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JANUARY 18, 2012


What's New at Experts Exchange
From the Central Coast and beyond

300 Words
mwvisa1 on writing articles

Nata's Corner
Laziness & Facebook (not related)

Editor's Choice Articless
Five from some of EE's best

A fix for an irksome IE8 issue

Tip From The Mods
The catch with remote assistance

In Brief
Things you might have missed

Who did what through Jan. 15


January 31: In a couple of weeks, EE is going to shut down for a few hours while it puts the finishing touches on EE v.10. You will see a banner on the site every time you visit reminding you starting this week.

So what is new on the site? Everything. Every line of code, every pixel, every system has been completely rewritten. At the same time most of the systems are things you're familiar with, like asking and answering questions. You already know about the EE store and the new EE blog, but here are some of the new features:

  • A cleaner, easier-to-use interface: The Workspace has almost everything you need.
  • Webinars: These aren't exactly new, but we've put them all on one page on the site.
  • Tutorials: We have gathered instructional videos from members and non-members alike on a wide variety of technologies.
  • Customer service: We have built a very cool support forum specifically for questions about Premium Services and Business Accounts.
  • Job Board: For some of us, it's a long time coming, but you can now post your resume on EE.

For complete information about the new site, visit our FAQs, and feel free to ask questions. You can also watch all the videos:

Special thanks: About 240 people were invited to take part in the beta-testing of the new site, which was done in five phases over nearly two months. Several EE members were so consistent that they stood out: SouthMod, COBOLdinosaur, teylyn, LeeOsborneUK, DanRollins, _alias99, Thorrsson, modus_in_rebus, Nata and Tolomir. Others who made significant contributions included rockiroads, hanccocka, teksquisite, coral47, mplungjan, JDettman, MASQUERAID, GhostMod, ModernMatt, Mod_MarlEE and Lunchy. If there are still a few bugs in the systems when the new site launches, it's not because those people didn't find them; they did exceptional work.

Ooops: An error in the query that determines the people who were in the top ten for the Titan Award caused us to list the wrong members in our last issue. woolmilkporc, with just over 79 per cent of the points in the IBM AIX Unix topic area headed up the list; the top ten for 2011 are listed at right.

The Titan
Username % Points - Zone
woolmilkporc 79.03% pts - IBM AIX Unix
mlmcc 55.38% pts - Crystal Reports
willmcn 49.73% pts - Filemaker Pro
hanccocka 44.86% pts - VMware
dgofman 44.70% pts - Adobe Flex
pcelba 40.72% pts - FoxPro
Gary_The_IT_Pro 40.33% pts - AS/400 Prog.
for_yan 37.44% pts - Java
for_yan 36.30% pts - New To Java
thinkpads_user 36.21% pts - Quickbooks

Mike DillonWebinar: Mike Dillon, the Chief Technology Officer of Quest, will be presenting a webinar on Keeping Your Business IT Secure in 2012 on Thursday, January 19 beginning at 11:00 am PST. Mike brings over 18 years of engineering and security experience to his role as the CTO, leading the technology strategy development and planning for the company. To participate in the webinar live, register today.

MVPs: Normally, we publish our list of EE members who are honored with Microsoft's Most Valuable Professional award in the late spring or early summer when most of the names are announced. However, announcements are made quarterly, and recently, two of our own made the list: teylyn, last year's Rookie of the Year and a recent addition to the Zone Advisor list, and rpggamergirl, the Zone Advisor for security and anti-virus, whose award is long overdue. Congratulations to both of you!

More numbers: Just for the fun of it, we dug up some numbers through end of 2011:

TAs with Most Geniuses
Microsoft Access 34
Exchange Server 26
SQL Server 25
Microsoft Excel 25
Windows XP 20
Windows Server 2003 19
JavaScript 13
Visual Basic 13
SQL Server 2005 13
Most Certificates
leew 72
angelIII 66
rindi 66
arnold 54
SysExpert 54
RobWill 53
johnb6767 51
cyberkiwi 51
nobus 49
Ray_Paseur 48

Certified, customized and cool: If you haven't grabbed one already, be sure to nab your very own certified Expert Badge and show off your skills on your personal blog or website. All the cool kids are doing it!

