January 25, 2006
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The Experts By The Numbers
Most Valuable Expert - Site Wide
Member Total Pts
Sembee angelIII leew war1 amit_g objects lrmoore TheLearnedOne byundt Batalf 3,805,578 3,278,351 2,990,152 2,443,339 2,320,171 2,250,530 2,189,323 2,112,993 1,896,680 1,895,590
Most Valuable Rookie Expert - Site Wide
Member Points
rafrancisco BriCrowe Gertone Billystyx ravenpl InteractiveMind egl1044 todd_farmer softplus mkline71 1,629,573 654,125 646,718 629,044 570,805 568,219 524,581 374,348 355,774 348,832
Points are important, but some of the most interesting questions -- and best answers -- are the ones that don't have a lot of points assigned to them, or are the ones in which several Experts help.
Most Answered Questions - Site Wide
Member Answers
Sembee leew angelIII war1 objects CEHJTheLearnedOne amit_g lrmoore byundt 2852 2644 2558 1894 1787 1653 1603 1595 1557 1529
Most Points from Assists - Site Wide
Member Points
leew rindi Callandor objects CEHJ angelIII jimhorn war1 nobus ozo 334,829 312,817 287,310 287,258 269,871 236,690 229,242 225,876 213,843 181,190
The Mods' & PEs' Top Ten
The Moderators and Page Editors all look at tens thousands of questions each year, and see hundreds of members at their best every day. We asked them for their nominations, and then had them all vote on who the Best Expert at EE really is.
  1. jkr - 119 points
  2. angelIII - 118 points
  3. Callandor - 99 points
  4. war1 - 82 points
  5. Fatal_Exception - 63 points
  6. nico5038 - 61 points
  7. oBdA - 58 points
  8. TimYates - 55 points
  9. Netman66 - 44 points
  10. flavo and GrahamSkan - 41 points (tie)
Also receiving votes: Sembee, Henka, meverest, shanesuebsahakarn, LPurvis, rllibby, EddieShipman, keith_alabaster, Dave_Dietz, pcsentinel, garycase, adamdrayer, RadikalQ3, geobul.
Editor's Notes
One of the perks of this job is that we get to see almost all of Experts Exchange. Another is that we get the opportunity to make note of some things that might otherwise get overlooked in the process of putting together these awards.
First is the omission of lrmoore from the list above. Three Genius certificates says most of it, and going over the 5,000,000 point mark a couple of weeks ago says the rest; only one other member has two Genius certificates, and only four others had as many points at the end of the year.
Second is the recent ascent of objects to the number two spot in the Hall of Fame. He also passed the 6,000,000 point level, and has all but about 500,000 of those points in one TA. The next closest in a single TA is about 1,000,000 points behind.
Third is the work done by TheLearnedOne and Venabili, who have combined to help clean up over 90,000 abandoned questions, and modulo, whose 107,000 questions closed is more than double the next highest total.
Top Five Questions Asked
We asked the Moderators and Page Editors to tell us which questions they saw during 2005 were the most interesting, difficult, or entertaining. We then sent the list of questions back out, and asked them to vote.
1. Compile problems with function that accepts FAR* params. The overwhelming choice, but not because the question was so difficult. The asker, jourdain_casale, offered to donate $1,100 to the Hurricane Katrina relief effort for a solution, and did.
2. Bringing a 2003 server into a 2000 domain as a domain controller. This question involves jamesreddy and Netman66, of whom jamesreddy says, "He is the guy who saved MY career on this same problem!" The real kicker is what the Asker, BuckChrisBuck says: "Hey - you guys are brilliant - yes the answer was there all the time - but hidden- thank you so much - now I can finally get things going..."
3. Unscrambling Hamlet, from file to file. Helping students with their homework is always a little dicey. In this question, thx1138tk421 gets some assistance from two very good teachers: InteractiveMind and brettmjohnson.
4. \\MSHOME is not accessible. You might not have permission to use the network resource. You can tell that Sewingirl2000 was getting a little frustrated when she said, "Bah humbug. I think that I'll go shopping" on the third day of trying to solve the problem. stevenlewis and Fatal_Exception don't give up easily, however, and finally figured out a solution.
(Four-way tie) 5. URGENT:-Column Aggregation....or...Row summing. If you've ever wondered why databases should be normalized, this question tells you.
Hiding Server Drives for Citrix Users. oBdA gets props from Simon336697: "My god......this amount of work - you are a genius! Thank you SO VERY MUCH for providing such incredible expertise here."
Consulting Business Advice. This question goes on for a while, but it gives some great advice for someone going out on his own. It was also the subject of one of the nicest posts of the year.
Palindrome Help!! Notable in that there are some real EE heavyweights involved: sunnycoder, jkr, ozo, along with rising stars cwwkie and Kelvin_King.
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The Experts By Different Numbers
Batting Average (150,000 pts. min.)
Member Answered Comment Pct.
khkremer MediaMacros rllibby rdcpro simon_kirk Diablo84 negatyve caterham_www Gertone duz 456 164 250 229 158 470 506 155 568 512 475 171 271 249 173 517 560 172 632 572 .960 .959 .923 .920 .913 .909 .904 .901 .899 .895
Points Per Answer (150,000 pts. min.)
Member Answered Points PPA
jeverist igor_alpha negatyve tusharashah duz R_Rajesh Edwin_C fritz_the_blank capricorn1 rdcpro 191 136 506 206 512 131 114 888 1359 229 304,948 199,804 742,130 293,336 721,347 182,140 157,020 1,220,378 1,860,843 311,226 1596.6 1469.1 1466.7 1424.0 1408.9 1390.4 1377.4 1374.3 1369.3 1359.1
Sometimes, we think our friend ameba has way too much fun with information at Experts Exchange. The table on the left indicates how long, in seconds, it took the Expert to answer the listed question. The table on the right shows the number of bytes used, on average, by the Expert in each of his/her comments. The total does not include zero-point questions, and only includes normal, non-administrative comments posted before the accept date of the question.
Fastest Answers (150,000 pts. min.)
Member Time (sec.) Question ID
sirbounty routinet Bartender_1 sunray_2003 SheharyaarSaahil jimhorn Erick37 brunobear softplus zorvek 16 17 19 20 20 21 21 22 22 22 Q_21616851 Q_21454401 Q_21563213 Q_21511620 Q_21283643 Q_21566362 Q_21268454 Q_21541468 Q_21415531 Q_21490964
Bytes per post (150,000 pts. min.)
Member Posts Length
lem2802 Mikal613 knightEknight objects CEHJ kaur_dilpreet Nestorio gheist joedoe58 JOrzech 533 905 3,277 9,481 11,012 454 553 1,712 538 1,133 150.7 152.1 152.9 158.4 169.3 170.1 192.3 197.9 200.4 200.9
Page Two: More News and Notes
Nata's Corner: Keeping us busy ever since

