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FEBRUARY 19, 2014

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What's New at Experts Exchange
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Windows XP and other Targets

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What's New at E-E

Product Advisory Committee In case you missed it, the product review committee includes Admins WhackAMod and Netminder, along with lherrou, Ray_Paseur, thinkpads_user, LSMConsulting and JDettman.

Projects that have gone through the first stage of review include:

  • Hire me: The Hire Me button is coming back. Clicking on it will open a window that allows a member to send another member an email that can be used to request a proposal for a project or ask for a resume as a precursor to offering employment. One thing to remember when it does come out: The Terms of User restrictions on soliciting for employment in threads still apply.
  • Video mini-tutorials: EE will be building a library of video tutorials created by members.
  • Navigation: The logged-in version of navigating the site is getting a working over. One of the primary goals is reserving more space on the page for content, while making it easier for EE members to find and take advantage of some of the lesser-used and new functionalities on the site.

We'll try to keep you up to date about what the committee is working on.

snow globeshirt T-Shirts Other stuff: You might have gotten an email earlier this week about redeeming the t-shirts (awarded for earning certificates) for other goodies in the EE Storage Room. There's a catalog of items, and the items are strictly limited to stock on hand, so if you have t-shirts to redeem and don't want more t-shirts, now is the time to get in on the action. We highly recommend the long-sleeved shirt, the USB drive, the back pack and, of course, the snow globe.

Kudos: Topic Advisor padas came across a question from jaymenagy about the "pros and cons" of procedural vs. object-oriented programming in PHP. He got responses from ChrisStanyon, Ray_Paseur, jmiller1979 and a short aside from aikimark that summed up the discussion succinctly. If you're not sure what the difference is and when you should use which, this is a great thread no matter what language you're using.

dwillpower needed to figure out a way to parse a text file into columns in Excel so it could be imported into an Access database. aikimark wrote a simple little routine to import the file directly into Access, and then followed that up with a query to help look at the data. dwillpower's reaction: Rockstar!

TechSoEasy has been pretty busy over the last couple of years, but when he shows up at Experts Exchange, good things happen for users of Small Business Server. Marshalk upgraded, and when he did, he couldn't find his shared calendar. TSE offered him a pretty simple suggestion, and when it worked, Marshalk said: Done and done. I thank you for your assistance in this. I guess lack of sleep did not help because this answer was too easy. I really appreciate your perspective as I would not have thought to "reboot" in my present state of mind. Again, I truely appreciate your help. Jeff is a lifesaver.

Referrals: Experts Exchange's referral program enables you to pick up some extra cash by referring friends, co-workers and that cousin who always wants to you fix his computer for free to Experts Exchange. New Premium Service and Business Account members get a discount, and you can earn up to $50 per account. The caveats: 1) it's for new accounts only; 2) the email address in your profile must match the email address in a PayPal account; and 3) your referred member must use the link created by the system (go to your profile, click Rewards and then Referral) when registering. It works for people who earn Qualified Expert status too. My secret? I had a stamp made of my unique URL and I put that on the back of a business card.

Expert badge: If you haven't grabbed one already, be sure to nab your very own certified Expert Badge and show off your skills on your personal blog or website. All the cool kids are doing it!

Nata's Corner

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Nata's Picturethinking This could be the scariest thing you've read in years.

And here, I just thought the Other Half was the only one with the problem. I already know he's not the only one with the problem of there being only 48 days (as of February 19) before Windows XP turns into a pumpkin. If you're finally thinking of upgrading to Windows 7, you'll find that it comes with Microsoft's Easy Transfer software, but you'll need to download it to your old computer. And yes, I plan on reminding you about this every issue until then.

Doesn't this happen to everyone? Your cell phone dies when you're in the middle of nowhere with only some friut, some tie wires and a couple of nails? And you have to charge it right now? Don't worry; I've found a solution for you.

Computers in the United States still send out more spam than anyone, which makes sense when you figure they have more computers than anyone. You would think that if the cable and telephone companies are so worried about how their Intertubes are getting clogged with all those videos of cute cats that they'd figure out a way to shut it down -- especially since they're keeping track of all that data for the NSA to ask for anyway.