300 Words

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We're devoting space this week to a blog post from mwvisa1, who has written a few articles himself and occasionally turns a nice phrase in his EE blog, Redemption Songs.

How to Write an Article in 300 Words!

When I started writing articles here on Experts Exchange, it was purely to quench my thirst for writing. After a few years of writing and presenting, I am reminded that the important part of the process is the research -- the message. Like all communication, one must start with a clear understanding of the purpose. For example, the purpose of this message is to present a quick guideline on writing articles. Once one formulates the required message, including key points, the next step is to consider the audience and the correct platform. In other words, an article is not always appropriate; some content is more applicable as a blog entry or a newsletter.

So you have decided to write an article?

A big part of writing quality articles is ensuring it is the best medium for the desired message and audience. Subsequently, the delivery is also important. Be deliberate. Start with an introduction -- tell the audience what they are about to read. Follow-up with details -- tell the story. Last -- but not least and very crucial to the remaining communication steps -- conclude by telling the audience what they have just read, validating reception of the message. If done correctly, the communication cycle will perpetuate itself as the audience will provide meaningful feedback, which may inspire additional content.

Let your prose be your guide!

In summary, start with a good topic that is either very interesting or highly needed, and then enjoy the research! The journey here is often more important than the destination. Readers are often intrigued by the substance of an article and not its conclusion. Therefore, put effort into organizing the thoughts into a flow that invites interaction and feedback from the audience. Remember the point of communication is sharing an understanding with another. So connect through prose...

Happy writing!

Editors' Choice Articles

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Dual Monitor and Remote Desktop
By tigermatt

Having a dual- or triple-monitor configuration does a lot to boost your productivity, but what about when you want to connect to a Terminal Services session? By default, a Terminal Services screen can either be configured to fill your screen, or to a number of pre-defined screen resolutions. It doesn't seem possible to open a session which spans across all your monitors.

1 The power of /span
The truth is, there is a /span switch which can do exactly that... open a new session to a remote Terminal Server or computer with RDP enabled, and cause the new session to fill all the monitor space on your desktop. To get going, all you need to do is go to Start, Run and enter mstsc /span. When you press OK, you will be presented with the typical connection dialog, where you connect as normal.

Windows Server Backup in Windows Server 2008 R2
The upcoming Windows Server 2008 R2 has a wealth of new features and improvements over the original 2008 release. One such improvement is in the built-in backup tool, Windows Server Backup.

Some History of Server Backup
In the early Windows 2000/2003 days, Microsoft's entire line of products included a basic backup utility called NTBackup. This tool allowed administrators to configure simple backups for their servers, and was aimed primarily at those deploying servers in small to medium-sized business environments. It included technologies from Veritas, the company who originally developed Symantec Backup Exec.

The original release of Windows Server 2008 sparked an outcry when it was discovered NTBackup was replaced with a new Microsoft technology, Windows Server Backup. This tool was both an improvement and a set-back in backup technology; it supported backing up to Virtual Hard Disk (VHD) files (which can be mounted by Microsoft's Virtual Server or Hyper-V for recovery of data), but it didn't have support for backing up individual files/directories, or for backing up to a network share using its Graphical User Interface (GUI). Workarounds were available for continuing to support NTBackup on this OS, but they were not supported.

Exchange 2007 / 2010 Backpressure  Quick Fix
By alanhardisty

What is Backpressure?
Backpressure is a new 'feature' in Exchange 2007 / 2010 where Exchange actually monitors resources such as Free Disk Space on the disk where the Exchange Message Queue / Message Queue Transaction Logs live and the Memory that the Edgetransport.exe process is using and memory in general used by other processes.

How do I know if my server is suffering from Backpressure?
If one or more items being monitored hits a pre-defined limit, then Exchange will stop inbound mail-flow, so usually the first thing that you notice is that all of a sudden, you are not receiving emails from the rest of the world. You will be able to continue to send emails, you just wont receive any new emails.

Can I transfer my OEM version of Windows to another PC?

Few of us are both IT and legal experts but we all have our own views of Microsoft's licensing rules and how they apply. There are frequently questions on this site about OEM versions of Windows and whether it is possible to either transfer the operating system of an OEM system to another machine or to continue to use the OEM system installed on a PC after significant hardware changes to the computer.

