if I got one of those from a friend of mine whose emails I've been getting for five years, I'd be a little miffed. The other email was from Marcus Bointon, who pointed out that SourceForge has several programs that work that way for servers. He also commented that 27 false positives isn't very good for a sample size of 1540, but most of those came in the first couple of days. They were also newsletters -- even EE's gets picked up as "spam" occasionally -- and it is a simple matter to let them come through. Thanks for the emails, guys!

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ameba, one of EE's prominent Experts, provides us with a list of newly earned Certificates. His list of all of the Certified Experts is located at his site. The list below covers the period from February 20 through March 6.
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SystmProg leew simpswr spiderfix mhambridge luv2smile muzzy2003 melodiesoflife gena17 nbishop1979 MalicUK Idle_Mind JesterToo praneetha djhex NetDeveloper ToAoM jrscherer S-Twilley ldbkutty Batalf matt_mcswain NJComputerNetworks Tacobell777 pinaldave CFDevHead aflockhart roos01 Tintin Guru Guru Master Master Master Master Master Master Master Master Sage Guru Master Wizard Guru Guru Master Master Master Wizard Guru Master Master Wizard Wizard Guru Master Master Wizard Windows XP Windows XP Windows XP Windows XP Windows XP Windows XP C# C# C# Exchange_Server Excel Programming Programming ASP.NET ASP.NET ASP.NET ASP.NET VB.NET VB.NET PHP PHP PHP Win Server 2003 ColdFusion ColdFusion ColdFusion MS Office MS Office Perl
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stevenlewis crissand Yan_west rindi JR2003 GJParker leew avizit lokus bloodredsun kiranhk richrumble mdiglio ramazanyich amit_g matt_mcswain COBOLdinosaur brunobear SunBow ramazanyich manav_mathur ozo Jan_Franek ahoffmann ghp7000 stevenlewis COBOLdinosaur daveslater damonf Sage Guru Master Master Master Guru Master Master Master Master Master Guru Master Master Master Master Wizard Master Master Master Master Guru Master Master Guru Master Guru Guru Master Microsoft Network Microsoft Network Microsoft Network Operating Systems VB Controls Crystal Reports WinNT Net. Linux Mysql JSP JSP Windows Security Windows Security XML HTML PHP and Databases CSS CSS Security Apache Unix Prog. Math & Science Sybase Linux Admin. IBM UDB DSL/Cable Web Languages AS/400 Websphere
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The Privacy Policy at Experts Exchange is pretty specific; basically, no one below the level of an employee or a site administrator can see your email address, including the Moderators and Page Editors.

But over the years, it became obvious that the Moderators and Page Editors needed a way to contact Members without violating that policy, so EE developed the Member Comment. It's used for a variety of things: to let Members know that they need to do something, or to send congratulations for some accomplishment.

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