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JANUARY 30, 2013

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What's New at Experts Exchange
From the SLO and beyond

Aces and Prodigies
The new ranks at Experts Exchange

Nata's Corner
Falling for a fake Tweet notif

Editor's Choice Article
Troubleshooting group policies

In Brief
Things you might have missed

Who did what through Jan. 26

What's New at E-E

jennhpNew Expert: Holden Matthew Prentice, the son of Russ and Jenn Prentice, arrived at 2:48 am on Monday, January 7. He weighed 7 lbs 14 ounces and was 20 inches long. Our best wishes to the new parents!

T-shirt Designs: With the addition of two new ranks (plus the fact that it's been a while), we're opening up the doors to get EE members' designs for new t-shirts. The guidelines are pretty straightforward:

  • Shirt must incorporate the Experts Exchange logo
  • Design must include space for rank name (Master, Guru, etc)
  • Maximum 16" x 20" design dimensions

Email your print-ready artwork to socialmedia@e-e.com. In the coming weeks, we will display all entries for voting.

In beta-testing: If you're a network or system administrator, you might want to take a look at Experts Exchange's "datacenter rack utilization and locator application", also known as dRACKula. Designed by EE's sysadmins, who were frustrated with lost productivity configuring and updating server racks, it allows you to monitor and update your systems with a smart phone or tablet -- from anywhere.

Podcasts: We've had two podcasts since the last newsletter. The first featured Admins Jason Levine and Eric Peterson talking about CES, the Expert Awards and anything else that came up; the second featured longtime Expert and Microsoft MVP Jim Dettman on the future of Microsoft Access. All of the Experts Exchange podcasts are available on iTunes and SoundCloud, and you can listen to them on the Stitcher app for iOS and Android mobile devices.

Free trial: Know someone who could benefit from Experts Exchange, but who has always said that s/he doesn't want to spend some money on something without trying it? Have that person fill out this form and they'll get a 90-day free trial.

Kudos: arthurh88's post in Community Support pretty much says it all:

I first came to EE about 5 years ago. Over that course of time, I have asked more than 600 questions. The reason is because I started my own business, which required a lot of programming, something I was never trained in. Now, our business is a highly successful business that employs several people, and our site hit a landmark 1 million page views in 1 month. Could not have happened without the help of EE. The hundreds of times I was 'stuck', every single time except for only a dozen or so, I got an accurate answer that solved the problem. Hats off to EE and the people here. People have good paying jobs, because of this site.

YZlat isn't a new member, but is just learning Oracle, so when she ran into an error message she hadn't seen before, slightwv gave her some help: "Thank you so much! You are always very helpful and I have no idea what I would do without you the past couple of months."

Hwy419 was looking for an Excel macro, and got a more than complete solution from matthewspatrick in less than 40 minutes: "My goodness, Mr. Matthews, I can't tell you how thankful I am that you have responded and did so as quickly as you did. This has worked wonderfully and I am VERY impressed with your knowledge and capability where this solution is concerned. A+ Man, you are a tremendous asset to Experts Exchange. Thank you again!"

Editor's Choice Article

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10 Ways to Troubleshoot Group Policy
By Jmoody10

Group Policy is a solid tool and is very stable. Microsoft has made constant improvements to it since Windows 2000. It allows for the configuration and deployment of pretty much anything in your Active Directory environment. From deploying software to setting the default printer, it works. But when it doesnt, Microsoft has provided great guidelines and tools in order to troubleshoot.

Start with the Scope

1. The most common issue seen with Group Policy is a setting not being applied. The first place to check is the Scope Tab on the Group Policy Object (GPO). If you are configuring a computer side setting, make sure the GPO is linked to the Organization Unit (OU) that contains the computer. If the GPO configures a user side setting, it needs to be linked to the OU containing the correct user. Remember, GPOs cannot be linked to an OU that just contains security groups.


Aces and Prodigies

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At the end of last year, Experts Exchange added two new ranks -- Aces and Prodigies -- to the certificates (and t-shirts) that can be earned for answering questions and writing articles. Below is a list of all of the members holding those ranks as of January 1; we'll be mentioning the new awardees in our Milestones each issue.

