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- EE Power Search is live!
- Featured Expert
- New Storage Topic Area launched

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Premium Search is live!
Premium Search provides you maximum searching capabilities allowing you to search all of Experts-Exchange knowledge base of over 700,000 solutions. Premium Search is only available for Premium Services members. Here are some of the features:
Smart Ranking - display most relevant questions first
Area Searching - only search areas relevant to your question
Wildcard Searches - expand your search results with wildcards
Fuzzy Searches - find your answer even if the word your searching for is misspelled
Proximity Searching - locate documents containing words near each other
Term Boosting - raise the relevancy of search terms
Boolean Operators - supports AND,NOT, and OR boolean operators
Field Searching - search only desired field

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Here's what Premium Members are saying about Premium Search.
dew_associates - "Nicely done! I'm impressed, and that doesn't happen often!
Mindphaser - "Nice and fast! Searching is fun again. The enhanced features (wildcards) finally make it possible to search for singular/plural forms"
COBOLdinosaur - "It is one hell of a good job"
angelIII - "This search IS fast!!!"
Sethi - "Excellent search. One of the best seen so far. Excellently grouped with useful headers"
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YodaMage is the featured expert for February
There are nearly one million members using Experts Exchange to get their
IT information, but the heart and soul of Experts Exchange are the
Experts that spend countless hours answering questions. Here's a profile
of one expert :
User Name: YodaMage
Member since: 01/08/01
Expert points: 32506
Question asked: 33
Question answered: 89
YodaMage is the number 15 expert in the Databases topic area
New Storage Topic Area launched
Check out the latest new Topic Area added to Experts-Exchange. Storage is one of the hottest topics of discussion in the IT world. Is your company prepared?
There has been quite a few relevant EE Answers added to this new topic area already. Check them out to see if they apply to your IT needs or use your expertise by answering a storage question, if you can...
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