The purpose of this article is to allow the E-E community to reach a consensus view on Microsoft's intended interpretation of their OEM EULA's for operating systems. That is, even if it is physically possible to move the system, is it legal to do so? Feel free to post your own views and links to supporting evidence. I intend to update the body of the article regularly based on any comments added and then this article can be used to help support comments in threads in the Operating Systems Technical Areas.

"Google Hijack" -- Google Search Gets Redirected
By rpggamergirl

These are on the increase and getting more common these days. Users who use the Google search engine may complain of having their search redirected to unwanted sites, regardless of what browser is used.

This happens when the system is infected with any of these variants: Trojan Win32/Daonol.A/B, Trojan.JSRedir/Trojan.Gumblar, Win32.Alureon, Win32.Olmarik, Trojan.generic, TDSS rootkits, Backdoor.Tidserv!.inf. Some variants of TDSS rootkit TDL3 also patched system drivers e.g., iaStor.sys, atapi.sys, iastorv.sys, cdrom.sys etc.

+ clicking on the link of a Google search result redirects to random sites. + disabled utilities such as cmd and regedit, or running cmd or regedit command may reset Explorer. + error popup message "DCOM server protocol launcher server terminated".

Nata's Corner

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Nata's PictureOkay, maybe this is a bit extreme when it comes to dealing with the people who steal credit card numbers, but there are times...

I was talking with the other half the other day about a grocery chain closing two stores not all that far away, and he said that they are probably in bad locations -- areas that were big enough to build a big store, but that turned out to be inconvenient to get to. He pointed out that the same chain had done the same thing in the town where we do a lot of our grocery shopping. "They're nothing special, so why go out of the way to go there?" he asked. But that made me think: The Internet has made us lazy. We want everything delivered to us; we don't want to go out and find it. Parents expect the schools to take care of their kids. We can order our groceries on line and pick them up whenever (or even have a taxi deliver them). It's almost like we want to spend as much time by ourselves as we possibly can.

I like looking through the Sunday paper, so we got a subscription to the Sacramento Bee, but we had to buy the whole week and they're piling up because I've already read most of the news I want to read online. (It's a good thing we have a long driveway, or we probably wouldn't get much exercise either.) My mother-in-law doesn't go shopping any more (and doesn't want to) because she can get everything online (she loves Zappos and Nordstrom's). The other half even does almost all of his work on line. We even went to a memorial service last weekend, and most of the information about it was delivered not by mail or even telephone -- but through Facebook.

By the way, both my mother-in-law and I got emails from Zappos telling us to reset our passwords. No link saying "click here to reset" -- just a very clear, nice email that says go to the Zappos site. Now that's how it's done correctly.

Speaking of Facebook, I'm almost to the point where I think I should just run a list every two weeks of the latest scams and viruses running through it; it's almost like it isn't news any more. There's the pink, red or black scam. There's the "Facebook isn't telling us the truth" allegations (DOH!). There's the baby cancer chain posts. There's the guy Facebook says is trying to scam it. There's the tiny blip on the radar screen of a bot stealing logins. And there's a decent chance that you will show up in an ad if you "Like" something.

It's a pretty safe bet that someone is going to post something like this to your Facebook wall:

Did you know your CELL PHONE has a name? Try this:
1st step: From your cell number, take the last 3 digits. Example- 317-123-4567 , take "567" only.
2nd step: Write this @*[567:0] in the comment box below, replacing 567 with the last 3 digits of your cell number. 3rd step: Remove the * sign and press enter in the comment box

Fortunately, someone else followed up. What's really going on is that every Facebook profile is assigned a unique identifier (like the MemberID number at EE), so the function is a shortcut to tag someone by that identifier. Those low numbers below 1000 are people who were on the original "Harvard-only" version of Facebook. Still it's a cute trick. But the point is that it's being sent around like it's gospel, which is a lot like those emails that used to say that forwarding would get you $1000 from Bill Gates. It's spam.

I couldn't help but think of Megan from the EE office when I saw this. When she left EE, she said that one of the things she wants to do is hike the Pacific Crest Trail, so it might be a good idea for her to keep an eye out for a wolf.

