February 22, 2005
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Still open: Canon LBP 2410 won't network with a recommended Axis 1611 Print server card

Getting different manufacturers to work to resolve a problem won't always work. This involves a Canon printer, a couple of printer servers, and even a print server card.

Points: 500 Feb 14, 2005 02:31AM PST

Can you help?

Still open: Skype without computer

Who wouldn't want cheap telephone service? But don't you need a computer?

Points: 500 Feb 12, 2005 06:01PM PST

Can you help?

Still open: Hardware problem hurts Windows not Linux

At least, that's how this problem started. Now, nothing works.

Points: 125 Feb 13, 2005 07:47PM PST

Can you help?

Still open: Computer turns on by itself

Everyone has seen a computer shut down on its own, but one that turns itself on?

Points: 50 Feb 8, 2005 04:27PM PST

Can you help?
Featured Experts

AlbertaBeef is the Page Editor for Hardware, Desktops and Microchips. His day job is as a technical specialist for the US government, overseeing several large networks. He also claims to be a dinosaur in the IT industry.

Registration Date: December 13, 2002

Expert Points: 368527

Certificates: Master, Hardware, Desktops, Microchips


mysticaldan is one of the newer kids on the EE block, but he has 15 years of tinkering under his belt. He says he didn't have the geekiness to go into programming.

Registration Date: May 25, 2004

Expert Points: 93346

Certificates: Master, Hardware


Balrog is one of our two newest Moderators, having joined the team in October, 2004. He's no newcomer to EE, though; his registration date of May, 1998, makes him the senior member of the group. His strength is, as he says, that he has always asked a lot more questions than he's answered, but his experience with EE made him a completely logical choice.

Tip from the Page Editors: That number that appears next to your username is the number of open questions you have at EE, and it turns red when you have more than five. To see what they are, click on your username, and you'll go to your profile's list of Asked Questions, sorted with the open ones at the top.
One of the least-known new features at Experts Exchange is our new Link Exchange. Our Link Exchange program is beneficial to both sites in a couple ways:
  1. The number of resources available to users on both sites will increase
  2. Site relevance is increased within all major search engines when a site provides links to and from quality resources
If you would like to swap links with EE, just fill out the form at the Link Exchange page.
Nata's Corner: A very cool spam filter

woman in specticals I got an email a week or so ago that managed to get past my filters and rules -- and for a change, I'm actually glad it did, because I now have a spam-removal device that actually works.

It's called SafetyBar, from Cloudmark Software. When it's installed, you benefit from all of the other people who have marked spam emails, and they benefit from the new spam you block.

I tested it out over a nine-day period, during which I received a total of 1540 emails. 919 of those were marked as spam and put into a new folder SafetyBar created. Of the emails it let through, only 14 were spam, and I was very easily able to mark them, so they were added to the list that the SafetyBar community maintains. Of the ones SafetyBar marked as spam, only 27 were emails I wanted to receive -- mostly newsletters.

The downside: the software is available only for Windows, and only for either Outlook Express and Outlook. They offer a free 30-day trial, and it costs $4 a month for a subscription after that -- but given the amount of email I get, and how much time it takes to get rid of the garbage, that seems a small price.

And not on the subject, but still something you should be worried about. Yahoo news had an article a week or so ago about Google hacking, which allows almost anyone to find information about you. I found something that is supposedly stored on my husband's website, and even though it's not there, Google has it cached. So be careful about what you post on the Internet.

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Inside the numbers
ameba, one of EE's prominent Experts, provides us with a list of newly earned Certificates. His list of all of the Certified Experts is located at his site. The list below covers the period from February 6 through February 20.
Expert Certified in Topic Area
david251 etsherman Stephen_Perrett jmantha709 JohnK813 BubbaisBest mk_b jdlambert1 KarinLoos bukko GwynforWeb ldbkutty Batalf adonis1976 EBatista Idle_Mind appari Cyber-Dude holger12345 mikeleebrla marc_nivens slightwv pratikroy Guru Master Master Master Master Master Master Wizard Guru Master Genius Guru Guru Guru Guru Master Master Master Master Master Guru Guru Guru MS Access MS Access MS Access MS Access MS Access ASP ASP Microsoft SQL Microsoft SQL Microsoft SQL JavaScript JavaScript JavaScript Windows 2000 .NET .NET .NET Hardware Networking Networking Exchange_Server Oracle Oracle
Expert Certified in Topic Area
mvidas sebastienm XL-Dennis rbrhodes amit_g davidlars99 ldbkutty NetDeveloper amit_g Rejojohny sriggumma BillDL RobertRFreeman Desp Arthur_Wood kaur_dilpreet mkline71 JammyPak smaglio81 vickerleung nishasrilankan leew rhandels Sage Wizard Master Master Guru Master Master Master Master Master Master Wizard Master Master Master Master Master Master Master Guru Master Master Master Excel Excel Excel Excel Web Development Web Development Programming ASP.NET ASP.NET ASP.NET ASP.NET Windows 98 VB.NET VB.NET VB.NET Outlook Win Server 2003 Win Server 2003 ColdFusion Flash Flash Microsoft Network Microsoft Network
Expert Certified in Topic Area
peter57r ladylinet Kdo ssnkumar emoreau wesly_chen rindi nobus stockhes sathishv Batalf ldbkutty JFrederick29 Dr-IP harbor235 GrahamSkan n0ch1ps SteveGTR tim_holman diasroshan Lobo gheist Guru Master Wizard Master Guru Wizard Master Master Master Master Master Master Wizard Guru Master Wizard Master Wizard Master Master Master Master Crystal Reports Crystal Reports C C VB Controls Linux Linux Desktops Desktops XML HTML JSP Routers Routers Routers Word IIS MS-DOS VPN PowerBuilder Photoshop Unix Net.
1252 experts have 1962 certifications: Genius:29 Sage:85 Wizard:133 Guru:343 Master:1372
Tip for New Members: If you haven't read it, read it

Almost all of the problems new users have at Experts Exchange arise because they haven't read the Membership Agreement when they registered. We can't really blame you; there's a lot of legal jargon, and most of it will never apply to you. But there's one thing you can do, and that's read the Help page section that deals with the MA.

We've taken the time to go through it and tell you what it means, line by line, and we've put into simple sentences, so it should be pretty clear. The Help page will also tell you a lot about the customs and unwritten rules at EE, so it's worth taking half an hour or so to read through it.

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