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            Technology Problems...SOLVED


The results are in! Congratulations to the top Experts and all of the exceptional people who help make Experts Exchange the #1 technology site in the world. Winners will receive a platinum-plated trophy in the spitting image of the hard drive that recorded the first solution on Experts Exchange, back in 1996.

The Best of 2013 | The Top Ten Lists | The Top Fifty Zones

The Best Of The Best of 2013

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The expert with the most points for the year

Andrew Hancock (hanccocka)

most points throughout the year, starting the year off with 0 points


most points from assists

Andrew Hancock (hanccocka)

most solutions to questions

Andrew Hancock (hanccocka)

highest percentage of accepted solutions out of questions participated

Geert Bormans (Gertone)

highest percentage of points within a zone

52.92%PTs in Crystal Reports

Most points from articles

Andrew Hancock (hanccocka)

Solutions posted through

Rainer Jeschor (RainerJ)

Author of the Year

Andrew Hancock (hanccocka)

Last year, we described Andrew Hancock (hanccocka) as "prolific", but he followed up last year's production by writing 21 articles this year, one more than he wrote in 2012. His articles are easily identified with the common theme of "How To:..."; they're clear, informative and well-written, but most of all, they're a consistent series about a popular and important topic. He is an easy pick for Author of the Year.

Impact Award


It's difficult to single out any contribution mark_wills (also known as will_see has made that hasn't had a major impact on Experts Exchange. Mark is a three-time Microsoft MVP who has guided the maturation of the Articles system and has lent his three decades of experience to assisting not only members with problems that need to be solved, but to helping Experts Exchange build its plans for future development and growth.

The Top Ten Lists

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Expert of the Year
Username Points
Andrew Hancock (hanccocka) 3,913,986
Rancy 2,706,607
Ray Paseur (Ray_Paseur) 2,689,527
Scott Fell (padas) 2,252,316
Dave Baldwin (DaveBaldwin) 2,235,781
PortletPaul 2,003,471
thinkpads_user 1,875,626
ve3ofa 1,812,910
Rainer Jeschor (RainerJ) 1,759,844
leakim971 1,702,699
Rookie of the Year
Username Points
PortletPaul 2,003,471
aadih 900,857
Haresh Nikumbh (takecoffe) 779,522
NRhode 661,229
xKincaidx 389,908
chaau 360,490
giveandtake638 340,627
Patricksr1972 305,397
BlueCompute 304,782
Mahesh 294,755
The Ally
Username Assist Points
Andrew Hancock (hanccocka) 630,582
Rancy 584,389
Ray Paseur (Ray_Paseur) 518,629
Dave Baldwin (DaveBaldwin) 482,524
nobus 410,224
thinkpads_user 406,054
Scott Fell (padas) 396,753
ve3ofa 394,617
PortletPaul 327,547
rindi 300,871
The Juggernaut
Username Answers
Andrew Hancock (hanccocka) 2,606
Ray Paseur (Ray_Paseur) 1,890
Rancy 1,843
Dave Baldwin (DaveBaldwin) 1,828
Scott Fell (padas) 1,544
thinkpads_user 1,467
PortletPaul 1,429
ve3ofa 1,307
nobus 1,301
kaufmed 1,054
The Sniper
Username % Solutions
Geert Bormans (Gertone) 95.02%
Robert Schutt (robert_schutt) 92.60%
oBdA 91.44%
woolmilkporc 89.17%
dpearson 86.57%
breadtan 85.41%
RobSampson 85.40%
girionis 84.64%
Subsun 84.17%
NBVC 82.59%
The Titan
Username % Points - Zone
mlmcc 52.92% pts - Crystal Reports
A. Hancock (hanccocka) 52.90% pts - VMware
A. Hancock (hanccocka) 43.19% pts - Virtualization
sjef_bosman 43.05% pts - Lotus
sinisav 37.03% pts - Delphi
_agx_ 34.70% pts - Cold Fusion
JSRWilson 32.56% pts - Powerpoint
jkr 32.20% pts - C++ Programming
Scott Fell (padas) 31.16% pts - Internet Marketing
Subsun 29.87% pts - Powershell
The Scribe
Username Points
Andrew Hancock (hanccocka) 466,647
Ray Paseur (Ray_Paseur) 284,455
DanRollins 186,220
Joe Winograd (joewinograd) 52,845
pgnatyuk 50,020
DrDamnit 49,452
younghv 48,156
Jim Horn (jimhorn) 45,564
Jmoody10 41,310
ValentinoV 40,924
The Addict
Username Mobile Solutions
Rainer Jeschor (RainerJ) 509
aarontomosky 231
Andrew Hancock (hanccocka) 115
breadtan 99
kevinhsieh 93
cpmcomputers 72
Rob (tagit) 64
Guy Hengel (angelIII) 62
jyparask 61
Alan Hardisty (alanhardisty) 60

The Top Fifty Zones

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Below are stats from the 50 most active zones based on the total number of questions asked and answered, and the number of page views for the year 2013.