woman in specticalsIn case anyone's interested, the first virus for the PC was discovered 20 years ago this month. I never would have thought about them then. For that matter, I wouldn't have thought very much about them until about six years ago. What's interesting is that neither did EE.

One of my friends recently asked me about leaving my computer on all the time. I don't, but that's probably because I spend a lot of time doing other things. The arguments in favor: Components last longer if they're not warming up and cooling down, and you don't have to sit through a long boot sequence. The arguments against: Cooling fans die (which means your processor can burn up) and your electric bill will be a little lower. You can also say that the constant spinning of hard drive motors and such will wear them out faster, but so does starting and stopping them -- so I'm not including that.

Bottom line: If you're working at it on and off all day, I'd leave it on. If you're just checking your mail in the morning and answering a few questions at EE in the evening, then I'd turn it off in the meantime.

Finally, if you use a wireless network in your home, you should be aware of a new vulnerability that was recently discovered. If you're running XP with SP2 installed, you're not at risk, and Microsoft says it won't have a patch for some time -- possibly until next year.

Inside the numbers
ameba, one of EE's prominent Experts, provides us with a list of newly earned Certificates. His list of all of the Certified Experts is located at his site. The list below covers the period from January 1 through January 16.
Expert Certified in Topic Area
mike1086 mbizup angelIII sweekes283 clarkscott donaldmaloney Rick_Rickards CraigYellick bruintje Matti deroby BrandonGalderisi WMIF nschafer YZlat scolja Qingtong Naser72 Frabble WMIF Roonaan justinbillig cem_turk Merete tim_qui gecko_au2003 mayankeagle Kelvin_King Zephyr__ daugustine InteractiveMind Guru Guru Guru Master Master Master Master Master Wizard Guru Master Master Wizard Master Guru Master Master Master Master Master Wizard Wizard Master Wizard Guru Guru Sage Master Guru Master Master MS Access MS Access MS Access MS Access MS Access MS Access MS Access MS Access Visual Basic Visual Basic Microsoft SQL Microsoft SQL ASP ASP ASP.NET ASP.NET ASP.NET Networking Networking Networking JavaScript JavaScript JavaScript Windows XP Windows XP Windows XP Java Java C# C# C#
Expert Certified in Topic Area
leew Idle_Mind gregoryyoung MrBillisMe Fatal_Exception Darwinian999 gg234 Bartender_1 cookre Raisor bruintje angelIII Roonaan jmelnick D4Ly KurtVon StuartWhyte mahesh1402 angelIII Kevin3NF CarlWarner RobWill meverest gothicbloody sam85281 yuzh Tim_Utschig Tim_Utschig Adam314 Roonaan wasifg Master Genius Sage Master Wizard Guru Master Master Sage Guru Master Master Sage Master Master Master Guru Master Sage Guru Master Guru Master Master Wizard Master Master Master Master Guru Guru Exchange_Server VB.NET VB.NET Hardware Windows Server 2003 Windows Server 2003 Windows Server 2003 Windows Server 2003 Programming Programming Programming Programming PHP PHP PHP C++ Outlook MFC Databases Databases Databases Microsoft Network Microsoft Network Microsoft Network Flash Operating Systems Linux Perl Perl PHP and Databases PHP and Databases
Expert Certified in Topic Area
vb_elmar war1 rpalmeira22 snoyes_jw todd_farmer garycase nobus mcp_jon rhinok nobus garycase war1 chris_calabrese keith_alabaster jkr garycase rindi grblades war1 wesly_chen davidis99 coreybryant desertcities Slynky thinkwelldesigns Jase-Coder BeyondWu LingoMaster Joel_Sisko Meff Master Wizard Guru Sage Wizard Guru Guru Master Wizard Master Guru Guru Master Master Master Guru Guru Master Guru Guru Master Wizard Master Master Master Master Master Master Guru Master VB Controls Applications Applications Mysql Mysql Storage Storage Storage Crystal Reports Miscellaneous Desktops Security Security Firewalls Unix Prog. Laptops/Notebooks Laptops/Notebooks Linux Net. Email Linux Admin. Macintosh FrontPage Online Marketing Photoshop Photoshop C++ Builder Assembly Director VoIP/Voice over IP GSM
1848 experts have 3052 certifications: Genius:75 Sage:144 Wizard:176 Guru:555 Master:2102
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