A rash of counterfeit tickets to popular events like Cirque du Soleil shows and playoff games are being sold on CraigsList. Obviously, not every offer you see on the site is bogus, but if the price is way out of line -- I saw four $240 per seat tickets for a concert on sale for $400 total recently -- then it's a pretty good bet that the offer isn't for real tickets. And you're not likely to get any help from the promoters or ticket agencies either.

Finally, if you've ever thought about installing some "Internet monitoring software" on your teenager's computer, you might want to think twice. A police officer in Germany did that, but his daughter's friends found it and hacked Dad's computer -- which also got them into the national police's suspects tracking systems.


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Recently our colleague mbizup wrote an article, targeted at people who post questions in the Microsoft Access topic area, about getting database issues resolved while managing sensitive information sensibly this is a Must-Read for anyone posting questions. You'll save yourself and a lot of other people a lot of headaches.

Oklahawkfan ran into a security problem in Vista that was answered by rogerhunt with an assist from rpggamergirl: "The importing of the reg keys worked ....with a little gamergirl tweeking! Thanks for all the great help once again....your the BEST!!!...."

BBDIT was looking for a way to automatically change file ownership. It took Qlemo a bit of time to get there, but eventually he worked everything out: "Qlemo, thanks so much for all your time (and this was considerable) and your patience. You are exactly what this site needs. Thanks again!!"

Copying and pasting between workbooks is one of those things most spreadsheet users want to learn sooner or later. Most recently, Quickstepbr got a lot more than he expected when aikimark helped him out: "Aikimark helped not only in solving my problem, but helped with great suggestions for future questions."

There are a few of us who couldn't drag ourselves away from Experts Exchange for New Year's Eve. That group included rortiz77, who found that suddently, Internet Explorer was associated with all of his .EXE files, and Run5k, who gave him the fix: "SWEEEEEEEEET!!!!! IT WORKED!!!! Ah...yes...I can enter the new year happy and stress free :) Thanks a million Run5k!!! Super fast and 100% correct solution!"

We're becoming used to seeing matthewspatrick come up with solutions in Excel; he referred to his article on the VBA Dictionary class to help gideonjones solve a problem with merging data from two spreadsheets: "Well holy cow. I just created this macro and ran it... tried to read through your code to try to understand how it knew to do the various specific things... couldn't figure it out... ran it... everything is right where it needs to be, the exact desired out put I required. I am blown away :D this is a level of wizardry far beyond my ken, you have my thanks! You have all the points!"

We would be remiss if we didn't point out that pdvsa probably meant no offense when mbizup provided him with a solution to his problem with inserting null values in Access; he had no way of knowing that "thank you mbizup! you da man..." wouldn't refer to the correct gender. Fortunately, younghv provided a suitable Atta-Girl.

In Brief

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We're behind you seven per cent: If you don't know what SOPA is, you've been hiding. Spawned from the bowels of industries notoriously loathe to change (unless it makes them lots of money) and promoted by a good number of members of Congress more dazzled by movie stars than than by the billionaires at Google, Facebook and the rest. What's really going to be interesting is to see the fallout from Reddit's self-imposed outage today, and whether anyone else follows suit (Wikipedia's founder wants to). One is reminded of Bertholdt Brecht: "Grub first, then ethics."

We've been around a lot of political campaigns in our day, though -- and it seems to us that Reddit's members had a tactic that is much more likely to be successful -- especially in an election year. It certainly got President Obama's attention; then again, he may be the only elected official in Washington who knows where the ANY key is.

From the inbox: Our occasional correspondent skirklan wrote to us just before the New Year:

News that the PO was closing a few processing facilities was bad news where I live; one of those centers scheduled for closure is in Asheville and it means that mail from our small town 40 miles NE of Asheville will now be sent all the way down to Greenville, SC to be sorted and processed, adding as much as 2 days to Netflix disk turnaround. Lots of us use disks because reliable broadband has not reached all areas of Appalachia. I wrote a letter to our small newspaper and encouraged people to sign a petition started by a woman in Asheville on the moveon.org site. This got one of our State Senators involved [Kay Hagan, the one Elizabeth Dole accused of being anti-God or whatever], and it looks like we might get to keep mail services equal to the rest of the country. If the post office wants to operate in the black, perhaps they should stop supplying free boxes to everybody and their brother.

