February 10, 2004
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Security, especially in e-commerce websites, has been a hot topic for years. The first provider of secure site licenses is the sponsor of this issue; the box below contains links to some free information from them, and will even give you a free trial certificate. Check them out...
In this issue
Microsoft MVPs
We received late word that a fifth EE member -- Silvers5 -- was named to the prestigious Microsoft MVP list
Welcoming back an old friend
amp, one of our favorite Moderators, has rejoined our team
Your questions and solutions
Page Editor majorwoo found some interesting questions on security
Nata weighs in on the dangers -- to your computer -- of smoking
Featured Expert
samri is your best bet if you're running Apache
Page Editor
Meet majorwoo, who can help you with your networking questions
Natalie Salambier's corner
Nata offers up a post that got her attention, and gets an assist from AndyITsupport on viruses and how they evolve
Microsoft MVP: Silvers5
Wes Lennon, the Director of Community Services, and Austin Miller, one of EE's owners, were asked by Microsoft to nominate members for consideration for Microsoft's Most Valuable Professional award. Last issue, we told you about four of them; this issue, the spotlight is on one more.

Silvers5 joined Experts Exchange in July, 2000. He has certifications galore, and spends most of his time in EE working in the web development topic areas, but his interests don't stop there. He says he has "well to solid knowledge in: XP, Win2K, NT, Radius, Ascend RASes, Mail servers, most MS .Net family servers, load balancing, clustering, web clustering & farming, datawarehosing & BI, Emerald BS, routing & routers setup, network topologies and troubleshooting, TCP/IP, FTP, SMTP, HTTP, NetBios, SOAP..." -- there isn't much he doesn't know. A Hall of Fame Member, he is also Number 2 all time in the ASP topic area.

Congratulations, Silvers5 -- you've done EE proud!

Welcome home, amp
amp, one of the first Moderators at Experts Exchange -- she joined EE in July, 1997 -- has rejoined the team. Please join us in welcoming her back -- she's assured us that she'll keep all of us on our toes.

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Sidebar: smoking
Computer experts used to keep their computer systems in a dust free, temperature controlled room and required everyone to wear static free shoe covers before entering their computer enviroments. Today people eat and drink over their keyboards or sit an ashtray right near the monitor.

Despite all of the advancements cigarette smoke is still bad for your computer. Smoke can especially mess up your computer's hard disk since the tiny particles get trapped between the head and the platters.

Chemicals in smoke coat your monitor screen and keyboard making them turn an ugly shade of brownish-yellow. Cigarette smoke also affects the precision optics of CD-ROM and DVD-ROM drives along with the disks.

If you want to smoke (do so at your own risk) but, do it outside.

Your Questions and Answers Featured Expert
Fake Microsoft Security Msg
It's not a lot of points, but it's one more reminder to be careful about seemingly friendly messages -- not just from Microsoft, but from EBay and PayPal as well.
Date: 01/21/2004 02:42PM PST
View the solution

SSL certificates and virtual hosts alongside regular hosts
"How can I use SSL on a per site basis and not a per Apache instance or machine basis and still be able to run the non-secure sites?"
Date: 01/07/2004 05:12AM PST
View the solution

Still open:4000-5000 Hits per hour. Suggested apache hardware & settings
"Came into work today and our server load is well over 70, and it's impossible to even get a command in... so it's probably time to revise settings and upgrade hardware... we have classes of students (25) all clicking on the same thing at the same time, and the server needs to be able to cope with that..."
Points: 500
Date: 02/03/2004 08:30PM PST
Can you help?

Meet Samri Shah
samri joined Experts Exchange in late December, 1999, and insists he's an "Expert on nothing," but we're not so sure. He's the top ranking Expert on Apache servers, and he's picked up points in 25 other topic areas as well, including Linux, Unix, and even some of the Windows TAs.
Login Name: samri
Registration Date: December 28, 1999
Expert Points: 191418
Rank: 1 (Apache)
The Premium Services include a number of features not available to "limited" members. Among them:You can purchase Premium Services on a month-to-month, semi-annual or annual basis, and take full advantage of all that Experts Exchange has to offer!
Page Editor: majorwoo
majorwoo graduated with a BS in Computer Science and an IT minor (Network Administration - CCNA), and is currently working on a Masters of Science in Computer Information Systems. He has recently taken a new job in Georgia working as Systems Administrator/Customer Support Engineer providing worldwide Linux technical support for all of his company's -- a Boeing subsidiary -- products.
Nata Salambier's Corner   AndyITsupport on viruses
All too often we forget why we came to Experts Exchange IT site and stayed. We ask ourselves "Why do I stay or why am I still here"? I think this expert answered the question for us. The comment follows and I think it would do all of us alot of good to read and re-read this and maybe you will realize as I did that it is about learning and the good feeling we get when we help others, not only at Experts Exchange but in our everyday lives. I personally would like to thank our Expert member, Fatal_Exception for letting me submit and share his/her comment with all of you. I know it put a smile on my face and made another day a little more special.

  Remember the original Klez virus? Wasn't too hard to remove. Once it was off the system, it was normally off for good. Now Elkern, Klez's big brother want to come out and play (more like wreck havok on your networked systems). I have noticed a significant decrease in network performance since the network where I work was infected by Elkern. Unlike Klez, Elkern just keeps coming back! Elkern is a variation of Klez. With most virus variations, it gets more aggressive with each variation. Listed below are some links to find out about some recent discoveries of viruses, including some old ones that may still pose a threat. Note: All the virus names are in the Symantec format.

Virus: W32.Blaster.K.worm
Link: http://www.sarc.com/avcenter/venc/data/w32.blaster.k.worm.html
Virus: W32.Dumaru.AD@mm
Link: http://www.sarc.com/avcenter/venc/data/w32.dumaru.ad@mm.html
Virus: W32.Galil.F@mm
Link: http://www.sarc.com/avcenter/venc/data/w32.galil.f@mm.html
To find these viruses and many others, I recommend TrendMicro's HouseCall -- a free, online virus scan utility that is up-to-date with the latest definitions.
I think the copy and paste issue arrises because some experts are in such a rush to post and get into the thread first... When I started here 2 months ago, I took my time and found that I was getting my ideas in late... and that was frustrating....

but in the end, I think the reason we are here is for the satisfaction of helping others... the points are nice and good bragging rights, but more so, it is a chance to learn and interact with others in the IT community... Working with all of you has been extremely rewarding, and that is where I get my points...!!

At least, that is what I think on the subject.. :)


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