January 12, 2004
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Welcome to a new year at Experts Exchange
Thanks to all of you who have supported Experts Exchange during the past year; we want to take this opportunity to let you know that we will be bringing you more new features during the coming year, and that we appreciate all of the work the Experts do to make EE the top-rated technical support site on the Internet.
Featured experts: AzraSound and Idle_Mind
Someone old and someone new... Since we're featuring two Page Editors, we also spotlight two Experts as well.
Your questions and solutions
Page Editors bingie and AndyITsupport hooked up and found some questions and solutions.
What's New: the PAQ, Your Questions, and the Badger
Okay, so two of them aren't new, but they're back. And what's all this about a badger?
Two more Page Editors
Meet bingie and AndyITsupport, two Members who are there to help you get solutions to your questions.
Natalie Salambier's corner
Nata noticed that her computer was slowing down when her Norton was updating, and found out why.
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Featured Experts: AzraSound and Idle_Mind
Meet Anthony Starkey
AzraSound is ranked 1st in the Visual Basic topic area, with almost 1,000,000 points in that TA alone, and he's no slouch in the ASP topic area either. He is co-author of VB.NET - A Developer's Guide by Syngress Publishing and is currently ranked 14th all time in the Hall of Fame.

Login Name: AzraSound
Registration Date: March 1, 2000
Expert Points: 1155369
Rank: 1 (Visual Basic), 14 (Overall)

  Meet Mike Tomlinson
Idle_Mind, a breakthrough expert in the Visual Basic Topic Area, has earned 82000 experts points in the less-than-three months he has been on Experts Exchange. A certified Master in Visual Basic, he first started programming in 1983, learning BASIC on his very first computer, the TI-99/4A. Idle_Mind's knowledge doesn’t stop in VB; he is also knowledgeable in MS Access, Java and C/C++ Console Apps.

Login Name: Idle_Mind
Registration Date: October 21, 2003
Expert Points: 82801

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What's new at Experts Exchange
Besides the Badger, you mean? Well, over the last week or so, EE's Engineers have pushed a few significant changes, and in the process, put the PAQ (now known as Solutions) into a difficult-to-find area, and removed the "Your Questions" section altogether. Kudos to them, however, because they've put them back where they should be -- on every Resource Channel page. Click on the Expert Mode link, at the left side of the page under your username, to see everything.

And what about the Badger? Well, he made his first appearance in the Lounge -- go figure -- as the result of an offhand remark by a Member, but he's been lurking around for some time. The owners liked him, so now he holds down the picture spot of any Page Editor who hasn't sent one in yet.

bingie's Q&A   AndyITsupport's Q&A
Getting started in communication?
This question tells you how to create a Visual Basic solution to triggering a process through the COM or parallel port.
Date: 12/04/2003 06:35AM PST
View the solution
Still open: Bar Code Scanner with Virtual Com Port
"...I want a script in VB that will make it possible to just have a dll file open but not active to process the bar codes that are scanned, by processing i mean putting the numbers into a local database (Access)..."
Points: 500
Date: 01/01/2004 08:02AM PST
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A Programmer's Guide to Visual Basic.NET
Are you looking at migrating from VB to VB.net? This downloadable book will provide the basics needed for a smooth transition. Includes such topics as the major differences in VB to VB.net, Inheritance, Database Access, building Web apps and services and upgrading your projects from VB to VB.net.
Download it here.
  Collapsing a treeview
A lot of things aren't as complicated as we think, but that fact isn't always apparent, either. This question is also a great example of how an Expert guides a Member through figuring out something himself.
Date: 01/09/2004 02:36PM PST
View the solution
Still open: Listview in activeX loosing scroll bar
"I have created a simple Listview activeX with the ability to sort columns on click and I have added setting of LVS_EX_FULLROWSELECT ... the control is being used on a product called EDGE ...the control works fine except when you ALT-TAB away then back from the screen you loose the right scroll bar until it is clicked."
Points: 500
Date: 11/04/2003 10:20AM PST
Can you help?
Applying XP Themes to VB6 Applications
VB6 doesn't display your applications using the XP Theme at runtime. Here's how you do it.
Page Editor: bingie   Page Editor: AndyITsupport
I'm bingie, the Visual Basic Page Editor. I have been with Experts Exchange almost a year and I'm knowledgeable in Visual Basic, C and C++, HTML, CSS and Java. I also enjoy troubleshooting Windows XP issues. I have a diploma in Electronics Engineering and I have almost completed my Degree. I'm looking forward to helping the Experts Exchange Community get answers fast, and taking care of user issues along the way. You can contact me at bingie@experts-exchange.com.   About me: I am an IS Support professional at a local corporation. I am responsible for keeping the network and the workstations running in tip-top shape. On the side, I own a small business dealing with Web Hosting and Internet Access (dial-up). You can reach me by emailing andyitsupport@experts-exchange.com and I will try to resolve your problem as soon as I can. I am a Page Editor for Windows NT, WinNT Networking, Win95 Network, WinNT Setup, IIS, Site Server, and VB DB Topic Areas.
Natalie Salambier's Corner: Norton AntiVirus updates and computer slowdowns
I never used a 286, so I had to take the SOP's word for it when he told me my computer was slower than one. It happened right after my Norton Antivirus was updated. When I went to Symantec, they blamed VeriSign:

Symantec is currently investigating reported computer slow downs and instability. This issue appears to be related to VeriSign receiving an unusual number of requests by Windows-based clients to download a certificate revocation list (CRL) on January 7-8, 2004. This increase in traffic resulted in intermittent VeriSign CRL server availability. For security purposes, Symantec products routinely verify the integrity of system components and at times were unable to achieve the authentication they were seeking due to the unavailability of VeriSign's server -- therefore customers experienced delays and instabilities. Symantec and other vendors are cooperatively working with VeriSign to mitigate this situation.

I don't know why it happens only if you run the update, but the solution to the problem is pretty simple:
1. Open up Internet Explorer, click the Tools menu, Options and then the Advanced tab on the resulting screen.
2. Scroll down to the Security heading, then UNcheck the "Check for publisher's certificate revocation" checkbox.

One other note: Microsoft won't be supporting Windows 98, nor offering security updates, after January 16, 2004. You'll still be able to get help on line, but that's about it -- you won't be able to phone MS or get email support. If you're not planning on upgrading to one of the newer Windows operating systems, you might want to consider buying Premium Services at Experts Exchange.
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