Expert In Topic Area Certificate
CodeCruiser.NET ProgrammingAce
Idle_Mind.NET ProgrammingAce
TheLearnedOne.NET ProgrammingAce
capricorn1Access Coding/MacrosProdigy
capricorn1Access FormsAce
KCTSActive DirectoryAce
mkline71Active DirectoryProdigy
khkremerAdobe AcrobatAce
jason1178Adobe DreamweaverAce
lrmooreCisco PIX/ASAAce
_agx_ColdFusion LanguageAce
frodomanCrystal ReportsAce
sjef_bosmanLotus NotesAce
angelIIIMisc DatabasesAce
CallandorMisc HardwareAce
lrmooreMisc NetworkingAce
GRayLMS AccessAce
harfangMS AccessAce
JDettmanMS AccessAce
jimhornMS AccessAce
LPurvisMS AccessAce
matthewspatrickMS AccessAce
shanesuebsahakarnMS AccessAce
stevbeMS AccessAce
boag2000MS AccessProdigy
LSMConsultingMS AccessProdigy
mbizupMS AccessProdigy
nico5038MS AccessProdigy
peter57rMS AccessProdigy
rockiroadsMS AccessProdigy
barryhoudiniMS ExcelAce
brettdjMS ExcelAce
chris_bottomleyMS ExcelAce
dlmilleMS ExcelAce
jeveristMS ExcelAce
nutschMS ExcelAce
Expert In Topic Area Certificate
patrickabMS ExcelAce
teylynMS ExcelAce
byundtMS ExcelProdigy
matthewspatrickMS ExcelProdigy
saurabh726MS ExcelProdigy
keith_alabasterMS Forefront-ISAAce
tedbillyMS SharePointAce
chapmandewMS SQL ServerAce
LowfatspreadMS SQL ServerAce
acperkinsMS SQL ServerProdigy
aneeshattingalMS SQL ServerProdigy
ScottPletcherMS SQL ServerProdigy
aneeshattingalMS SQL Server 2005Ace
chapmandewMS SQL Server 2005Ace
rrjegan17MS SQL Server 2005Ace
angelIIIMS SQL Server 2005Prodigy
GrahamSkanMS WordProdigy
angelIIIMySQL ServerAce
schwertnerOracle DatabaseAce
sdstuberOracle DatabaseAce
slightwvOracle DatabaseProdigy
Ray_PaseurPHP and DatabasesAce
angelIIIQuery SyntaxAce
RobWillSBS Small Business ServerAce
TechSoEasySBS Small Business ServerProdigy
andyalderServer HardwareAce
woolmilkporcUnix OSAce
RobSampsonVB ScriptProdigy
Idle_MindVisual Basic ClassicAce
FernandoSotoVisual Basic.NETAce
jpaulinoVisual Basic.NETAce
Idle_MindVisual Basic.NETProdigy
TheLearnedOneVisual Basic.NETProdigy
Jay_Jay70Windows 2003 ServerAce
KCTSWindows 2003 ServerAce
leewWindows 2003 ServerAce
Netman66Windows 2003 ServerAce
oBdAWindows 2003 ServerProdigy
dariusgWindows Server 2008Ace
johnb6767Windows XPAce
LeeTutorWindows XPAce
nobusWindows XPAce
SheharyaarSaahilWindows XPAce

Nata's Corner

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Nata's PictureotherhalfMy new favorite site: Bing's travel adviser that includes a feature that tells you whether to buy your ticket now or wait a few weeks.

The other half fell for it last week. He got an email notification that one of his colleagues had tweeted something to him -- a note about finding a photo of him. Since a very old photo of him (at right) had been posted online recently, he committed the worst of all Internet sins: he clicked the link, and sent out the same message to every one of his Twitter followers, who are probably all secretly very happy it happened to him.

I'll be the first to admit that I'm not in the greatest of shape -- there are lots of things I probably should do that I don't -- but at least I don't have most of the problems Fitness magazine says high cell phone users could have. One thing they didn't list was the likelihood of being shunned if you're constantly checking (and responding to) text messages you get. Maybe it's just me, but there aren't very many things that are more rude than being in a conversation with someone who checks a text in mid-sentence and then starts thumbing away in response.