Exchange Email Server
Rancy 1,922,029 Points
NRhode 223,306 Rookie Pts.
Rancy 1,392 Answered
Rancy 421,910 Assist Points
Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet Software
byundt 1,138,682 Points
HarryHYLee 176,896 Rookie Pts.
byundt 681 Answered
byundt 92,535 Assist Points
Programming for ASP.NET
guru_sami 674,252 Points
patil786 100,999 Rookie Pts.
guru_sami 414 Answered
guru_sami 49,554 Assist Points
Windows Server 2008
Andrew Hancock (hanccocka) 451,389 Points
Haresh Nikumbh (takecoffe) 185,429 Rookie Pts.
Andrew Hancock (hanccocka) 307 Answered
Rancy 82,659 Assist Points
MS SQL Server
PortletPaul 787,750 Points
PortletPaul 787,750 Rookie Pts.
PortletPaul 573 Answered
PortletPaul 134,875 Assist Points
Windows 2003 Server
Rancy 145,755 Points
virastar 58,871 Rookie Pts.
mkline71 119 Answered
Rancy 44,412 Assist Points
Microsoft Access Database
mbizup 1,335,384 Points
chaau 78,853 Rookie Pts.
mbizup 852 Answered
mbizup 140,364 Assist Points
Outlook Groupware Software
Rancy 737,287 Points
NRhode 118,203 Rookie Pts.
Rancy 483 Answered
Rancy 142,317 Assist Points
C# Programming Language
kaufmed 655,796 Points
patil786 32,093 Rookie Pts.
kaufmed 445 Answered
kaufmed 89,950 Assist Points
PHP Scripting Language
Ray Paseur (Ray_Paseur) 2,495,105 Points
PortletPaul 67,200 Rookie Pts.
Ray Paseur (Ray_Paseur) 1,778 Answered
Ray Paseur (Ray_Paseur) 475,812 Assist Points
Microsoft Visual Basic.Net
CodeCruiser 1,291,078 Points
PortletPaul 27,901 Rookie Pts.
CodeCruiser 763 Answered
CodeCruiser 118,375 Assist Points
leakim971 1,216,977 Points
jagzviruz 30,700 Rookie Pts.
leakim971 691 Answered
leakim971 98,147 Assist Points
Windows XP Operating System
nobus 145,253 Points
aadih 32,505 Rookie Pts.
nobus 164 Answered
nobus 52,390 Assist Points
Windows 7
jcimarron 456,615 Points
aadih 179,258 Rookie Pts.
nobus 417 Answered
nobus 135,108 Assist Points
Active Directory
mkline71 609,421 Points
MaheshPM (Mahesh) 81,007 Rookie Pts.
mkline71 503 Answered
mkline71 131,544 Assist Points
SBS Small Business Server
cgaliher 480,640 Points
BlueCompute 77,813 Rookie Pts.
cgaliher 320 Answered
cgaliher 59,513 Assist Points
kaufmed 657,591 Points
patil786 39,757 Rookie Pts.
kaufmed 442 Answered
kaufmed 77,424 Assist Points
Microsoft Operating Systems
arnold 290,933 Points
aadih 118,560 Rookie Pts.
arnold 242 Answered
arnold 67,009 Assist Points
Oracle Database
slightwv 1,417,083 Points
PortletPaul 291,751 Rookie Pts.
slightwv 963 Answered
slightwv 213,924 Assist Points
Andrew Hancock (hanccocka) 3,439,924 Points
rjanowsky 54,105 Rookie Pts.
Andrew Hancock (hanccocka) 2,281 Answered
Andrew Hancock (hanccocka) 542,799 Assist Points
Miscellaneous Networking
giltjr 282,742 Points
naderz 32,172 Rookie Pts.
giltjr 207 Answered
giltjr 67,450 Assist Points
Java Programming Language
mccarl 625,401 Points
GuruJava 42,616 Rookie Pts.
CEHJ 432 Answered
CEHJ 83,819 Assist Points
SQL Server 2008
PortletPaul 724,961 Points
PortletPaul 724,961 Rookie Pts.
PortletPaul 535 Answered
PortletPaul 122,991 Assist Points
SQL Server 2005
PortletPaul 289,322 Points
PortletPaul 289,322 Rookie Pts.
ScottPletcher 214 Answered
PortletPaul 55,265 Assist Points
Network Routers
craigbeck 202,626 Points
naderz 129,520 Rookie Pts.
craigbeck 146 Answered
craigbeck 43,507 Assist Points
Visual Basic Programming
MartinLiss 232,742 Points
HarryHYLee 13,000 Rookie Pts.
MartinLiss 146 Answered
MartinLiss 24,792 Assist Points
woolmilkporc 585,821 Points