A few words about Steve Jobs; one thing I've learned in my old age is that whatever we burden the people around us with eventually will surface to become a thorn in our sides. Steve, famous for micromanagement and rethinking viable solutions, applied that to his doctor's advice regarding his pancreatic cancer which at the time was completely curable. He decided to tackle the thing with biofeedback and a macrobiotic diet, thinking either that he knew his body better than medical science or that touch of grandiosity got the better of his intelligence. Either way, it killed him. The sad thing is; he was brilliant in his way and we lost all that potential as a culture because we couldn't stand up to him and show him the error of his ways. Was it that nobody cared enough to shake some sense into him? Are we all more interested in staying in our comfort zones than reaching out and boldly challenging friends who being stupid? Cancer waits for no one. You can count on me to get in your face once in a while.

Just a few thoughts on some disturbing social tendencies. In support of the PO, I decided not to send Christmas cards.

Trying to keep a straight face: We know you've read this before: Yahoo has hired a new CEO with no experience selling advertising. On the other hand, it gives us an excuse to dig up The Four Tops.

Most buzzwords used in a sentence of fewer than five words: Winner!. Let us know if you have a clue as to what it means, because in the words of one of our colleagues, "The experience is weak."

Thanks for the hot tip: Rupert Murdoch, owner of the same News Corp that became a running gag for months, has come to the conclusion that News Corp "screwed up MySpace". Let's not forget that whole LA Dodgers business. On the other hand, almost everyone else has screwed up almost everything else.

They can find their way home, too: Not only can pigeons deliver information faster than email, but it turns out they can count.

No refund on the advertising either: The US Securities and Exchange Commission has charged a company with selling $500 billion through LinkedIn. Nobody bought the spam. And on the subject of sleazy, the law firm that was suing bloggers for "stealing copyrighted news articles" from the Las Vegas Review-Journal had its domain name sold at auction before its attorneys became the subject of a state bar investigation.

No refund on the advertising, part II: Google broke its own rules. The reason you haven't heard much about it is because no one is suprised.

Why EE sends me a test blast of every newsletter: Jason sent us a newsletter from a hosting service, the first part of which is reprinted here as it appeared when it arrived.

If you're reading this it means the worst has finally happened.

Regardless of the reason, the show must go on! And I'm going to use the power of technology to customize this message just for you! I'm pretty sure I know how to do it right, so let's get to it, FIRST_NAME!

I hope you're enjoying your CURRENT_MONTH_NAME and that you're getting along well with your family, friends, and acquaintances. I don't know about you, but I sure am happy to put PREVIOUS_MONTH_NAME behind me and move on to greater and better things. MOTIVATIONAL_MESSAGE, as they say!

I know we only met on CUSTOMER_START_DATE, but in the time that we've known each other I feel like you and DreamHost have really clicked! In fact I've never seen a CUSTOMER_GENDER and an Internet company hit it off so swimmingly. It's a little creepy.

Remember that time when you set up CUSTOMER_FIRST_DOMAIN? That was really something - you made it look so easy and effortless! You only contacted tech support NEW_CUSTOMER_GRIPE_METRIC times in that first magical week, and we were so proud!

I've actually been meaning to ask you... Do you still live at CUSTOMER_ADDRESS_LINE1? I thought I might stop by for a while. Just to hang out...ya' know, nothing fancy. Maybe tomorrow?

I think we have a lot to talk about, you and I! I have a strong feeling that we could even be best friends. In fact I've been doing some research on my own time to get to know you better, FIRST_NAME!

"CUSTOMER_SECURITY_QUESTION?" Oh, that's an easy one! CUSTOMER_SECURITY_ANSWER! I love that about you.

And who could forget *these* shenanigans: FIRST_GOOGLE_RESULT_FOR_CUSTOMER_NAME

You're such a crack-up, FIRST_NAME!

Makes you almost want to go watch GoDaddy Super Bowl ads. And speaking of the Super Bowl, we might be closing in on a day when we don't have to read lips to know what athletes say when they strike out, fumble or foul.