I used to think about buying the extended warranties offered on all kinds of things by electronics stores, but the other half told me about how a company he worked for sold them on all kinds of things, knowing that in almost every case, either a problem wouldn't be covered by a warranty (spilling coffee on a cash register) or it would be covered by another product the company sold -- a "maintenance agreement". So I wasn't all that surprised to see extended warranties on lifehacker's six tech myths, but the one about cables caught me a little by surprise.

If you haven't updated your Facebook privacy settings recently, you probably should. It's not so much that anything has changed with them, but the introduction of Graph Search does make it a lot easier for people to find you, especially since you can't opt out of being in the results. Here's a decent guide. Facebook has also made it possible for US and Canadian iPhone users to make phone calls for free, instead of using your minutes.

In Brief

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26 Acts: The children of Newtown have a song to sing; it's available at Amazon and iTunes.

The first rule of social networking: If you're the star player on a team playing for a national championship, assume the worst, because the Internet always finds out, and always comes up with a t-shirt. Apropos of which, has anyone done a Facebook Graph search for "friends who have fake girlfriends"? Or you can always get your own.

Say it isn't so: Atari has filed for bankruptcy.

In requiem: Earl Weaver, who, in his day, would have out-tweeted Mark Cuban (who has his own issues); Stan Musial (sorry, but your editor can't wait for pitchers and catchers to report in a couple of weeks); Dear Abby (the columnist, not the column); after just over five years, LinkedIn Answers; and as of March 15, Windows Messenger.

On the other hand, Office 2013 launched yesterday.

Somewhere, Steve Jobs is giggling: Bill says his wife is wrong about whether the kids want iPhones.

"But I don't even like Mountain Dew..." Facebook has settled the lawsuit over using its users in "sponsored stories" without their permission.

More power: Twitter is still trying to figure out what to do about big huge events that lots of people are interested in. Where's the fail whale when we need it?

This wasn't in the Inaugural Address: The Obama Administration has announced that it won't build a Death Star. "Why would we spend countless taxpayer dollars on a Death Star with a fundamental flaw that can be exploited by a one-man starship?"

Lockpicking gets harder: Last Saturday, the rules that allowed unlocking your cell phone (in the US) expired. Now, you have to either buy a phone that's already unlocked (the iPhone 5 can be purchased that way) or get your carrier to unlock it (carriers usually will when your two-year-contract is done). (Thanks for the heads up, Jim!)

But they're new and shiny: Finally, someone listed nine useless gadgets that were at the CES a few weeks ago. We've gotta admit, though -- after watching our 19-month-old granddaughter use an iPad over the holidays, the digital potty has some merit.

See if you can follow this: Austrian Turks are unhappy about the LEGO Jabba's Palace.

Sports report: Microsoft's Steve Ballmer is one of the people who is trying to buy the NBA's Sacramento Kings -- so their new uniforms will be BSOD Blue and White, won't defend against anything and they'll randomly crash at least twice a week. The Sacramento folks are looking to Oracle's Larry Ellison, who has previously lost out in bids to buy not one but but two NBA franchises.

No news is news: CBS, which owns c|net, forbid its online tech news arm from giving one of its awards and publishing reviews of the the Dish Hopper because CBS is suing Dish.

Signs of the Apocalypse: Facebook is experimenting with a paywall for messaging. Outsourcing your job for fun and profit. A student was expelled from his university for helping them find security flaws in their systems (are you paying attention, Andrew?). The Top 20 Twitter accounts list.


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New Ace: ssaqibh has eared his Ace certificate in Microsoft Excel.

New Geniuses: Two Experts -- Subsun and Sembee2 -- have earned Genius certificates in Microsoft Exchange. ve3ofa is the fifth Genius in Windows 7, and feridun has become the first Genius in the Microsoft Dynamics topic area.