Speaking of being watched, it seems pretty reasonable to me that if some company is using an app on my cell phone to track where I'm going, then I should be able to find out which apps are doing it -- especially if it's one of those friendly Facebook-type things that says "Oh, here... you can go into this store that's only half a block away and buy something so they'll keep giving us advertising money."

Can someone explain to me why people would continue to use software made by a company that doesn't protect its users and then ignores a flaw that can be used to spam millions of those same users? One thing I'll give them: they showed Comcast the way to deal with a breach: ignore it.

Finally, here's why that 20-something you know can't get a job.

In Brief

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Ooops. Also, Kickstarter and Forbes are the lasted websites to be hacked for user data, as were Comcast's servers.

I'll alert the media (who will share it, of course): Apparently, trolls can't help themselves.

Why we don't have to worry very much about US government spying: Because as citizens, we can always retaliate. Ain't democracy wonderful?

It was only a matter of time: If you're really into duping $850... er... $750... er... $638.37 into something for which you get nothing back, try playing lots of Donkey Kong.

Time to bone up on your skills: The rules are out for the Pwn2Own contests that include prizes of up to $150,000 for a half hour's worth of coding.

It's always been a short step from "arresting vandals" to "repression": The British government used DDOS attacks to slow down Anonymous.

No honor among thieves: One of the reasons Bitcoins are so popular is because they can be used to purchase just about anything -- and we mean anything, legal or not. Another is that they can be stolen from almost anywhere.

Dumbfounded: One of the most annoying things we can find out about is when an employee gets blamed because his bosses weren't smart enough to think of things they gave him permission to do -- like use a spider to crawl through their files using readily available software.

Maybe we should set up a pool: Does anyone want to take a guess which company's database got "borrowed" and used to hack Yahoo Mail?

Super Boring: Unless you're addicted to [American] football, an insane fan of either Denver or Seattle, or just watched for the commercials, you know the game was over after the first play from scrimmage. Now we know what you did while not watching the game. Our favorite: Kia.

But it doesn't say "Paul is dead": A movie that works both backward and forward.

Another Obvious Loser: Add this to the list of rules CEOs should never break. Never blame babies when cutting your company's benefits, especially when Mom has a computer, and you've had your best year in a decade. Besides health benefits, the boss wants to cut retirement benefits, too.

Sochi isn't so much different from Kingston: The Jamaican bobsleigh team crowd-funded its trip to the Olympics.

In requiem: Flappy Bird. For now, unless you look hard enough (just don't go catching the Android Avian flu). Also, former Ambassador Shirley T. Black. She also made a few movies.

Maybe it's not that smart after all: You might want to find an alternative to staying at a Holiday Inn Express; a hotel management company reported a data breach a couple of weeks ago. In a related item, here's a primer on how Point of Sale breaches work... and to think it all started with a small HVAC contractor.

But... but... but... we're GOOGLE! Unfortunately for the Search folks, they don't make the rules in San Francisco bay.

Sign of the Apocalypse: Windows XP powers 95 per cent of ATMS ... worldwide. Apropos of which, Microsoft's "Patch Tuesday" update last week did not have any updates specific to Windows XP. A decidedly low tech problem.


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New Genius: gowflow is the thirtieth member of Experts Exchange to earn a Genius certificate in the Excel topic area.


  • angelIII has earned 3,000,000 points in six different topic areas, most recently in PHP; no other member has earned 3,000,000 points in more than four topic areas.
  • Ray_Paseur has become the first member of Experts Exchange to earn 16,000,000 points in PHP.
  • We neglected to note, in our last issue, that TheLearnedOne has earned over 7,000,000 points in the .NET topic area.
  • CodeCruiser has earned 13,000,000 points since joining EE.
  • slightwv has reached the 9,000,000 point level.
  • Qlemo has earned 6,000,000 points since joining EE.
  • Sembee2 has earned 4,000,000 points in the Exchange Server topic area.
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