January 25, 2005
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Tip from the Page Editors: If you've earned a Certificate, and want to print it out with your real name, you can do so by making sure your name is in your profile. Both the first name and last name text boxes mush have information in them, and you also need to make sure the "Display My Personal Settings" box is checked.
One of the least-known new features at Experts Exchange is our new Link Exchange. Our Link Exchange program is beneficial to both sites in a couple ways:
  1. The number of resources available to users on both sites will increase
  2. Site relevance is increased within all major search engines when a site provides links to and from quality resources
If you would like to swap links with EE, just fill out the form at the Link Exchange page.
Nata's Corner: So much stuff, so little space

woman in specticals It's hard to tell where to start, but I guess the best place is some good news: Sanford Wallace, the guy who is to spam what Bill Gates is to operating systems, has agreed to stop sending spyware to computers. According to the Federal Trade Commission, he would then try to sell software which was supposed to remove the spyware but didn't.

But there's a lot of bad news, too. One of Wallace's cyber-progeny, Atriks, sued a student who turned it in as a spam company. Atriks says it's innocent, but the company is on SpamHaus' list of known spammers. And as if we didn't know, Reuters sent out a report that says that phishing tactics are getting more sophisticated.

I've seen a ton of stories over the last month about viruses -- so much for the holiday spirit -- and can't list them all here, but two you should be aware of are the VBSun-A worm, which masks itself as a plea for help for tsunami victims, and the W32/Baba-C worm, which tells users that adult content has been found on their computers. And then there's the Crowt.A virus that disguises itself as a headline from CNN.

One last thing: I got an email from some outfit called Trek Blue, offering "a new update scan that [Trek Blue recommends] you download in order to protect your PC from file errors located in your windows registry." I didn't click on it, but a little investigation takes you to seeq.com, which opens three popups and tries to change your homepage. Remember, the Delete key can sometimes be your best friend.

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Inside the numbers
ameba, one of EE's prominent Experts, provides us with a list of newly earned Certificates. Because of the holidays, we're a little late in running them, so we're doubling up in this issue. The first list covers the period from December 26 through January 8; the second list is from January 9 through January 23. His list of all of the Certified Experts is located at his site.
Expert Certified in Topic Area
GRayL harfang DanielSKim fds_fatboy apresto justinbillig archrajan arantius valicon KaliKoder BlueDevilFan srw134 Sembee snerkel kristinaw cjpalmer catchmeifuwant yoren Wizard Wizard Guru Master Guru Master Guru Master Master Master Master Master Master Master Guru Master Guru Master MS Access MS Access MS Access Visual Basic ASP ASP JavaScript JavaScript Windows 2000 Windows 2000 Windows 2000 Networking Networking Networking Exchange_Server Exchange_Server Oracle Oracle
Expert Certified in Topic Area
123654789987 MalicUK Axter ldbkutty ThG arantius cookre ajaikumarr Chaosian Cerf WeHe leew geotiger qwaletee PeteLong wesly_chen leew frugle Master Wizard Master Guru Guru Master Wizard Master Master Master Guru Master Master Genius Master Guru Master Master C# Excel MFC PHP PHP PHP Programming VB.NET ASP.NET Flash Win Server 2003 Win Server 2003 Databases Lotus Notes/Domino Applications Linux Desktops PHP and Databases
Expert Certified in Topic Area
leew DrWarezz SheharyaarSaahil wesly_chen Redimido wesly_chen ahoffmann DSPoole d-glitch owensleftfoot humeniuk ahoffmann hernst42 JConchie gheist mirtheil Lobo Master Master Master Master Guru Master Master Guru Master Master Master Master Master Master Master Master Master MS-DOS MS-DOS Word Solaris Linux Net. Linux Net. Linux Prog. Netware Math & Science Linux Admin. Web Servers Linux Security PHP Installation Blackberry Open BSD Btrieve Fonts
Expert Certified in Topic Area
routinet pique_tech JonoBB morpheus30 vb_elmar lengreen MichaelSFuller sajuks BlackTigerX oBdA stevenlewis mkline71 MogalManic RobertRFreeman gsiric rid PCBONEZ grg99 stevenlewis SystmProg susanzeigler yomanex peterside7 Sage Guru Master Master Master Master Master Guru Master Sage Guru Master Master Master Master Guru Master Guru Sage Master Master Master Master MS Access MS Access MS Access MS Access Visual Basic ASP Microsoft SQL JavaScript Delphi Windows 2000 Windows 2000 Windows 2000 Java .NET .NET Hardware Hardware C++ Windows XP Windows XP Exchange_Server Exchange_Server Oracle
Expert Certified in Topic Area
TheLearnedOne UINVDJM OliWarner apresto Roonaan AlexFM gonzal13 RanjeetRain graye ryancys mark-wa BlueDevilFan iboutchkine mani_sai praneetha djhex surajguptha Savong Buffon manav_mathur SheharyaarSaahil Netman66 Sembee Master Master Master Master Master Sage Master Master Master Master Guru Master Wizard Master Guru Master Master Master Master Master Master Wizard Wizard C# Excel Web Development Web Development Web Development MFC Windows 98 Programming Programming Programming Outlook Outlook VB.NET VB.NET ASP.NET ASP.NET ASP.NET Flash Flash Perl MS Office Win Server 2003 Win Server 2003
Expert Certified in Topic Area
PeteLong Fatal_Exception SystmProg nonubik van_dy rindi diggisaur pjedmond hernst42 coral47 Debsyl99 donjohnston ahoffmann SheharyaarSaahil GrandSchtroumpf arantius RanjeetRain humeniuk sajuks gtokas hernst42 jlevie Guru Master Master Master Master Master Master Master Master Master Master Guru Master Guru Master Master Guru Guru Master Master Master Wizard Operating Systems Operating Systems Operating Systems Win Prog. C Storage WinNT Net. Linux Mysql Desktops Windows Security Routers Security Miscellaneous CSS CSS Email Hosting PowerBuilder C++ Builder PHP for Windows Sendmail
1188 experts have 1847 certifications: Genius:27 Sage:83 Wizard:116 Guru:344 Master:1277
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