Expert In Topic Area Certificate
meeran03.NET ProgrammingGuru
agarwalrahul.NET ProgrammingMaster
jmiller1979.NET ProgrammingMaster
sedgwick.NET ProgrammingSage
amitkulshresthaActive DirectoryGuru
sirbountyActive DirectoryGuru
SubsunActive DirectoryGuru
ArneLoviusActive DirectoryMaster
dragon-itActive DirectoryMaster
xDUCKxActive DirectoryMaster
sarang_tinguriaActive DirectoryWizard
kode99Backup / RestoreMaster
hanccockaBackup / RestoreSage
AnthonyRussoChat / IMMaster
max_the_kingCisco PIX/ASAMaster
dgrafxColdFusion LanguageWizard
HagayMandelContent ManagementMaster
MereteDigital Living HardwareGuru
DaveBaldwinEmail ProtocolsMaster
ArneLoviusHardware FirewallsGuru
breadtanHardware FirewallsMaster
padasInternet MarketingMaster
woolmilkporcLinux NetworkingGuru
sigurarmMac OS XGuru
jessc7Microsoft IIS Web ServerMaster
McKnifeMicrosoft OSGuru
awawadaMicrosoft OSMaster
PantherTechMicrosoft OSMaster
smckeown777Microsoft OSMaster
SSharmaMicrosoft OSMaster
upalakshithaMicrosoft OSMaster
mattvmotasMisc NetworkingGuru
davorinMisc NetworkingMaster
MysidiaMisc NetworkingMaster
oBdAMisc OSSage
developmentguruMisc ProgrammingGuru
ThommyMisc ProgrammingMaster
woolmilkporcMisc ProgrammingMaster
padasMisc Web DevGuru
jrm213jrm213Misc Web DevMaster
DoDahDMS ApplicationsMaster
MartinLissMS ApplicationsMaster
xxdcmastMS ApplicationsMaster
peter57rMS DevelopmentGuru
guru_samiMS DevelopmentMaster
ve3ofaMS DevelopmentMaster
CodeCruiserMS DevelopmentSage
feridunMS DynamicsGenius
ssaqibhMS ExcelAce
Expert In Topic Area Certificate
als315MS ExcelGuru
RartemassMS ExcelMaster
terencinoMS ExcelMaster
alanhardistyMS Server AppsGuru
Jeff_SchertzMS Server AppsMaster
jimes82MS SharePointGuru
yagyashreeMS SharePointGuru
BembiMS SharePointMaster
teylynMS SharePointSage
lwadwellMS SQL ServerGuru
SaurvMS SQL ServerGuru
santhimurthydMS SQL ServerMaster
sjwalesMS SQL ServerMaster
CGLuttrellMS SQL ServerWizard
CodeCruiserMS SQL ServerWizard
dbaduckMS SQL ServerWizard
kaufmedMS SQL Server 2005Guru
CrashmanMS SQL Server 2008Master
sjwalesMS SQL Server 2008Master
CGLuttrellMS SQL Server 2008Sage
EugeneZMS SQL Server 2008Wizard
madunixNetwork ManagementMaster
pergrNetwork ManagementMaster
QlemoNetwork ManagementMaster
rindiNetwork ManagementMaster
asavenerNetworking HardwareMaster
Docteur_ZOracle DatabaseMaster
BillDLPhotos / Graphics Soft.Master
paulsauvePhotos / Graphics Soft.Master
CGLuttrellQuery SyntaxGuru
QlemoQuery SyntaxWizard
lamaslanySBS Small Business ServerMaster
SubsunScripting LanguagesMaster
ArneLoviusStorage MiscMaster
jkrSystem ProgrammingMaster
tfewsterUnix OSWizard
SubsunVB ScriptMaster
capricorn1VB ScriptWizard
redmondbVisual Basic ClassicMaster
JRSCGIVoice Over IPGuru
jcimarronWeb BrowsersSage
Slick812Web Languages/StandardsMaster
ve3ofaWeb ServersGuru
padasWeb ServersMaster
tedbillyWeb Services and WCFMaster
DaveBaldwinWindows 2003 ServerMaster
TG-TISWindows 2003 ServerMaster
ve3ofaWindows 7Genius
IanThWindows 7Guru
strungWindows 7Master
TG-TISWindows 7Master
flubbsterWindows OSGuru
breadtanWindows OSMaster
yo_beeWindows Server 2008Guru
bill_lynchWindows Server 2008Master
olafdcWindows Server 2008Master
pjamWindows Server 2008Master
SommerblinkWindows Server 2008Master
VenurajavWindows Server 2008Master
motnahp00Windows Server 2008Wizard
xxdcmastWindows Server 2008Wizard