helge000 93,421 Rookie Pts.
woolmilkporc 356 Answered
Mazdajai 85,068 Assist Points
MS SharePoint
Rainer Jeschor (RainerJ) 1,186,723 Points
Haresh Nikumbh (takecoffe) 28,850 Rookie Pts.
Rainer Jeschor (RainerJ) 653 Answered
Rainer Jeschor (RainerJ) 68,234 Assist Points
Microsoft Applications
byundt 193,683 Points
Haresh Nikumbh (takecoffe) 41,852 Rookie Pts.
byundt 116 Answered
Rancy 17,630 Assist Points
Microsoft Office Suite
byundt 330,045 Points
aadih 47,981 Rookie Pts.
byundt 195 Answered
thinkpads_user 35,022 Assist Points
MySQL Server
Ray Paseur (Ray_Paseur) 505,901 Points
PortletPaul 233,069 Rookie Pts.
Ray Paseur (Ray_Paseur) 356 Answered
Ray Paseur (Ray_Paseur) 93,881 Assist Points
VB Script
RobSampson 410,746 Points
BT15 21,000 Rookie Pts.
RobSampson 221 Answered
RobSampson 29,957 Assist Points
Hard Drives & Storage
Andrew Hancock (hanccocka) 385,778 Points
Haresh Nikumbh (takecoffe) 15,650 Rookie Pts.
Andrew Hancock (hanccocka) 264 Answered
Andrew Hancock (hanccocka) 77,985 Assist Points
Hypertext Markup Language (HTML)
Scott Fell (padas) 501,525 Points
nickinthooz 17,520 Rookie Pts.
COBOLdinosaur 371 Answered
COBOLdinosaur 102,540 Assist Points
Microsoft IIS Web Server
ve3ofa 109,970 Points
giveandtake638 57,128 Rookie Pts.
ve3ofa 68 Answered
ve3ofa 12,180 Assist Points
Computer Servers
andyalder 429,846 Points
Haresh Nikumbh (takecoffe) 18,586 Rookie Pts.
andyalder 334 Answered
andyalder 92,258 Assist Points
Miscellaneous Hardware
nobus 169,050 Points
NRhode 12,396 Rookie Pts.
nobus 209 Answered
nobus 75,734 Assist Points
Miscellaneous Programming
TommySzalapski 139,855 Points
PortletPaul 21,054 Rookie Pts.
TommySzalapski 90 Answered
TommySzalapski 13,758 Assist Points
Microsoft Server
ve3ofa 152,710 Points
BlueCompute 52,471 Rookie Pts.
ve3ofa 115 Answered
ve3ofa 41,872 Assist Points
SQL Query Syntax
PortletPaul 579,805 Points
PortletPaul 579,805 Rookie Pts.
PortletPaul 417 Answered
PortletPaul 102,626 Assist Points
Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)
COBOLdinosaur 459,728 Points
nickinthooz 27,364 Rookie Pts.
COBOLdinosaur 356 Answered
COBOLdinosaur 94,237 Assist Points
Active Server Pages (ASP)
Scott Fell (padas) 408,813 Points
PortletPaul 14,200 Rookie Pts.
Scott Fell (padas) 257 Answered
Scott Fell (padas) 65,519 Assist Points
Windows Networking
RobWill 114,315 Points
BlueCompute 22,943 Rookie Pts.
RobWill 77 Answered
RobWill 18,209 Assist Points
Crystal Reports Software
mlmcc 992,723 Points
PortletPaul 15,356 Rookie Pts.
mlmcc 634 Answered
mlmcc 136,268 Assist Points
Backup & Restore Software
Andrew Hancock (hanccocka) 176,952 Points
Haresh Nikumbh (takecoffe) 71,267 Rookie Pts.
Andrew Hancock (hanccocka) 119 Answered
Andrew Hancock (hanccocka) 24,158 Assist Points
Miscellaneous Web Development
Scott Fell (padas) 445,749 Points
aadih 10,443 Rookie Pts.
Scott Fell (padas) 312 Answered
Scott Fell (padas) 89,809 Assist Points
Databases Miscellaneous
PortletPaul 132,513 Points
PortletPaul 132,513 Rookie Pts.
PortletPaul 88 Answered
slightwv 22,797 Assist Points
Networking Hardware Firewalls
diverseit 298,906 Points
naderz 34,336 Rookie Pts.
diverseit 157 Answered
diverseit 32,432 Assist Points
Cisco PIX Firewall
MAG03 156,120 Points
naderz 33,736 Rookie Pts.
MAG03 113 Answered
MAG03 30,734 Assist Points
Network Switches & Hubs
craigbeck 195,041 Points
naderz 44,244 Rookie Pts.
donjohnston 139 Answered
donjohnston 45,199 Assist Points

Thank you again from Experts Exchange!