January 28, 2004
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Security, especially in e-commerce websites, has been a hot topic for years. The first provider of secure site licenses is the sponsor of this issue; the box below contains links to some free information from them, and will even give you a free trial certificate. Check them out...
In this issue
Microsoft MVPs
Two of our own -- PeteLong and stevenlewis -- are the latest additions to Microsoft's prestigious Most Valuable Professionals list
Your questions and solutions
Page Editors zenlion420 and The--Captain know security and networking.
What's New: New Topics
The system is now in place; those topic areas you've been asking for are now appearing at a web browser near you
Featured Experts
jlevie and lrmoore are two of EE's best
Two more Page Editors
Meet The--Captain and zenlion420, two Members who are there to help you get solutions to your questions.
Natalie Salambier's corner
Nata offers everything you always wanted to know about getting rid of spam.
Microsoft MVPs: PeteLong, stevenlewis, Netman66 and kidego
Wes Lennon, the Director of Community Services, and Austin Miller, one of EE's owners, were asked by Microsoft to nominate members for consideration for Microsoft's Most Valuable Professional award. Four of the nominees -- all outstanding members at Experts Exchange -- have been awarded MVP status.

PeteLong is a relative newbie at Experts Exchange, having joined in April, 2003, but he's made the most of his tenure, amassing over 700,000 points, which puts him near the top of almost every Microsoft operating system topic area. He is the ITC Projects Manager for the Middlesbrough Primary Care Trust, part of the National Health Care system in Great Britain, and has the good grace to call Experts Exchange his favorite web site.

stevenlewis is anything but a newbie. He joined EE in September, 2000, and since then has earned over 1,500,000 points, which puts him third on EE's Hall of Fame. He does double duty, as the IT Manager for a small midwestern manufacturing company and as the senior tech for a small ISP, and he hits the links at every available opportunity, proving that there IS life outside Experts Exchange.

Netman66 is also fairly new to Experts Exchange, having joined in January, 2003, but he is making his mark in the Windows server topic areas. He notes that he feels he received the award "in large part due to you and your site. I'm very appreciative to all of you for both your support and your most excellent forum to assist others."

If there is a true specialist among EE's MVPs, it would have to be Kidego, who has made his mark in the Microsoft Exchange TA, where he has over 367,000 points since joining EE in December, 2002. He has been administering Exchange servers for over nine years, including a stint at Microsoft's PSS site in North Carolina, and is the Page Editor for the various email topic editors.

Congratulations, gentlemen -- it is truly an honor to have you as members!


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What's New
Topic Areas! It's been a long time coming, but EE has finally started adding Topic Areas based on Member demand.

Word Perfect Office Suite
MultiMedia Applications
Operating Systems:
Windows Server 2003
Free BSD
Notebooks Wireless
PDAs All

802.11b Dev to 802.11x Dev
802.11b User to 802.11x User

More to follow! Keep an eye on Community News and on Community Support.

Your Questions and Answers Featured Experts
pgp openpgp gnupg Server
This question tells you how to encrypt email on a Linux server to a Windows system -- cheaply.
Date: 12/03/2003 03:10PM PST
View the solution

Setting up ecommerce site
Interested in e-commerce sites? This question has links to most major ecommerce processing sites, with explanations
Date: 07/19/2003 12:59AM PDT
View the solution

Is this example protected by Secure Certificate?
Here are all the basics of sending data from HTML forms to a secured page.
Date: 07/19/2003 12:59AM PDT
View the solution

Still open: web hosting security
Already familiar with designing e-commerce sites? Maybe you can help this user along in the learning process:
Points: 125
Date: 01/15/2004 08:38AM PST
Can you help?

Still open: Sniffer Seeker
Or, to put it another way, a sniffer sniffer... Besides having some good advice to find unauthorized sniffers on your network, there are some truly funny lines.
Points: 50
Date: 01/15/2004 10:02AM PST
Can you help?

The SANS Guide to Security Vulnerabilities
The vast majority of worms and other successful cyber attacks are made possible by vulnerabilities in a small number of common operating system services. They count on organizations not fixing the problems, and they often attack indiscriminately, scanning the Internet for any vulnerable systems. Is this your network?
Read about it here.

Meet Jim Levie
jlevie has "always been the favorite expert" of Page Editor The--Captain. "He has more patience than anyone I've ever met, and his answers are usually dead-on. He may have sold his soul to BSD, but I can forgive him for that (hehe)", The--Captain says. "He also convinced me to stick around EE when I was feeling frustrated with some of the environment long ago." With an endorsement like that, who can argue?
Login Name: jlevie
Registration Date: January 19, 2000
Expert Points: 1198248
Rank: 1 (Linux, Linux Admin, Linux Networking, Linux Printing, Linux Setup, Sendmail), 13 (Overall)

Meet Les Moore
lrmoore is a Cisco Certified Network Professional, a Cisco Certified Design Professional-Wireless, and a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer with more than 16 years in the networking industry. Major areas of expertise: frame-relay (it took him a while, but he got EE to rename it properly), LAN switching, PIX firewall, Cisco IOS firewall, VPNs, network management. lrmoore is also a CCIE-Security Candidate.
Login Name: lrmoore
Registration Date: July 22, 2000
Expert Points: 1319720
Rank: 1 (Firewalls, Networking, Routers/Switches, VPN), 2 (Security), 9 (Overall)

The Premium Services include a number of features not available to "limited" members. Among them: You can purchase Premium Services on a month-to-month, semi-annual or annual basis, and take full advantage of all that Experts Exchange has to offer!
Page Editor: The--Captain   Page Editor: zenlion420
Born and raised in the flatlands of the US midwest,I started fiddling with networks and the Internet about 10 years ago (although I've always played with computers). I get by running my own consulting service, which can be the best job or the worst job I ever had, depending on the day.   I am the owner/operator of a small web-design and custom PC design/repair business. Currently, my main areas of interest are: Flash(ActionScript) and CSS, although I really enjoy troubleshooting hardware issues and building PCs as well. I've been with Experts-Exchange for roughly four months now, and look forward to serving this wonderful online community in any way that I can.
Natalie Salambier's Corner: Getting rid of spam
I hate spam. I think almost everyone does. I've often wondered what the email boxes of those... okay, you know ... people who send me all kinds of information on V1agra, v*i*a*g*r*a, and vaigra look like.

But I found a site the other day that I think might help cut down on the junk I get: http://spam.abuse.net. There is a ton of information there, and some great tips for users of all stripes: Windows, Linux, Unix and Mac. If there's one thing we can all agree on -- it's that spam is the true scourge of the Internet.

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