March 8, 2004
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Experts Exchange Community News
There's a lot going on at Experts Exchange -- new Moderators, new Page Editors, and more new members and questions than you can shake a golf club at. Experts Exchange reached the 2,000,000 mark in membership just after the New Year, and we've grown another twenty per cent in just two months. Thanks to all of you for your support!
In this issue
Who's new
We have two new Moderators, and eleven new Page Editors. Not that anyone minds -- they're all here to help you.
Your questions and solutions
This week it's the World Wide Web; we've found some good questions and solutions for you
News from Sun Microsystems
Our Solaris Page Editor, yuzh, went to a Sun Microsystems conference last month, and filed a report.
Featured experts
What you should know about two of our finest.
Nata's Corner: Viruses and worms
Much of the time, the words are used interchangably. Here's the difference.
Who's New at Experts Exchange
Please join us in welcoming three new Moderators to the Experts Exchange team: ee_ai_construct, CetusMOD and SnoopMOD. All have distinguished themselves as Experts, and are welcome additions to the support staff.

We've also created new Administrative posts: amp will become the Page Editor Administrator; AnnieMod will be the Cleanup Administrator, Lunchy will move up to Moderator Administrator, and BooMod becomes our Engineering POC and Tools Administrator.

Lest they not be forgotten, we also have a whole football team of new Page Editors who have been named since the program was first announced: turn123 (Applications), Venabili (Programming), mplungjan (Web Languages), daveslater (AS/400), kabaam (Microsoft Networking), coreybryant (Online Marketing and FrontPage), kfalandays (MS Outlook), kacor (Interbase), mmarinov (DotNET), ViperGTS (Miscellaneous and MS Excel), and COBOLdinosaur (Web Development). For more information on the Page Editor program, see the Help Page.

Link Exchange
One of the least-known new features at Experts Exchange is our new Link Exchange. Our Link Exchange program is beneficial to both sites in a couple ways:
1. The number of resources available to users on both sites will increase
2. Site relevance is increased within all major search engines when a site provides links to and from quality resources

If you would like to swap links with EE, just fill out the form at the Link Exchange page.

Your questions and solutions Featured Experts
Still open: Image button not calling function
"I have the following code on my page: This page is called from a server.transfer ... <asp:ImageButton id="LogBtn" ImageURL="images/search_p.gif" OnClick="AddPersonsBtn_Click" runat="server" /> ... But it doesn't seem to do anything!!"
Points: 500
02/15/2004 08:32PM PST
Can you help?

How to make my absolute positioned div follow the browser window when rezising?
Sometimes, it just takes a second pair of eyes... Let EE's Experts sift through your code.
Date: 03/05/2004 01:06AM PST
View the solution

Still open: Manipulating Audio playback using SMIL 2.0 or SMIL+HTML?
"I want to create a SMIL presentation that will play audio tones which represent the values on a graph to create a form of sound graph ... The data for the sound graphs will be read from a database using PHP, and hopefully I will be able to generate a SMIL file from the data using PHP. Is this possible?"
Points: 500
02/14/2004 01:31PM PST
Can you help?

Still open:Japanese Characters and XMLHTTP
"I have written a simple asp page that queries Index Server using web dav and the XMLHTTP object ... The problem I am having is I cannot retrieve any documents that contain Japanese characters..."
Points: 500
Date: 02/06/2004 06:59AM PST
Can you help?

There aren't very many members who have been around longer than BigRat; she joined EE in November, 1998. She keeps busy, earning points in over thirty TAs, and is at the top of the list in two of them.
Login Name: BigRat
Registration Date: November 5, 1998
Expert Points: 271438
Rank: 1 (GSM, WAP), 2 (Apache), 4 (XML)

We're proud to have you aboard, BigRat!

It's difficult to find an Admin who works harder than AnnieMod. From the day she joined our team, she has put in countless hours working with a large staff of Cleanup Volunteers -- and now, the Page Editors -- to reduce the number of abandoned questions, ensuring that members receive the points they deserve. The procedures she has honed have made the process smoother and more consistent.

Thanks for all your great work, Annie!

The Premium Services include a number of features not available to "limited" members. Among them:You can purchase Premium Services on a month-to-month, semi-annual or annual basis, and take full advantage of all that Experts Exchange has to offer!
News from Sun Microsystems
One of our Page Editors, yuzh, went to a Sun Microsystems conference last month, and filed this report:

New Operating System: Solaris 10
Sun previewed the Solaris 10 Operating System, the upcoming version of its operating system for UltraSPARC(r) and x86 microprocessors on February 10. The new release, with early access versions available for download this summer, is the result of twenty years of research and development and is designed to propel Sun's customers and partners over the next decade. The OS has "more than 600 new features" that will help with optimal system utilization, relentless availability, unparalleled security and industry-leading performance on multiple platforms, including Sun's new UltraSPARC and AMD Opteron systems.

Partner Program Promotes Solaris 10 Adoption
Sun continues to offer ISV and development partners the opportunity to adopt the newest features and technologies on the Solaris platform. The following independent software vendors have plans to support the Solaris 10 Operating System: BMC Software, Inc., BEA Systems, Inc., Cadence Design Systems, Inc., NetIQ Corporation, Oracle, Sybase, Inc., and VERITAS Software Corporation.

Sun Studio 8
The new Sun Fire systems will support the Solaris 10 OS. As these new systems come into the data center, Solaris developers will have immediate access to Sun Studio 8 compilers, which are optimized for building and tuning multithreaded/multiprocessing applications. Sun Studio 8 compilers also boast improved product runtime performance for SPECInt (5.2 percent), SpecFP (17 percent) on UltraSPARC III, with a 40 percent better runtime than GCC 2.95 on SPARC.

Nata's Corner: Worms and viruses -- what's the difference?
Worms are often lumped in with viruses and your antivirus software should stop either one, but they're not the same thing.

A virus gets its name because it embeds itself into your operating system or another program, then replicates itself and uses your PC or your server to carry out its function, which is usually the destruction of one or more files. But unless it attaches itself to an email, it stays only on the host computer.

A worm is much nastier. It is also a computer program that makes copies of itself, but it spreads from computer to computer (instead of file to file), infecting whole systems, using up resources in the affected computer, and because of that, they're much harder to stop. Worms can get into your computer's memory from a network, find network addresses of other computers, then send their own copies to these addresses. So, worms are designed to spread, while viruses generally stay put. Worms take over your computer while viruses destroy files.

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