Finally. And again. And again.

Not having a Happy New Year: That would be Google. Fined by a French court over auto-complete (no sense of humor, those French judges). Got caught stealing data and breaking its own rules and submitted itself to self-flagellation. Pushed "social search" to less than enthusiastic reviews (and pop culture critiques). Threatened with being blocked in India over obscenity. Had a trial date set in its fight with Oracle over Android and Java (but got a reprieve). Admitted selling ads for illegal goods. It's tough being so perfect.

Symantricks: Not a good couple of weeks for Symantec either. First, some of its source code was stolen, and then it got sued for using scare tactics to sell its software.

A billion here, a billion there, and pretty soon you're talking about real people: Everyone knows China spies on everyone. Apparently, so does India.

Egg-streme displeasure: What do you get when you combine the newest Apple phone, sub-zero temperatures, and a long line of fanboys waiting to get one, only to find the Apple store doesn't have them? Scrambled eggs.

Happy birthday: The New England Journal of Medicine is 200.

Hope springs eternal: Those of you who spend your days removing viruses like Koobface off computers might want to follow Graham Culey's blog over the next couple of weeks.

Right up BooMod's alley: Qualcomm is offering up $10 million for a working tricorder.

Upon further review: So get this. You hit four out of five spots on a slot machine, but it starts telling you you've just won the big jackpot. You believe it, right? At least, until the casino says you only hit four out of five, and to win the jackpot, you have to hit five, right? So, you take the $100 and dinner they're offering you because the machine screwed up, and merrily go pouring that C-note back into the machine, right? Nope. You sue.

Wait'll next year: The Consumer Electronics Show was in Las Vegas last week, and so were the actresses looking for work, but that probably won't be enough to return it to relevance, as Microsoft won't be back next year, following Apple's 2009 decision to bail.

On a related note, the proletariat in China probably won't be attending -- and won't be on anyone's mind either -- at next year's CES.

Signs of the Apocalypse: Police in Boston admitted they screwed up with they arrested a man for recording the arrest of someone else. A Steve Jobs live action doll complete with [law] suit. Jersey Shore's Snooki added a whole new dimension to the term CES booth babe.


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New Savant: DatabaseMX is the ninth EE member to reach 10,000,000 points in a single topic area, and the second in the Microsoft Access TA; he also went over 10,000,000 points overall. Congratulations, Joe!

New Geniuses: rpggamergirl took advantage of the four weeks since our last regular newsletter to pull of the trifecta, scoring Genius certificates in the Windows XP, Anti-Spyware and Anti-Virus topic areas. Earning his fifth Genius certificate was sdstuber, this one in SQL Query Syntax; he also went over the 7,000,000 point level for his career. GrahamSkan also picked up his third Genius certificate, in Microsoft Office. Earning their first 1,000,000 point certificates were appari in MS SQL Server; scott in Microsoft Visio; e_aravind in Exchange; and kevinhsieh in Windows Server 2008. Thank you for all your great work!

My First Million: Experts Exchange members who reached the 1,000,000 point level in December were lcohan, jakethecatuk, 8080_Diver and DarkoLord. Well done!


Expert In Topic Area Certificate
CodeCruiser.NET App ServersMaster
AndyAinscow.NET ProgrammingGuru
Snarf0001.NET ProgrammingGuru
Bardobrave.NET ProgrammingMaster
navneethegde.NET ProgrammingMaster
rgn2121.NET ProgrammingMaster
DatabaseMXAccess Architecture/DesignSage
ThinkPaperActive DirectoryMaster
gr8gonzoApache Web ServerMaster
strungApple NetworkingSage
sigurarmApple OSMaster
robertcernyApple SoftwareMaster
denbosseBackup / RestoreMaster
shahzoorBackup / RestoreMaster
TG-TISBackup ExecMaster
junaidITBlackberry HardwareGuru
vastoCrystal ReportsMaster
GMGeniusEnterprise SoftwareMaster
woolmilkporcFreeBSD UnixMaster
carlmdHardware FirewallsMaster
fiboInternet DevelopmentMaster
dariusgIT AdministrationMaster
woolmilkporcLinux OS DevWizard
dhsindyMath / ScienceMaster
CodeCruiserMicrosoft IIS Web ServerMaster
RovastarMicrosoft IIS Web ServerSage
flubbsterMisc HardwareMaster
KCTSMisc HardwareMaster
aarontomoskyMisc NetworkingMaster
DavisMcCarnMisc NetworkingMaster
arnoldMisc ProgrammingMaster
peprMisc ProgrammingMaster
robberbaronMisc ProgrammingMaster
emoreauMisc ProgrammingWizard
TommySzalapskiMisc ProgrammingWizard
MASQUERAIDMisc SecurityMaster
angelIIIMisc Web DevGuru
CodeCruiserMisc Web DevMaster
billprewMS AccessMaster
CluskittMS AccessMaster
pdebaetsMS AccessMaster
kelvinsparksMS AccessSage
DatabaseMXMS AccessSavant
dlmilleMS ApplicationsGuru
MikeTooleMS DevelopmentMaster
ragnarok89MS ExcelMaster
capricorn1MS ExcelSage
imnorieMS ExcelSage
Expert In Topic Area Certificate
Michael74MS ExcelWizard
GrahamSkanMS OfficeGenius
pwindellMS Server OSMaster
teylynMS SharePointGuru
ezskolMS SharePointMaster
mo1oneMS SharePointMaster
quihongMS SharePointSage
appariMS SQL ServerGenius
anujnbMS SQL ServerGuru
arnoldMS SQL ServerGuru
CodeCruiserMS SQL ServerGuru
RazmusMS SQL ServerMaster
slightwvMS SQL ServerMaster
tim_csMS SQL ServerMaster
JestersGrindMS SQL ServerWizard
mastooMS SQL ServerWizard
TempDBAMS SQL Server 2005Guru
capricorn1MS SQL Server 2005Master
CodeCruiserMS SQL Server 2008Guru
dtoddMS SQL Server 2008Guru
scottMS VisioGenius
BillDLMultiMedia ApplicationsMaster
dbruntonMultiMedia ApplicationsMaster
shinuqMySQL ServerMaster
xtermMySQL ServerMaster
mikebernhardtNetwork ManagementMaster
jjmartineziiiNetworking HardwareMaster
donjohnstonNetworking ProtocolsMaster
harbor235Networking ProtocolsMaster
KdoOracle DatabaseMaster
tangchunfengOracle DatabaseMaster
TommySzalapskiProg LanguagesMaster
sdstuberQuery SyntaxGenius
CluskittQuery SyntaxMaster
johnsoneQuery SyntaxMaster
farzanjRegular ExpressionsMaster
dpreston68SBS Small Business ServerMaster
fl_flyfishingSBS Small Business ServerWizard
charlestasseServer HardwareWizard
pwindellSoftware FirewallsMaster
mark_willsSSRS SQL Reporting SvcMaster
MikeOM_DBAUnix OSMaster
oklitUnix OSMaster
roryaVB ControlsGuru
epaclmVB ScriptMaster
craisinVisual Basic ClassicGuru
deepaklakkadVisual Basic.NETMaster
MasteracoVisual Basic.NETMaster
hieloWeb Languages/StandardsWizard
arnoldWeb ServersMaster
rkworldsWeb Services and WCFMaster
giltjrWindows 2003 ServerGuru
NeilsrWindows 2003 ServerGuru
EugeneZWindows 2003 ServerMaster
GovvyWindows 2003 ServerMaster
lscarborWindows 2003 ServerMaster
RovastarWindows 2003 ServerMaster
MojoTechWindows 2003 ServerWizard
CallandorWindows 7Master
DanCh99Windows 7Master
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Run5kWindows OSMaster
kevinhsiehWindows Server 2008Genius
pwindellWindows Server 2008Guru
ve3ofaWindows Server 2008Guru
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billprewWindows Server 2008Master
DavisMcCarnWindows Server 2008Master
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nimatejicWindows Server 2008Master
PaciBWindows Server 2008Master
Run5kWindows Server 2008Master
rpggamergirlWindows XPGenius
DTHConsultingWindows XPMaster
wantabe2Windows XPMaster